LUBP is a USA-funded imperialist blog that suffers from Deobandi phobia – Fahad Rizwan


LUBP’s note: Here is an exemplar and a case study of how a seeminlgy progressive Pakistani of Deobandi background may hold extremely sectarian views about Shias, Sunni Sufis/Barelvis and other non-Deobandis. It is an example of false neutrality between the perpetrators (Deobandi) and the victims (Sunni Sufis, Shias, Christians, Ahmadis etc), false Sunni-Shia or Saudi-Iran binary and fake Marxism to obfuscate the violent, intolerant roots of Deobandi cult and also to obfuscate Deobandi takfiri terrorism against Sunni Sufis, Shias, Ahmadis, Christians, Hindus and other persecuted communities of Pakistan. (end note)


اکابرین علماء دیوبند کی عظمت کو سلام – فہد رضوان

اکابر علماء دیوبند تو وہ تھے جنہوں نے ہندوستان میں نیشنلزم ، سوشلزم کے نظریات سے لیس ہو کر سامراج کے خلاف مشترکہ جدوجہد کا درس دیا . مولانا ابولکلام آزاد ، مولانا عبید اللہ سندھی ، مولانا محمود الحسن ، مولانا حسین احمد مدنی ، مولانا برکت بھوپالی ، مولانا حسرت موہانی ، مفتی کفایت اللہ دہلوی ، مولانا سید گل .. کس کس کے نام لوں . یہ جمیعت علماء ہند تھی جس نے مذھبی بنیادوں پر تقسیم کی مخالفت کی . جو ہندؤں ، سکھوں کے ساتھ مل کر انگریزی سامراج کا تختہ لپیٹنے کی بات کرتی تھی . جو برملا کہتی تھی کے ہندوستان کا مسئلہ مذھبی نہیں ، معاشی ہے .. لوگوں کو روٹی ، کپڑا ، مکان چاہیے ، انکے دشمن غربت اور جہالت ہیں .. آج مکتب دیوبند کے نام پر جو قتل عام یہ طالبان ، لشکر جھنگوی ، سپاہ صحابہ کر رہی ہے اسکا اکابرین علماء دیوبند سے دور دور تک تعلق نہیں . یہ خارجیت ہے جس نے اسلام اور دیوبند کا لبادہ اوڑ رکھا ہے .. یہ سنی اور شیعہ نہیں ہیں جو ایک دوسرے کو قتل کرتے ہیں یہ آج کے دور کی جہالت ہے جو سب کو قتل کر رہی ہے .. شیعہ ، سنی ، احمدی ، مسیحی ، ہندو سب اس جہالت کے ہاتھوں جھلس رہے ہیں اور اس جہالت سے نپٹنے کا ایک ہی طریقہ ہے ، اکابرین کی کتب کا براہ راست مطالعہ کیا جائے ، صوفیاء کے طریقوں پر چلا جائے ، وہ ہی حقیقی اسلام ہے جو رواداری ، امن اور محبت پر مبنی ہے

دیوبند تو کوئی فرقہ ہی نہیں یہ تو شاہ ولی الله کی فکر سے متاثر ہو کر چلائی جانے والی تحریک تھی



Deoband tu koi firqa hy hi nahi yea tu shahwali k fikr sy mutasir ho kr chalye jaany waali movement thi .. firqa tu baad mei molviyo ny banaya kamaayi k leye

If you come about fatwas then shias have also fatwas about sunnies , not you read allama baqi majlisi who said wilayat e ali ka munkir kafir hy , this shit is every where

Shias butchered sunnies in Iran during safavid era , In Iraq mehdi militias killed sunnies . it is all there . Shias today cant claim such butchery as power pattern in not in their favour otherwise the past of every religious denomination is filled with bloodshed .

