Pakistani Canadian “liberal” Tarek Fatah’s views about Ahmadiyya Muslims

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Written by: Tarek Fatah

Did you hear about the new ‘Caliph of Islam’ in Iraq? But did you know there is a dude in London who is also #KhalifaOfIslam ‘Caliph of Islam’?

I’m not demonizing Ahmadiya Muslims, merely proving that  Ahmadis are as hostile to criticism as ISIS and equally medeival

Ahmadis organized a jihadi Lashkar to invade Jammu and Kashmir alongside the Tribals who went on a rampage of death in 1947?

Which Indegenous uprising? Ahmadis commited rape/murder of Kashmiris in the name of Islam, Pakistan & lies of MA Jinnah

This group (Ahmadis) was backed by the British Raj  so even though they r equally repressive of women & gays, west is ok with them

The idiocy of believing in a worldwide ‘Caliph of Islam’ is a dangerous concept that is both tribal & medieval.

If Ahmadiya Muslims can have a ‘Caliph of Islam’ then why not ISIS too? Both claim to be ‘Caliphs of all Muslims’.
You believe and promote a “Caliph of Islam” in this day and age, and then have the audacity to suggest ‘logic’. @Omaidus

Ahmediyyas were partners in the Hindu-hate that ultimately created Pakistan, any decent historian would know that

Yes @theRealYLH your Ahmadiya community collaborated with the British Raj and were rewarded for that work. Their work in splitting India too.

As a Brit Muslim @MuslimIQ do u believe in someone being a ‘Caliph of Islam”? & between the ISIS ‘Caliph of Islam’ & your ‘Caliph of Islam”?

who appointed him as the #KhalifaOfIslam? If he’s Caliph of Islam, then what about Muslims who reject his caliphate?

Ahmadis and the ISIS have the same ultimate goal: establish sharia rule all over the world.

Of course you support the Caliph of Ahmadia Muslims @theRealYLH, why deny? On top of it u claim to be secular

Pak Tea House (edited by Raza Rumi and Yasser Latif Hamdani) is a partisan Ahmaiyya community organ that tries to cover up their ties to Company Bahadu.  Pak Tea House (PTH) is not an open platform it is a disgrace to the memory of Pak Tea House and a reservoir of lies.

Ah haa the full Ahmadiya cavalry is here. A people as intolerant of criticism of their very own ‘Caliph of Islam’ as the Fatimide, Umayad, Ottoman and now ISIS ‘Caliph of Islam’.

If you had your ‘Caliph of Islam’ in a jurisdiction with an Ahmadiya majority, I dread the role of the parliamentarian or legislature that would have their own Vilayat Faqih Supreme Leader with veto power and the threat of excommunication that medeival popes had.

I have stood for your rights as Ahmadiya Muslims knowing fully well how awful life would be if God forbid you guys ran the ship as a majority. Look at the subjugate on of your female gender and gay Ahmadia. Don’t get arrogant by kissing up to the State Department and positioning yourself as the alternate to extremism when your own orthodoxy and support of your own version of Sharia law is quote well known.

the problem with these insecure men of medieval cults us that they too cannot take criticism. Their fascist streak is known to the men and women they have excommunicated for marrying non-Muslim, a term they use internally for non-Ahmadiyya Muslims.

Your medeival ways are exposed to your own wives and daughters who have been ‘expelled’ from the ‘caliphate’. You can fool some white liberals and Company Bahadur that your forefathers served, but spare me this drivel.

Shame on those who collaborated with the Pakistan Army on the 1971 Genocide of Bangladeshis and who support the Occupation of Balochistan by Pakistan and then talk of spirituality.

I suppose sending jihadi Lashkar to Kashmir in the 1947 rape and looted of fellow Muslims too was spiritual eh?

People like you who market their victimhood and serve just their own cults while kissing the shoes of supposed Caliphs belong to the 8th century, not the 21st.

You send your wives, mothers and daughters to the back of the bus in your mosques and expect me to call you a ‘friend’?

I have defended Ahmadiya rights in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Canada as well as Indonesia, not because I believe in some make belief’ Caliph of Islam’, but because I believe in universal justice. You guys on the other hand are members of a cult. Beholden to a fellow human who claims to be Allah’s Representative on Earth!

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