Sacrifices of Imam Hussain and Gallant Shias – by Shivangini Pathak


For long walks of Arabeen to the scorching heat
From water less parched lips to arrows being hit
From cries & wailing to the narratives of Bibi Sakina
From our Imam laying his life battling to today’s circa

From sacrifices of 1400 years to the day of judgment sacrifices have made Shias the most brave most tall most daring most gallant.
Sons & daughters of Imam Hussain being witness to the most guresome battle to this dates Shias being killed for saying Labbailk ya Hussain in the corners of Quetta from little orphans saying aloud “Ya Ali” to women weeping for the one man who gave humanity another name Imam Hussain.

To that day that fateless day when Imam Hussain gave his life fighting army of Yazid this army won over evil the triumph of truth. The sheild of every Shia truth & sacrifice the hope of every Shia Imam Hussains words the world of every Shia the paradise through Karbala.

From death being won by Imam Hussain to present day Shias fighting & defying death from rugged terrains of Syria to Pakistan each day is Youm e Ashoora each day is the day of sacrifice each day is the triumph of Imam Hussain.

From the nights dawing to the dusk’s dust rising up the smell of serenity prevails over karbala the biggest sacrifice which humanity has seen the biggest battle which it has witnessed the gushing blood flowing through its inlanes which till date narrate pain agony tears laments wails and brutality from those inlanes our Imam Hussain made us rise & narrate to this world Shias don’t lose shias don’t quit we fight each battle we answer each evil we sacrifice every ounce of blood.

From the scorching skies to raining bombs of today from those water less cries to the bullet ridden shouts today battle of Karbala is till day fought in every country in every land with every Yazid & triumph every battle.

From Yazid to today’s army of evils to the bombs of terrorists who has come of centuries ahead with dust with blood with cries with thumps with shouts with death with all the truth to their sides with all the sacrifice in their heart the army of Imam Hussain.



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