United agianst a Sunni Sufi cleric: The undeclared alliance between certain liberals and Deobandi fanatics in Pakistan – Aamir Hussaini



What we are currently witnessing these days is an undeclared alliance between Deobandi right-wingers and PMLN-friendly-liberals in opposing Dr Tahir ul Qadri.

Recently, Hamid Mir (on Jang Group’s Geo TV) once agian showed his malicious Salafi-Deobandi approach toward Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri and his party. Hamid Mir asked Nawaz Sharif to admit his mistake about alloting land in Model Town to Tahir ul Qadri when he (NS) was CM Punjab under dictator General Zia-ul-Haq, but Mir nevered mentioned that before Dr Qadri, this was Nawaz Sharif family itself who weres bribed by General Zia. The Sharif family set up 32 industrial units during eleven years of General Zia. Also, this is a fact not only Dr Qadri was given land to build Minhaj ul Quran University in Lahore but land was also given to Deobandi groups of Jamat Islami and Doctor Israr. Other Deobandis and Wahabbi Mullahs were also given thousands if acres land in big and small cities of Punjab. Also that was period of Zia dictator in which Molvi Abdullah, father of Abdul Aziz and Ghazi Rasheed illegally occupied land in Islamabad near Abpara market and constructed Red Mosque (Lal Masjid). Also, it was father of Molvi Asharaf Ali who was allotted illegally land where Jamia Taleemul Quran was constructed in Rawalpindi. Still there are thousands of acres of land in Islamabad where Deobandi clerics are occupiers and they have constructed mosques and seminaries without registeration. Such allotments and illegal bribery of land to Deobandi and Salafi clerics never disturbs Hamid Mir and his likes.

This Hamid Mir never revealed connections between Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz and the Deobandi takfiri terrorist organization Ahle-Sunnat Wal Jamat (ASWJ) but in his talk show he invited many times its Chief Molvi Muhammad Ahmad Ludhanvi, Aurangzaib Faroqui, Fazlur Rehman Khalil and other Deobandi terrorists.

Hamid Mir and other so called pro democrats and liberals on one present and promote Deobandi hate preacher Tahir Asharafi and new face of Deobandi red mosque birgade Shuhda Lal Masjid Foundation, all of these thugs are seen bashing against Dr Qadri and his supporters and try to prove Sunni Sufis/Barelvis as terrorist and great risk for national security and they want to strict and fierce destructive security operation against Dr Qadri, his supporters and his instutions all over country.

Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz, Deobandi political and sectarian hate mongers, pro deobandi and Nawaz Judiciary establishment have been united against Sufi Sunnis in Punjab and they want to crush them and they are using every tactic against them.

I am clear now that center and far right of Deobandis are in alliance with Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz and wihtin media, Jang Group (its newspapers and Geo TV) and its poltical analyst and anchors are actually in service of their current masters Nawaz Sharif and Saudis.

I have already written that current dispute is between two faction of power holders: one is alliance of Nawaz Sharif and its supporters in judiciary and other is Pakistani military establishment and due to inclination of Nawaz Sharif toward Deobandi and Salfi extremist and terrorist network and giving extraordibary importance to center and far right if deobandis forced Shia and Sunni center right political and religious parties and groups to see toward military establishment which also has been forced due to serious challenges posed to them by Deobandi takfiri elements like TTP and some other factions of deobandi sectarian groups linked with Al Qaida and other global terrorist net work.

PPP and PTI have failed to take a firm stand on pro-oppressed and pro-victims and anti-Deobandi terrorist newtwork on case of Shia and Sufi Genocide , attacks on Sunni Shrines, mosques, Shia Imam Bargahs and their processions of Milad and Ashoor.

Another biased tendency againat Sufi Sunnis we saw in opposer and enemies of PAT and Drlqad Qi which was their mild and soft criticism before annoucing united long march toward Islamabad from Dr Qadri and Imran Khan. Now Hamid Mir and others have changed their mild criticism into strict and shelling like attacks on PTI also.

Is it mere coincidence that we find very common stance adopted by PMLN Govt, liberals like Raza Rumi, Marvi Sirmed, Hamid Mir, Sherry Rehman, Iftikhar Ahmad, Nusrat Javed, rght-wingers like Irshad Arif, Deobandi religious and political leaders like Fazul Rehman, Ahmad Ludhianvi, Tahir Asharfi, Mufti Naeem and deobandi biased Judges against Tahirul Qadri and Sufi Sunnis as these are more biased on Shia genocide and their discourse actually protects Deobandi takfiri killers? This is that common biased stance which forced to unite Shia and Sufi Sunnis against this undeclared alliance.

Referring to circle of Marxist and leftist groups who are also seen attacking Tahirul Qadri, Imran Khan and those people who are on roads and criticising their slogans of revolution and Social Change. Their prediction is right that Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri are not revolutionary in Marxist or leftist sense but when they say it conspiracy and denying their mass support in public and call them just stooges of military establishment then they actually join the Deobandi-Nawazi-Liberal camp of which i mentioned above. Intersting thing is that some intellectuall having Marxist labels use terms writ of government, writ of law and security risk, National Unity etc, I laugh at them as why a Marxist worry about calss based state’s disintegration and fall due to its deep contradictions? And I am really surprised when a comrade Marxist instigates Government power to crush those masses who are protesting against horror and brutal capitalist regime because they are not united under red flags.

Thanks to a few non-mainstream voices on social media (eg LUBP), there is an alternative discourse on the TuQ issue that has nuance and that is not one sided selective bashing of Shias and Sunnis and one sided sycophancy of PML N and their Deobandi Fascist Terrorist allies. There is a big gap between Martial Law and Nawaz-PCO Judges-GEO Looto-cracy. That big gap is the democratic space where someone like Imran Khan can challenge the rigging allegations. I wish PPP, ANP and other progressive parties had joined these protests and demanded a recount.



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