Javed Ghamidi says that Taliban’s beheading is tribal Pashtun cluture


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Javed Ghamidi neglects the fact that beheading is not a part of Pashtun or tribal culture. The tradition of beheading and brutalities against fellow human being is a tradition of Sufyanist and Salafist Arabs, Deobandi Punjabis and Deobandi Pashtuns. It is not the Arab or Punjabi or Pashtun ethnicity which is to to be blamed, it is the common takfiri (Salafi or/and Deobandi) ideology which is not only responsible for beheadings but also the fact that Ghamidi himself had to escape from Pakistan to Malaysis to save his life. Unfortunately, this aspect, the violent and intolerant roots of Deobandi and Salafi takfiri ideology, is not only ignored by Javed Ghamidi but also by many Punjabi and Pashtun liberals and nationalists, who fail to distinguish between Pashtun or Punjabi culture and the relatively recent import of Salafi and Deobandi hate ideology in their ethnic groups.

According to Farhat Taj:

Javed Ghamdi, (supposedly) a fine scholar of Islam [of Salafi and Deobandi leaning], is saying [21 Feb 2014] on Samaa TV program that Taliban’s beheading, stoning to death etc, is tribal Pashtun culture. He says even a child in FATA can behead with ease. Pakistan is not going to get rid of this terrorism, if its ‘scholars’ of Islam are also attributing the cruel atrocities to the Pashtun culture. From what I am hearing from this man, Ghamdi, he has lost all his respect in my view. Ghamdi is not a scholar, he is a propagandist. Go to hell you Ghamdi, joker.

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According to Arya Khan:

A so called religious scholar Javed Ghamdai barks in his recent interview to SAMMA TV said ‘beheading’ is the culture of Pashtun society. Gaamdi doest not know that beheading is an Arabi [Salafi] culture not a Pashtun culture.

In Pashtun culture, there are certain rules, even about killing someone’s arch-enemy.

1. If a child or a woman is accompanying a killer, so then no one is allowed to attack him. (not to speak of the woman or children).
2. Beheading has never happened in Pashtun society in entire history because they consider human head as the direct creation by Allah’s hands. In fact there is a saying in Pashto “Tarbbor Marr ka Kho Lamr ty ma Paragda,” means if you kill your relative dont let his corpse in open sky to perish.

Ghamdi he does not have the guts to speak the truth about who Taliban are, and beheading has been a culture in Arabs before and after Islam, even to date.

Ghamdi must say Taliban are the shadow army of Pakistan army and Saudi Arabia [i.e. local Deobandi Jihadi proxies of Saudi Salafi regime], and they are the enemy of Pashtun and Islam. Accordingly, they have nothing to do with Pashtun or any other ethnicity.

Beheading in not a part of the Pashtun culture or history. Pashtuns have fought with Alexander the Great of Macedonia, Genghiz Khan of Mangolia, Moghul imperialists, the British army and USSR. Pashtun died and also killed thousands of soldiers. In fact, when Genghiz Khan and Alexander came to Afghanistan, they beheaded Pashtuns and other Afghans, but Pashtuns were never invovled in massive beheadings of their opponents.

Beheading has been happening through the history of Arab where they slaughter and cut off the head of their enemy after killing him. [In particular this tradition was practiced by Abu Sufyan’s family and their Umayyad descendants, whose tradition is kept alive today by the Saudi-backed Salafi and Deobandi Jihadis in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria etc.] The beheading of Hazrat Imam Hussain in Karabala is a clear example of this Arab Salafi/Umayyad culture. In the same way, when AlQaida came to Afghanistan and now in FATA, they practiced the same Arab Salafi culture here and beheaded Pashtuns who opposes to puritancial Salafi or Deobandi agedna. In fact, all of the FC soldiers recently killed by Taliban were Pashtun. Hundreds of other Pashtun men, women, girls, children and tribal chiefs have been beheaded at the hands of these Salafi Deobandi terrorists, radicalized and funded by Arab not Pashtun ideology. Today if see violent Deobandi militant groups in Pashtuns (including Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba ASWJ), they are a product of Pakistan army, not Pashtun society. The TTP-ASWJ-LeJ are doing all terrorist activities not for Pashtuns, but for Islamabad and Saudi Arabia.

Ghamdi must read the history and be careful while talking on such issues. Pashtuns have suffered a lot at the hands of Saudi Arabian Salafi ideology, their local Deobandi surrogates and their masters in Pakistan army.

According to Abdul Nishapuri:

It may be noted that Ghamidi is a Salafi Deobandi bigot with extremely prejudiced views about Sunni Barelvis and Shias. https://lubpak.com/archives/228942

The difference between Ghamidi and TTP-ASWJ is that he says that Shias and Sunni Barelvis have kufria and mushrikana aqaid while TTP-ASWJ Deobandis clearly chant Kafir Shia and Sunni Barelvi Mushrik.

In terms of content and impcat, pseudo-liberal affiliates of military establishment (eg Sherry Rehman, Najam Sethi, Nasim Zehra, Ejaz Haider types) are as dangerous as Deobandi and Salafi mullah affiliates of establishment. Binary in Pakistan is not between mullahs (Islamists) and liberals (non-mullahs) but between pro-establishment and anti-establishemnt. Ghamidi is as much pro-establishment as are Sami-ul-Haq (mullah) and Sethi (liberal).

