Shaheed Dr Haider Raza’s daughter’s appeal: Lights out


“Décès: Lifes over”

9th of April 2014 was a great day for my mum. It was her birthday. She was gone with her best friend to Dunkin Dounts. Her friend was taking pictures of her just when she saw a glimpse of the television. It said “One Doctor shot in Gulistan-e-Jauhar”, my mom’s eyes opened wide as she thought of my dad. My dad works in the same place and was late for home. One hour late. His timing changed recently so he comes around 6. But he was late. My mom forgot everything and called my dads phone. There was this feeling my mum got about it. When someone picked up the phone….it wasnt him. It was someone else asking who is this? My mom answered this is her wife please tell where is he? When the person heard its his wife there was this long silence. And then without a word, without a sound he hanged up the phone. My mum was already worried he got her worried more. She said that at the back there on the call was extreme noice there of ambulances and police.

It was dreadful. She left her food and eveything and rushed towards her friends car. She told her about the call and everything. And just prayed that it wasn’t him. Just prayed for forgiveness. Forgiveness for his death. He couldn’t go, how could he? Who would look after us. My mum is strong but not strong enough to handle this.

This wasnt’ good. No not at all. She though to herself that he recieved a threat from someone. His friend overheard some people saying “There is just one Shia doctor left. We just have to take care of him. And make him get back in line”. My parents were terrified. He was in a mid-day because he wasn’t a typical Shia, but a Sunni, so it was his name that was the problem. His name name was kept by his grandmother as she loved the name Haider it meant bravery and courageous. But I don’t care he just wasn’t a Shia and he did everything in a Shia way. And he accepted to be a Sunni. The media and internet is also mis-understanding like those 3 killers. So while my mum and her bff were stuck in the traffic. My mum got hiper and got out of the car. And ran until she reached the hospital. When she came she ranninto the hospital and tried to see him. But no one let her. Where as at home I aas on the internet. And my cousin yumna and sister screamed. I ran to them asking “WHAT?!”. They said ” Daddy…&! $@#^” I couldn’t understand what she said. Then I saw his name on tv and read “Doctor got shot is now identified as Dr. Haider Raza”

I cried and was in shock. I wanted to to cry but the tears wont come. Then my grandmum and both aunts came asking what happened. Everyone said “Yumna fell” but they werent idoits why would eveyone cry if one fell. They came to know about him didnt knkw he was shot. They thought just an accident. They called my mum asking where is he. She said back in darul sehat. They all went and we were alone and my sibling. Everyone panicked but I chilled them out. But yumna called her mom ( my aunt) she cried and cried. And yumna u derstood nothing. But then she called me. And whispered in my ear I think my mom said that he is no more. And she never cried like this. I was like somthing else may have happened.she relaxed me by saying that maybe I have heard it wrong. Yea forget it she said. I was like ok.An hour later, went by and I heard the door bell ringing. Again and again it went. Until someone picked it up. It was mom. I ran towards her. My mums face was red. And eyes were swollen. She was bare feet as she walked towards me step by step saying ” Minahil……is that you? ” I cried as she couldnt recognize me. There was something wrong. Isaid yes . And she cried like anything. And fell into my arms. And hugged me. And cried saying “Minahil. …….beta your father is shot dead”. She pointed towards her head trying to make me understand that it was a straight shot in the head. I got out of her arms and opened my eyes wide asking “what?…” I still had hope in my eyes asking if they could still save him. But he died on the spot. So … did it happen?
How it happened?

My dad was coming out of his hospital. My dad was coming put of his hospital called Darul Sehat. As it was my mums birthday, he said her “Get ready ok? Iam in the parking lot, We’re going out for dinner” And my dad hung up the phone, He took his car out of the Hospital. You know when you enter the main road you need to look right then left, he was doing it. Right out of the hospital. He looked left and then 3 people on motor cycles cam and shot him 5 times. One bullet his the seat where the other 4 hit him in the face. The first went in his brain beside his eyes, second on his cheek, third in his jaw and last in his neck. Those animals made sure that my father has no chance of survival. All of them were of 9mm. The doctor said that one bullet of 9mm is honestly enough to kill a person and he got were 4. I saw some pics of him without the bandage. The bullet made a HUGE cavity in his beautiful face. And all bullets went from one side and got our from the other. Thats why the seat beside him was literally coated with blood. If you didnt see the picture then….

