More evidence of ISIS brutality – graphic video – by Khurram Zaki

The narratives and evidences of ISIS/ISIL/Da’ish brutality and inhumanity in Iraq and Syria are nothing new. These terrorists are even infamous within their own takfeeri kharijite circles for their extreme ruthlessness and butchery. Even AQ head Ayman al-Zawahiri is said to have reprimanded themfor these gruesome acts which they have perpetrated in the areas they control or operate.

But still those who support and sympathize with  this savage and brutal ideology continue to do so considering anything which exposes the bestiality and inhumanity of these takfeeri kharijite terrorists as mere disinformation on the part of those who oppose the “victorious” campaign of this terrorist group in Iraq and Syria. Well these people wont listen anything which goes against their perception and ideas with respect to this group as their sheer loyalty with such savagery and barbarism stops them from considering anything factual and real.

Here we are with another video evidence (manslaughter, beheading) of  viciousness of this takfeeri kharijite group known as ISIS, ISIL or Da’ish. Extreme discretion is requested as people with faint heart wont be able to watch it.