Deoband is not some sort of monolithic entity . It is diverse , Jamiat ullema e hind is a staunch supporter of secular indian national identity .. TTP / Lashkers are ultra – rightists / conservatives in their world views ..both are different tendencies

By the way LUBP has no credibility it is just a mouthpiece of shia fanatics . Plz dnt cite it here . Show some references from the scholars i mentioned

LUBP converted bacha khan baba into a deobandi

Takfeeri deobandi bacha khan

JUH is a nationalist , secular and indian patriot party which opposed two nation theory on the other hand JUI is a religious version of jinnah’s muslim league

jinnah opposed Khilafat Movement because it was an anti-imperialist movement and he in no way could’ed support such a movement which was against imperialism

mei ny maulana sindhi , maualana azad , maulana husain ahmed madni ki books parh rakhi hain ,

I am a marxist , i believe in class struggle ,,, zardari is also from a shia background , feudal lords in southern punjab or brelvi peers or deobandi mullahs who are working with ISI to raise jihadies to be played as proxies

LUBP ki apni koi credibility nahi hy , it is consider a joke even in shia circles

I have not stereotyped shia i just say it is all about power politics (i am referring Foucault here.

Ji LUBP ap khush ho jaye .. deobandi terrorism aur deobandi takferism k khilaaf ap k united front py mubarikbad (wesy ajeeb baat hy ap shiaism k champion bany beethy hain aur shia hain k ap ko ghaas bhi nahi daalty

i am speaking of your hypocrisy , sitting outside and becoming a champion of shia cause , squandering money and fooling momneen . terming the gallant fighters like turies who sacrificed and struggled against taleban as koofi shia . you bashed Hassan Turi , the guy who lost his loved ones fighting against taleban .. And you call him Koofi shia … dnt be a champion of shia cause . Shias dnt accept you

You better show the killings of shias fatwas from the scholars i mentioned if you have credibility as you are filled with religious hatred and prejudices

show the fatwas from these people , if you dnt have from them then it is of no use
مولانا ابولکلام آزاد ، مولانا عبید اللہ سندھی ، مولانا محمود الحسن ، مولانا حسین احمد مدنی ، مولانا برکت بھوپالی ، مولانا حسرت موہانی ، مفتی کفایت اللہ دہلوی ، مولانا سید گل

JUH to this day adhere to secularism

Shah Waliullah presented the amalgamation of ideas to revive the muslim feudal rule in indian subcontinent . You will find sparse ideas which could be interpreted progressively in our times , Maulana sindhi interpret them ,

not just deoband , sir sayed interpret shah sahb in a quite progressive manner

maulana sindhi explained that abdaali issue in his book SHAH WALI ULLAH KA SIYASI NAZARIYA ,

Comes LUBP a typical religious mentality not different from SSP or lashker , good with your LUBP stuff here . Thanks for ruining my post (good thing is you guys are not even considered serious within shia ranks ) .. Deobandphobics

ya fraud company jiska maqsad shia genocide k naam per america aur west sy chanda akatha kr k khana hy

Hassan Turi exposed your fraud , Hassan Mujtaba speaks about your fraud and yes they are here on ground struggling not fooling people by sitting in America and UK collecting funds

پاکستان سے باہر بیٹھ کر کتنا مروڑ اٹھتا ہے
ویسے اگر شور نا مچایا تو فنڈنگ کیسے ہو گی

They are a group of very rich people who live outside pakistan and run a thread LUBP where they propagate against deobandies and cash shia genocide . Some of their old associates exposed them . It is just a fun .. Just go to their website it is all there DEOBAND DEOBAND DEOBAND … but good thing is even shias dnt own them .

you always write against ‘deoband’ and not against , in the words of imam khomeni , Great satan AMERICAN IMPERIALISM , the terrorist state funding terrorists from libya , syria , iraq to pakistan and afghanistan .

Is ISI not involved in this dirty game ? Is it some sort of isolated deobandi phenomena erupting out of their takferi ideology ? americans , saudies , iranies , chinese every one has stakes here and they use different groups in pakistan against each other

they are suffering from some sort of deobandphobia ,, inko har jaga deobandi nazar aty hain

terrorist organizations , even shias were the members of those organizations

Iranian Oil Money MWM ko aati hy , ameen shaheedhi , raja nasir group

these iranians are american backed counter revolutionaries who want to undermine the revolutionary govt

Enemy of our enemy is our friend . Whether these are ullema e deoband or imam khomeni . American imperialism is a curse and is bound to be annihilated

i am afraid i ought to read maulana mehmood ul hasan , He allied with hindues so how come he be so strict for shias , i wonder

How could a person who ally with hindues speak so ill of shias

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