‘Penetrator’: the man who hacked Asif Zardari’s website – by Amir Mir

Salafi (wahhabi) cyber jihadi of the ISI arrested in Rawalpindi

Pakistani authorities have arrested a bearded man from the garrison town of Rawalpindi for hacking president Asif Ali Zardari’s official website, presidentofpakistan.com.pk.

The accused had morphed the president’s face on to the body of a dancing girl from a red light area, who is seen dancing to the tunes of American president Barack Obama. Apart from the fudged video, some dirty and contemptuous jokes about the president were also posted on the website.

According to police sources in Rawalpindi, the accused, Mohammad Shehbaz alias Adil, has been arrested for his alleged involvement in hacking websites of prominent personalities, apart from president Asif Zardari’s. Sources said that a team from the Cyber Crime Wing of the Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) headed by inspector Mohammad Zahid, and local police personnel, raided a mobile phone shop and arrested its owner, Shehbaz.

The 25-year-old belongs to the Rawalpindi chapter of the Jamaatul Daawa, led by professor Hafiz Mohammad Saeed.

According to officials, the website was hacked in July and was restored within two days. The accused had changed his web name from Adil to ‘Penetrator’ when the cyber crime wing started tracing his location. Police said the FIA team arrested the man after fulfilling legal formalities. The cyber crimes wing of the FIA subsequently secured the website and removed all objectionable material.

Adil, who has confessed to hacking the site, says he had done it ‘for fun’. He has been handed over to FIA Rawalpindi for further investigation. (Source: Published: Wednesday, Dec 8, 2010, 2:01 IST )



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