Disgusting Arab culture imposed by force – by Peja Mistri

arabiaThis is not just a condemnation, this is what this battle is all about. Yesterday I saw a comment on the status of another of my friend, a well meaning guy telling him how it is disgusting and shirk to say Mubarik, and today another of my friend told me that how sinful is it to celebrate Eid Milad un Nabi like the Christian celebrate their Christmas. And then I was listening to a molvi las t night explaining how muslims should celebrate it differently then Christians and Hindus.

The truth is Muslims of India and Pakistan are just like any other normal “religious” people. They want their religion to make them happy and allow them to express their happiness in a way they love to. Dancing, music is our culture, a four thousand year old culture. Our sufis loved and promoted this culture. For hundreds of years, from wedding to funeral, Eids to Moharram, muslims of India and Pakistan have been celebrating the occasions according their own cultural values.
But there has been an ongoing battle in which the intruders from ugly Arab have been trying to impose their inhuman and barbaric cultural values. And this is what the whole battle is all about.
But those intruders must remember that their centuries old barbarous, callous, and savage culture can not defeat the 4000 year old civilisation that has accumulated in itself good values from all over the world, from Raam to Buddha, from Christ/Muhammad to Guru Nanak.”



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