Govt urged to devise proper anti-terror policy

ISLAMABAD: Speakers in a daylong discussion titled “Joint efforts and terrorism” urged the government, media, civil society and educationists to join their hands against terrorism, as, they argued, unity is the only option to expunge the menace from the country.

The discussion, organised by Individualland, a non-government organisation (NGO), was presided over by Individualland’s Executive Director Gulmina Bilal Ahmed while people from different walk of life were present at the occasion.

The speakers urged the government to take on board all the stakeholders and devise a proper anti-terrorism policy. They said that each individual should contribute to the eradication of terrorism from the country. “We need to involve public as much as we can and provide them with a platform to drive the entire nation against terrorism in order to bring peace in the country,” they said.

The participants urged the government to support all organization, working against the violation of human rights and terrorism.

“We need to forge unity and let the world know that we are one nation and can address all the threats to our sovereignty like terrorism and extremism,” they stressed.



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