An open letter to the leaders of Deobandi terrorist outfits in Pakistan – by Shivangini Pathak


As Pakistan came into being, it was a collective effort to get a land for ALL Muslims. Those who were already natives of Pakistan and those who came into Pakistan when formed didn’t give their mandate to be governed, ruled and lives be transferred into the hands of vendetta of bitter religious dogma, vendetta of sectarian politics being contorted in such ways that the Other (Sunni Barevli, Shia, Ahmadi etc) sect gets the title of being a kafir (infidel) or mushrik (polytheist).

The Deobandi school of thought, influenced by the Saudi Wahhabi theology, is most powerful and dominant in Pakistani State (army, government, clergy, media etc). It uses its narrow interpretation of Islam as a justification and propagation which has its tenets as rubbishing with violence all other sects and school of thought in Islam through the means of the threat of Wajib ul Qatl. This isn’t what the citizens of Pakistan ever dreamt of, the talaveria of Pakistan stands upon the formation of a land for Muslims & those non Muslims who chose to be in Pakistan.

I’d like to question the contributions of Deobandi activists such aas Malik Ishaq, Ahmed Ludhyanvi and Aurangzeb Farooqi in the progress and development of Pakistan and its awaam. Apart from openly professing to kill Shias, Ahmadis, Sunni Barelvis etc, and as they have killed thousands of innocent Shias who may have been country’s most sought after statesmen, doctors, engineers, businessmen etc, what addition to the Pakistani nation has the banned Deobandi outfits ASWJ/SSP made?

One should take the rhetoric horse when one bleeds for the nation not make nation bleed to their violence. These men all three call and address themselves respectively as being gurdians of Islam or pillars of Islam but you aren’t any pillar of Islam or either of Sunni sect they are all co-joint pillars of TTP/ASWJ/SSP/LeJ and the so called Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamat.

The name Ahle Sunnat attached to ASWJ has done most harm to those Sunnis and others who don’t endorse ASWJ a terrorist organization.

I ask Deobandi terrorists of SSP-ASWJ-LeJ: Your using of the Sunni or ASWJ prefix to lure Sunnis is only for vested interests. These men and agencies are pillars of violent Taliban ideology and mind set which has done major harm to Islam. When the world carries grudges of Islamophobia, it is these violent Deobandi men Ishaq and Ludhyanvi kinds whose deeds blacken the rest of the Nuslims. Many Sunni and Shias are victims of Deobandi and Wahhabi violence, some who bravely fight are killed and some become apologists like we have several ASWJ/SSP apologists who don’t think that the Shia blood which is smeared on their life for being an apologist shall haunt them. But their conscience was long cold and sold these apologists who take shelter from these Takfiri Seobandis do not realize the grave and profound mistake they do in making the nation a bed of red blood smeared battle ground a battle ground which is present day Karbala for Shias as Yazid’s in form of Ishaq and Ludhyanvi roam free killing & arousing fanaticism to breed.

Ishaq, Farooqi and Ludhyanvi by writing Maulana before their name and propagating openly “hell for Shias” and rhetorics of killing are doing major harm to the word and title of a “Maulana”.

Shias and Sunni Barelvis do not need any certificate for their being pious by these Takfiri Deobandi terrorists who brain wash boys in madrassas.

ASWJ-SSP and LeJ leaders: You are making a living by customizing Islam through killing Shias, Sunni Barelvis and other acts of terrorism. You lack facts and have no intellectual bravery, hence you use religion and cry foul when needs of your vested interests aren’t met, you use violence & murder rather than constructive means. Quran never said “to kill” you with your past and present cannot give decree upon Shias, Islam doesn’t endorse takfiri teachings. Your teachings are filtered as per your own agenda & amalgamated with wahabism the way you have reduced the Quran & Sunnah to a commercial means to advertise your violent methods which openly says to kill shias has never had any reference to any Islamic school of thought other than the Saudi wahabism. These decrees are used to only make terrorists like you who are used by Saudi Royals to keep the killing spree going and remain in the game of heagemony of Gulf.

Shias have never endorsed any violent means and answered back never have they picked up arms their biggest battle has been through sacrifice which speaks volumes upon the teachings of Imam Husssain.

You are so poor, Ahmed Ludhyanvi, that you learnt to be a Yazid but could never learn any word from the teachings of Hussain. You are so doomed Aurangzeb Farooqi that you kill Shias and assume some Jannat perhaps dellusions is what you suffer from killing small children men and women because you assume they are kafirs?

I’d like to ask how can you escape the day of Qayamat by Allah when you have killed zillions of Shias who follow thee grandson of our Holy Prophet (saw) any answer? Will Allah forgive you? Will you escape the wrath of Judgment day?

The tyrannical corruption which has percolated into Islam due to terrorist outfits like TTP/ASWJ/LeJ/SSP is because of Deobandi militants like Ahmed Ludhyanvi, Malik Ishaq and Aurangzeb Farooqi and those who support them and also their apologists.

Neither is Pakistan in your hands nor is Islam, you are just a good via media for wahabi terrorists and their petrodollars and those chaps in and around Jhang, Waziristan, Mastung and other places where you brain wash and make them dwell on illusions of some place called Jannat by blowing themselves in Moharram processions outside an Imambargha or by target killing Shias like you did with Dr Haider Ali was his 13yr old innocent son also a kafir?

The way you have reduced and used the property of mosques and madrassas to propagate your hatred for Shias and advocate your theory of Shia kafir as wall chalkings has only made you appear as the blackest of the black sheep of humanity.

Hazrat Ali said “People are enemies of what they do not know”. The level of hatred towards Shias on your exaggerated views of trivial jurisprudential laws you follow has no grounds when kept opposite conceptual facts hence you fear the Shia faith and you kill us because you are scared. What Shias have learnt is not to pick up arms and kill innocent men women and children this is what is the gigantic difference between Hussain and Yazid.

You will continue your killing Shias but each of them who is killed is seen by Allah and he shall drag you to his court of justice there you won’t escape. Malik Ishaq, Ahmed Ludhyanvi and Aurangzeb Farooqi: count those clocks when fate shall be written once again for all the Quetta killings, all the Karachi killings, Allah shall ask you as to why these innocent people did you kill?



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