Pakistan Christian Congress condemns CM Pervez Khatak statement on cleaning jobs for minorities

Editors Note: LUBP strongly condemns the use of insensitive language and an openly discriminatory approach towards non Muslim Pakistanis by the PTI government in KPK. We demand that the PTI Chief Minister Pervez Khatak should offer an immediate unconditional apology. The nation saw Imran Khan took strict notice on Javed hashmi’s speech, but he is silent on this statement based on religious bias. We also request Imran Khan and PTI to take strict notice of this statement by CM KPK because it really hurts the Christian community in Pakistan.
The Christian community is greatly shocked and saddened by the senseless statement of Chief Minister KPK Pervez Khatak.

Karachi: July 4, 2013. (PCP) President of Pakistan Christian Congress Dr. Nazir S Bhatti has strongly condemn state of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf PTI nominated Chief Minister in KPK province that only sanitary workers jobs may be given to religious minorities in KPK province.

Imran Khan, who heads PTI has been claiming from years that Tehreek-e-Insaf (Movement for Justice) will provide social justice in Pakistan irrespective of cast, creed or religion to every citizen but PTI nominated Chief minister Pervez Khatak in KPK province is mocking with manifesto of PTI or showing real face of PTI after coming in power in one of the province of Pakistan with making official statement on floor of house that only Sanitary workers (Cleaning drains, streets and roads) job will be given to Christians, Hindus and Schedule casts.

Nazir Bhatti said “Before formation of Pakistan in 1947, Pushtun were cleaning roads and streets of Peshawar and other cities of NWFP (No named of Khyber Pakhtunkha Province KPK) along with Schedule caste Hindus nor Christians”

The Christian were running Schools and Hospitals in KPK province before partition of Indian sub-continent and formation of Pakistan but Muslim majority turned Christians to be second class citizens and forced them to perform cleaning or sanitary worker jobs.

Dr. Bhatt said that in every Municipal Committee or Municipal Corporation of KPK province there are 15% Muslims who are on payroll of sanitary workers but Pervez Khatak failed to see it before issuing such statement which have hurt feelings of Christians of KPK.

Nazir Bhatti urged Christians to stay away from PTI because on next step it’s going to announce separate dress for non-Muslims in KPK where Jamat Islami JI an ally party of PTI in government of KPK have demanded separate Assembly for Women and Minorities.

PCC Chief demanded immediate clarification from Imran Khan, Chief of PTI on statement of CM of his party Pervez Khatak in KPK and to announce equal job opportunities for Muslims, Christians and Hindus in KPK.

Source: Pakistan Christian Post