A candid conversation with the US Dept of State Urdu on US support to Saudi-backed Wahhabi Salafi Deobandi Jihadis

Editor’s note: These are images of a candid discussion that took place on Twitter between the former editor of LUBP Mr. Nishapuri and the US State Department Urdu desk. It is clear that the United States has lost the moral high ground. This is particulary true in the light of a new (or renewed) alliance between Al Qaeda, Taliban and the United States. The world can see through the extremely thin veil between puppet Arab monarchies and the United States.

The real objective is to keep these long wars going while millions have been killed or displaced in Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan. Syria is next, nothing tangible is gained, the insecurity of Israel has become worse. Our appeal is to the enlightened and peace loving people of the United States. The policy of supporting Al Qaeda and their parent ideology of Salfism/Wahhabism and Deobandism through the veil of Saudi or Qatri foreign policy is very apparent to everyone. This support of an evil ideology must stop. Why is Jeffersonian democracy married to an oppressive family’s rule that perches hate towards Muslims (of the wrong type i.e. Sunni and Shia), Christians and Jews?

After Wahabis/Salafis and Deobandis are done killing Sunni and Shia Muslims they will be coming for the next on the list. New Syria is new Waziristan, a launching pad for terror into Europe and the rest of the world. (End note)


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