Was Fizza Malik not daughter of Pakistan – by Syed Taheer Hussain


This is Fizza Malik, 25-years-old, lawer fell prey to Deobandi Taliban-allied organisation Deobandi Al Ahralul Hind’s terrorism along with a sessions judge and 10 other people in Islamabad today.
Until yesterday, she was an aspiring lawyer in her very first days of Law practice. This morning, she became collateral damage in a war she was never involved in.

How can such a news be broken to a family?

How do we tell her father his princess won’t be coming home?

How do we tell her mother that no one will help around the house anymore?

How do we tell her brother that his caretaker won’t be there tomorrow?

How do we tell her friends that they won’t hear her voice again?

How do we tell her cousins that the laugh that made everyone smile will never be heard again?

Why do innocent people have to pay the price for the mistakes of corrupt leaders? When will we realize that the Taliban and their supporters are not our friends

Was Fizza Malik not daughter of Pakistan or only Deobandi Aaafia Siddiqui is the daughter of Pakistan? What do you say Mr Munawar Hassan Deobandi, Imran Khan Deobandi, Nawaz Sharif Deobandi, Maulana Fazlur Rahman Deobandi, Maulana Sami Deobandi etc?

My friend Zahid Ali Khan writes about Fizza Malik:

Rest in peace FIZZAH MALIK!
She martyred in today’s terrorist attack in Islamabad.
She was my niece Sahar Farooq’s friend. On Feb 10, 2010, she invited us on breakfast at Pir Suhawa’s famous dhaba. I cannot forget her lovely smile.
May Allah swt keep her in eternal peace for ever in the life hereafter



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