Pak Tea House’s criticism of LUBP

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On 4 November, Pak Tea House posted an article in condemnation of the PPP workers who allegedly attacked Sherry Rehman’s house.

A number of commentators at the PTH condemned the current leadership and culture of the PPP. Some of them also criticized the LUBP blog. The most vocal criticism came from Yasser Latif Hamdani, an editor of the PTH blog.

According to Yasser:

Well I am glad Raza bhai posted this here.

We support the democratically elected government but not unquestioningly.

Our friends at CriticalPPP blog – the neo-jiyalas- ironically are in the habit of accusing anyone who criticises something of the present government or Mr. Zardari of being Pseudo-liberal and ISI supporters.

A recent abusive article against Dr. Adil Najam is a case in point. PPP seems to have found new blood to act as storm troopers.

The issue of neo-jiyalas condemning the civil society’s condemnation of this incident is central to the issue of Sherry Rahman.

PS I am a two-times PPP voter whose family has voted PPP since 1970.

Several posters in that thread condemned the PPP and suggested that it has been hijacked by Asif Ali Zardari. This discussion can be read at the above referred post on PTH.

There was an internal discussion in the LUBP group on this incident, which we are making public for the sake of reflection, transparency and open debate:

Ali Arqam:

The post about Sherry Rehman has been published on PTH too. PTH editor YLH has criticized LUBP for writing an abusive article on Adil Najam, and calling party foundres, voters and die hard workers as pro-ISI and pseudo-liberals.
He called LUBP a group of Neo-jiyalas, who cant bear criticism on PPP, its leadership and the Govt. He called us, a new form of storm troopers. Though we have PTH owner and founder as LUBP team member, but YLH though pose himself as PPP voter, but he is an admirer of Imran Khan, and was the one who wrote on De-Bhuttofication of PPP and suggested Aitzaz to lead or make another progressive party, which can posses the likes of Mian brothers, Imran Khan and Co.

Anyhow he should be offered to write a detail post on his differences with LUBP, we will publish it. This should be told to him by a team member on the same thread.


One may wish to ask Raza Rumi / YLH:

The PTH is a party to the statement. The ‘civil society’ statement signed by none other than Raza Rumi says:

“On October 22, 2010, about 300-350 armed goons, front-lined by women, protested outside her gates while local police stood and watched them block roads as well as lay siege to her house.”

May I ask did Raza Rumi read this statement before signing it? Did he have knowledge or evidence of 300-350 goons? I would like Raza to clarify his position.


Come on, Ali. I don’t find anything wrong with the argument. This is a genuine question that opposition will use to its advantage whenever it sees fit. Whether you like it or not Aitzaz, Safdar Abbasi, Naheed Khan, Raza Rabbani, Sherry Rehman and others are the face of PPP particularly in the middle class of Pakistan. So these questions will be asked by others unless PPP answers them itself.

I suggest write an article how the current leadership has failed to utilize these PPP member to gain goodwill and for a much needed PR job. An article that should be critical of the current leadership in its failure to enhance its image in eyes of the general public rather than critical of the respective members.

For the record, I think the likes of Aitzaz are being sidelined on purpose as he can hand PPP an NA seat from Lahore on a platter which PPP would not be able to win otherwise. If there were such differences as media would have us believe his wife would not be the new head of PCB women’s wing. Same goes for Raza Rabbani.


Personally, I would love to see LUBP posts critical of the PPP and its current policies.

While I have some differences with Saad’s (as well as Ali Wahab’s)
arguments (as I am sure they have with mine), I think all dissenting voices must boldly publish their arguments by using the LUBP platform.

Let us not sweep these discussions under the carpet.


Personally , me too would love see post critical of PPP and goverment. for instance how from no where people like Salman taseer took the control of ppp punjab . His presence has badly affected ppp punjab provincial office bearer .

Secondly , I don’t think we should compare case of sherry and other. Sherry presented her case in parliament and asked explanation from party . on the other hand Safdar Abbasi doesn’t present his case infront of party / senate. I have never seen him criticizing govt in senate ( which is his right ) . Just bashing Rehman Malik / Zardari on television is no bravery. Safdar Abbasi hardly attends senate sessions ; and calls present govt is not serious makes no sense .


No one stops you from writing a critical article. But the criticism needs to be objective with solutions. There is alot of information and data available which can be used to make it critical reading. Remember, we are not tv or a newspaper. We can write anything which is logical as well as backed my data.

Coming to the sherry incident, what happened shouldnt have happened and also what happened wasnt the one that has been portrayed in media. If the party walas are not united, then we are divided. A few days back the pm announced 50 mn for sherry’s jinnah institute. The kind of think tank we are trying to become, will anyone even give us 5 mn?



“Personally, I would love to see LUBP posts critical of the PPP and its current policies.”

There are 20+ channels, 100’s of blogs , 100’s of newspapers in Pakistan and numerous people criticizing PPP for good and bad reasons. 🙂

LUBP can focus on defending some of that criticism particularly the criticism which is unfounded and illogical. There is a subtle difference in defending the process of democracy and the government of PPP, LUBP should be more on defending the democratic process.

I personally think that PPP need to be more active in their defense. It is not the job of PPP sympathizers to come and defend the government it is the job of ministers and political officials to come and provide a solid defense of the actions of their government.

Apologies I always avoid sermons and advices :)…. Keep up the good work…

Ali Raja:

I have been in touch with both LUBP and PTH, PTh doubtlessly has right way tilt so what to say about it’s love for PPP. In this recent incident of Sherry Rehman there is one thing that I cannot understand. The people who portray them selves as the most die hard supporters of Sherry Rehman were the ones who used to issue bellow the belt, malicious and derogatory statements about her when she was the Information Minister. There understanding and inference is beyond my head. They supposrt the clause of the U.N report which involves Rehman Malik and Babar Awan in the matter but rejects the clause which gives Asif Ali Zardari a clean chit. Their by standards are beyond limits of intellect.


I think it was right to protest in front of Sherry Rehman house. as i understand Sherry is MNA because of PPP not the vice verse. regarding Sadfer abbasi Naheed Khan and Aitzaz my opinion is simple and straightforward if you don’t agree with party’s line [be that wrong or right] you show descend in closed doors rather than sitting on TV channels and effectively sayings “i am a nice guy in PPP rest of all are cheap and corrupt bastards”.



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