Iraqi Christians, Sunnis and Kurds Heroically Defend against ISIS Terrorists



Bartala (20 km. from Mosul, Iraq), a village of 30,000 souls, entirely Christian, ready to defend itself until its death.

In this village there is also the refugee population displaced from Mosul, with friends and families, all forced to flee on foot, through the wilderness, for lack of cars (stolen or destroyed), or fuel.

The town was organized autonomously for the self-defense, thanks to a department mixed of local Christians and Kurdish Sunni Peshmerga volunteers, non-fanatics and in favor of an independent Kurdistan.


It is about 80-100 armed men, who have created a local militia, with a few Kalashnikovs, some grenade launchers and bazookas, but with so much good will and a lot of courage, the courage of the righteous who are defending their homes, their places of worship and traditions, their land.

Organized in mixed teams, men and women, Christians and Muslims, have created checkpoints at the entrances of the town and many strongholds in the four existing churches.

Obviously about these people and these Christian sites, threatened by mercenary jihadists with U.S. weapons, the Western media do not care anything, as do not care anything about the young Palestinians killed by Zionist militias in these days: just because they are not fanatic Talmud’s students, or because there is not to defend any Zionist settlements in the occupied territories.

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