17 Good Men: NRO bench

With due respect to azad adlia

Media’s position on NRO before the court proceeding

NRO was always a controversial law because it was discriminatory law; many political pundits and columnist lead the campaign against it under the leadership of Javed Chaudhry (Kal Tak); who use to end his television  program with his brilliant  closing notes  like good attorney in court with either a Haddith, or telling a tale of some saint and use them to taunt Asif Ali Zardari for taking benefits from NRO and poor people in jails can’t take benefit from that. Although he is a very biased anchor but still we can’t ignore that NRO was biased law.

Pending petitions in the courts

There were two kinds of petitions in the court regarding NRO; some were filled before anyone took the advantage from it and the reason the tell to file a petition against is ;  NRO is against human right and spirit of the constitution. And the other who felt being victimized because it caters only one  class, like co-accused with Rehman Malik filed a petition to have same relief  as politician are enjoying under NRO.

CJ remarks prior to court proceeding

“Aab Qatal kai mulzim bhi NRO mang rahay hai “

Court proceeding

Shockingly poor petitioner  like Iqbal who was co-accused with Rehman Malik was never called in the court to explain his plea, the judges never called any of the beneficiaries to explain their position.

The proceeding started with one of the judge from the bench asked government to provide list of those who took the relief after the life time of NRO ordinance was over. It was obvious only Asif Ali Zardari took the benefit after feburary 2008 after the NRO ordinance life time was over.

Respected bench called NAB to bring the record of only one  of the beneficiary cases and that was Asif Ali Zardari , even the though the petitioner were challenging the NRO on human rights grounds and other petition calling it catering only one class .


The court not only declared NRO null and void it also touched other issue and most shocking are some of the later statements in the judgment because that are given in the light of those clauses which were added by General Zia to constitutionalize character eligibility for an individual to hold a public office .and bigger mystery is that its not a short judgment as media is calling it and final judgment has yet to come.


Reactionary media started a campaign against member of the ruling party & ministers who took the benefit from the NRO because supreme doubts their character to hold a public office which resulted in a national embarrassment when defence minister was stop on the Islamabad airport because his name was added in ECL after the court judgment. Later it was discovered he never took the NRO as NAB chief later send him a apology for a mistake.

My Plea

  • If NRO is discriminatory law then what about the court proceeding wasn’t it biased?
  • If Supreme Court can open a close transaction like NRO why don’t they open PCO, it is also against the spirit of constitution?
  • If  respected Judges had taken some time to analyze the list of NRO beneficiaries, we could have avoided tragic episode of defence minister’s humiliation on the airport, it is now discovered that his name was wrongly included in the list of NRO beneficiaries as he was cleared by NAB even before NRO came to existence.



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