Javed Ghamidi will never utter a word about the plight of Shias and Ahmadis in Malaysia (where he is currently based) at the hands of Salafi leaning government and clerics. http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2011/11/08/malaysias-ahmadis-living-dangerously/


Syed Riaz Al-Malik Hajjaji:

So Caliph Yazeed Bin Muawiya and his army that beheaded the Karbala rebels were Pashtun? I suppose that Karbala is in Mohmand agencies. And Asmatullah Muawiya is a Pashtun as is Masood Azhar and Umar Sheikh who beheaded Daniel Pearl. The last three are Punjabi Pashtuns like Hazrat Imran Khan who is the most smartest Pashtun of Lahore which is located in Bajaur.

Javed Ghamdi is a Good Liberal Stud becos he calls Shias and Sunni Barelvi Kafirs in soft tones and with a touch of obliqueness. and with his knowledge of Pashtun culture, he has completed a Holy Trifecta of dissing Pashtuns, Shias and Sunnis.

By the way, as a Hajjaji Syed residing In Bunjab who enjoys urban mercantile patronage and who holds dear his Jamaati mentality, I am near the top of the pecking order. As Ghamdi is also from a similar Jamaati background, he has the right to make the most egregious and judgemental statement s without any logic or facts.

Nangyalai Afghan:

It simply means that all Pashtuns, including their children are evil by nature and an evil must be supressed so that the good (the non-Pashtun people) could thrive. In fact it is the [Pakistan military] establishment that has been arming the tribal Pashtuns from day one to launch their so-called jihad in India and Afghanistan. If the demonization of our people is not stopped now then it would be very late to stop the massacre of innocent Pashtuns by both the Taliban and the other so-called civilized people of Pakistan.

Imran Khan:

The great Ghamidi sahib says that beheading non combatants is actually allowed in Islam as it should be but then blames qabaili culture for being “barbaric” enough to grow individuals who can actually carry out such barbarism. Convenient to bash culture when one makes a living out of selling religion. Im the Dim and Akber S Ahmed typify such thinking when they defend [Salafi and Deobandi] terrorists [e.g. in Yemen and FATA] on the basis of cultural norms. They do [Yemeni or] Pushtun culture no favors. I agree with Ghamidi on the bit that the tribal areas have been used in this strategic game. But blaming parentage and upbringing is very racist. The funny part is that after blasting the tribals for barbarism, he goes onto to actually defend beheadings as a normal practice in war.

I mean consider tribal lashkars vs Taliban. Tribals on both sides, but when have you heard that a tribal lashkar beheaded a Talib? If 6 year old kids are okay with beheading people then obviously, these anti taliban tribals should also be okay with doing the same right? So why is’nt it happening?

Khurram Zaki:

جاوید احمد غامدی صاحب، تحریک طالبان جیسی تکفیری خارجی دہشتگرد تنظیم کی آڑ میں ہمارے پشتون (پختون) بھائیوں کی ثقافت پر حملہ نہ کریں. ان تکفیری دہشتگردوں میں پنجابی، بلوچی، مہاجر، ہر قوم کے افراد شامل ہیں. ان خارجی تکفیری دہشتگردوں میں مشترک صرف ان کا مکتب و مسلک ہے جو لوگوں کو ذبح کرنا اور گلے کاٹنا سیکھاتا ہے

Muslim Unity

غامدی صاحب نے طالبان کی بربریت اور جہالت کو پختون قبائل کی ثقافت کے نام لگا دیا اور فرمایا کہ ان قبائل کے ساتھ بھی وہی سلوک کیا جاتا جو ریڈ انڈینز کے ساتھ یورپ سے جانے والوں نے کیا، تو آج دیوبندی طالبان کی بربریت دیکھنے کو نہ ملتی انا للہ و انا الیہ راجعون

ریڈ انڈینز کے ساتھ جو ظلم ہوا، کسی کا ضمیر کیسے اسکی حمایت کر سکتا ہے؟ ان کی تہذیب انسانوں اور جانوروں سے پیار کرنے والوں کی تہذیب تھی، ان کے ادب سے جو کچھ ترجمہ ہو کر آیا ہے اسکو پڑھا جاۓ تو انکی انسانی عظمت کا اندازہ ہو جاۓ گا

یہ نسل کشی اور ظلم یورپ کے قبضہ گروپوں نے کینیڈا میں بھی کیا، آسٹریلیا کے قبائل کے ساتھ بھی، لاطینی امریکا میں بھی اور افریقہ میں بھی، اور آج فلسطین میں آھستہ آھستہ وہی سب ہو رہا ہے_
یہ گلابی مولوی صاحب پہلے بنی امیہ کی وکالت بھی کر چکے ہیں اور اب یورپی حملہ آوروں کے ہاتھوں ایک کروڑ مظلوم ریڈ انڈینز کے قتل اور امریکا کو یورپی نسل والوں کا ملک بنانے کی وکالت کر رہے ہیں_
تقسیم کے وقت پنجاب میں جو بربریت ہوئی، وہ کس کے نام لگاؤ گے؟ کیا پنجابیوں کو بھی ریڈ انڈینز کی طرح ظلم کی آگ کا نشانہ بنانے کی تجویز دو گے؟ گلے کاٹنے میں تو کراچی کے دیوبندی بھی ملوث ہیں، پنجاب اور بلوچستان کے بھی

سیدھی بات کیوں نہیں کرتے کہ فوج نے اپنے مفادات حاصل کرنے کیلئے سفاک دیوبندی لشکر بناۓ ہیں جو معاشرے میں دہشت پھیلا کر یہ سمجھتے ہیں اس طرح انھیں حکومت مل جاۓگی لیکن فوج انہیں انکی حد میں رکھ کر استعمال کرتی ہے




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