Transparency International Pakistan Chairman’s son resigns after charges of corruption

Adil Gilani, Chairman TIP, is notorious for his links with the military establishment of Pakistan.

TIP chairman’s son resigns from PNSC board membership

Fear of being caught red-handed led Transparency International Pakistan (TIP) Chairman Syed Adil Gilani’s son Sohrab Adil Gilani to resign from his position as a board member of the Pakistan National Shipping Corporation (PNSC).

Sohrab Gilani's picture from PNSC annual report for FY2010

Sohrab, initially an assistant manager at the Karachi International Containters Terminal, replaced Rasheed Chinoy earlier this year.

Sources told Pakistan Today that the TIP chairman had blackmailed the Ports and Shipping Secretary Saleem Khan on Port Qasim issue to have his son appointed as a board member of the corporation.
The secretary,too,had his wife Rukhsana Saleem appointed as a board member of the PNSC who resigned from the position as well.

Sohrab has submitted his resignation to the Ports and Shipping secretary but it has not been approved yet, the sources said, adding that it was disconcerting to have an inexperienced person like Sohrab being made a board member of such a large corporation of the country in the first place.

When contacted, TIP Chairman Adil Gilani confirmed that his son had resigned and said that he has found a job abroad and was unable to attend the board meetings.

The appointment of Sohrab Gilani as a PNSC board member was yet another example of nepotism as well as bad governance, as he was not a convincing choice for PNSC, the sources said.

The PNSC board is nominated by the government. There are five nominated directors, including the chairman and two directors elected by shareholders.

In addition there are five executive directors who assist the chairman in the day-to-day affairs of the corporation and other heads for the administration, finance, commercial, ship management, and special projects and planning division.


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