Yes to Azadari, No to terrorism and pseudo seculars – by Ale Natiq


Like last year, its clear again that ASWJ/Sipah Sahaba has pre-designed plans to disrupt Ashura processions and use intimidation to stop them and violence to make them messy. Anti-Shia wall chalking has been done in parts of Karachi, letters have been sent to organizers of majalis threatening them not to organise these at their residences and finally, they have announced a dharna on day of Ashura in Quetta.

It is clear they what they want and its pre-designed. On the other hand, what these so called secular liberals expect of Shias is to give up to these fascists and die like chicken when all of this happens. These champions of fake secularism will not even have basic sympathy for the Shias when they try to defend themselves.

In a country of wolves like this; you reinforce your identity, you stick to the expression of your faith and belief and defend yourself with whatever it takes. To hell with these dumb-head hypocrite pseudos; nothing has stopped us from Azadari and nothing will. You can join ASWJ, but some of us have decided not to give up and fight back. Yes to Azadari, No to terrorism and pseudo seculars.