Now you probably know brutally my beloved father was killed. The street vendors said that they couldnt hear the gun as it had a Silencer. The sound of the glass which broke caught everyones attention. The people said that those killers were waiting just for him for 2 hours. Meaning it was a total plan. And someone from inside the hospital called them saying that he’s coming out now. And so they killed him. and that someone will be caught. If they see anything strange or weird on the CCTV cameras they will take the person down at all cost. Then person who picked my dad up from his car didnt know who he was as his face was covered with his blood. When they got him back to the hospital and cleaned his face they shouted “Its Haider Raza!! Its Dr.Raza!” The doctor’s tried to stop the bleeding but it didnt no matter what. They knew he was expired at the very first bullet but they still tried. Later that day, I called Jennifer home because no couldn’t understand me as much as her. I called her before too but it was when they told about the news which said about the identification and everything. I didnt tell her he was no more. I called her and started to cry, and she cried on the phone too. Jenny i m very thankful you did this.

I’ll never forget this day or the fact that my very best friend came and joined me as i cried and in this sorrow. She told me that everyone in school knows. This is because they prayed for him in the assembly.It happened in all branches of karachi. Even the Cambridge students messaged me on facebook.. People , family, friends, doctors, ministers, patients and even people who we didnt know called us. Its like he was famous all over the globe. And he was. We got so many calls. It was a wonder, because my father is a shaheed. I wont say that i am proud of this but I’ll say that my father saved millions literally millions of lives up till now. and he was a great man.No matter how much i dissapoint him or hated him i coulnt even say ” Daddy i love you”. He said my mom about 2 years ago “Why does minahil hate me?” Since that day i expressed my love to my dad no matter what. I just wanted to say “I know you hate me because i never listened to you but you should know i loved you then, now and always will daddy” I just want to hear his scolding once more, his voice, his face , his always concentrated eyebrows and how he used to make this frowning face. How he used to laugh at the stupid stuff we did together, how he faced the world and fought with the world just for us. and how he stood up for his even at his last moments. I said my aunt that its obvious that he hates me but she said “The one who scolds us the most, who doesnt talk to us much and just say bad stuff about us when theyre angry are the one who secretly love us the most. The one who admires us, but just dont express their love in front of us. He loved your photography, minahil. He loved it. He loved your smile, it looks like your moms. He loved your hands it resembles his hands. And most of all he loved those big eyes of yours. Which sparkled and flipped his whole world upside down on the day you were born. You know he had a moustche but then he shaved it once as it used to itch you when he kissed you when you were little. He did it just for you and so did you grand dad”. I questioned “Really?” she said yes. Later that day, he was kept in cold storage because of his extrem swelling. When they showed him to us his face was like 5 times his real size. All swollen up! and his swelling was increasing Hour by hour in the storage the doctor said.

Today (friday) when the doctor took his body out of the cold storage so he could be burried, others blood freeze as the temperature is below freezing point. But when they changed his dressing of his face, the blood didnt freeze……Not even a a bit. It was still in flow and was coming out of the cavity of the bullet. This was a clue from god that yes he is a shaheed. They stitched him up properly, gave him his last shower and then prepared him for his last time to come back home. When they brought him home they said dont touch him to much or apply pressure as the blood didnt freeze the blood could come out of the bandage again. I didnt cry at first , while everyone did but then i had to.. “If I dont cry today, then this scream and tears would be prisoned in me for life. I have to just let it go….” I thought to myself and cried. So today everything was quite better. His phone ( both ) are with the police, his wallet is with us, his car is when them as well his glasses. These stuff are with them for further data and investigation so they hunt the killers down. Our 3 dogs, all of them didnt bark for a single time in these 2 days. They bark all the time but they were quiet like they were dead. They’ve been barking today a bit, but in a weird voice. Like their wimping. Or want their owner back. We’ll be selling 2 and keeping one. Both of them are Germany imported. Both of them got so many awards and trophies. I hope they go to good families. My dad has really given them all importance, time and money. They are very popular too in the sub-heading of most awarded dogs. Now they are my responsibilities.

Other than that i came back from his grave today. It was covered with all roses. His favourite just like mine. And the place where his grave is very peaceful. When he was alive he said that he wants him to be buried in “Wadi-e-hussain”. Where all the other shaheeds are buried. Im very depressed than ever and need a long nap. Very sick having fever today, so i have to go. Please do pray for my dad though. My dear dad. What did he ever do? He was going to Taif ( Saudia Arabia) in 20 days as well as us and now not anymore. What was his fault? He saved many lives and many people’s family from being broken. He was upset due to some family problems and this makes me depressed more. There is no humanity in people now you know. More over, the doctor of his hospital are going to protest and have put banners of his hospital.

Dr. Haider Raza, you were a great man, you were an angel for many patients. And you will always be missed. May your soul rest in peace. (Ameen)

Love you,

Your little princess




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