Why do I support Imran Khan’s Azadi March – by Sawant Shah

I have been a staunch critic of Imran Khan since his Lahore jalsa in October 2011 and since his ‘dharna politics’ started.

However, today, after listening to his latest press conference, I support him in his latest cause – free and fair elections, so that everyone’s vote counts. His points were rational and were solution-oriented rather than mere rhetoric against the ruling party.

Do listen to his press conference. He named not just ‘bad’ people (who rigged) but also good people (who were sidelined when they didn’t follow what they were told). Imran’s version about “extra ballot papers” makes complete sense too.

I have nothing against the present government though. I believe they are and will serve Pakistan for at least 20% of their potential (thus, there is room for improvement, which will improve with time, that is subsequent, timely elections) vs PPP who served for 10%-15% of their potential.

BUT, everyone’s vote must count in my country! Otherwise, there is no point of elections if my vote or your vote doesn’t add up to anything.

As a Pakistani, I support Imran Khan in this particular cause as this affects each and every Pakistani. Looking forward to the Azadi March. Power to the people of Pakistan

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