We condemn ASWJ-TTP terrorists’ attack on Raza Rumi



LAHORE (28 March 2014): Deobandi terrorists of TTP-ASWJ have struck Express Media group once again, this time attacking Express TV anchor and blogger Raza Rumi, which led to the unfortunate death of his driver Mustafa on Friday evening. The attack took place near Raja Market, Lahore.

We condemn Deobandi terrorists’ attack on Raza Rumi’s car. His driver was killed in the attack. The attack once again shows that the pro-TTP, pro-ASWJ Punjab govt, led by CM Shahbaz Sharif, has failed to protect citizens.

As cealry pointed out by senior journalists including M. Ziauddin (of Express Tribune) and Imtiaz Gul, this is part of the systematic attacks on the media by takfiri Deobandi outfits ASWJ-LeJ and TTP. M. Ziauddina clearly pointed out in his anlaysis on PTV World that there are no good and bad Taliban, all Taliban are bad.

Asad Kharal, Express Tribune’s journalist, notes that the attack on Raza Rumi’s car is a part of TTP-ASWJ’s series of attacks on Express media group. This is the fourth attack on Express Media Group. Three staff members of the group lost their lives in an attack earlier this year.

asad kharal

Dozens of innocent Sunni Barelvis and Shias are being killed daily by TTP-ASWJ terrorists in Pakistan. Nobody is safe, thanks to ruling PMLN party’s alliance with Taliban and ASWJ-SSP.

We demand an urgent judicial and police inquiry into this attack on Raza Rumi in order to identify and punish the attackers.

We offere sincere condolences to the family of Raza Rumi’s driver. Despite some ideological and analytical differences (LUBP insists on clear identification of takfiri Deobandi outfits as a fountainhead of terrorism), we stand by Raza Rumi and all anti-Taliban journalists. This attack is a further reminder that we cannot continue to place perpetrators of violence and vicitms in the same bracket, obfuscating it as a Sunni-Shia or Iran-Saudi proxy war binary. It is abundantly clear that in Pakistan if anyone disagrees with the puritancial agenda of the takfiri Deobandi network, he or she is the target.

The current attack also confirms that those who humanize and promote hate clerics are standing on the wrong side of history.

The attack also demonstrates that those who are weak on arguments resort to violence. In Pakistan, ASWJ-TTP terrorists have this characteristic. They attacked Raza Rumi because of his opposition to the Taliban.

Senior journalist Abbas Nasir notes that “the difference between the much-maligned liberals and fascists: liberals use words to argue their case; fascists let bullets do the talking.”


















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