Nawaz Sharif’s alliance with Musharraf League: Where are the principles now?

The PPP has been accused a number of times of siding with Pervez Musharraf and giving him safe passage. PPP is also accused of being soft towards PML-Q as it feels that PML-Q can give a tough fight to PML-N. Off course, all that seems to be forgotten now. A team of PML-Q senators comprising of Tariq Azeem and SM Zafar met with PML-N leadership headed by Sher-e-Punjab, Rehbar-e-Inqalab, Mian Shahbaz Sharif. He was ably assisted by none other than highly exalted, no less revolutionary Chaudhry Nisar; financial whiz kid of Pakistan Ishaq Dar and Khwaja Asif. The meeting has talked about a future alliance between PML-N and PML-Q! Talk about marriage of convenience and shunning of “principles”.

Saudi interference in uniting Muslim Leagues?
We also note with concern that there are credible reports about the Saudi role in trying to unite Muslim League factions. Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to Pakistan Abdul Aziz Ibrahim Al-Ghadeer is reported to have met Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and Shahbaz Sharif a few days ago forcing them to form a coalition of right-wing political and religio-political parties in Pakistan, starting with a unity of Muslim Leagues. Not unlike past Saudi interference in Pakistan (e.g., in the Nizam-e-Mustafa movement against Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and the formation of the IJI against Benazir Bhutto), this Saudi interference into Pakistan’s domestic political affairs is not expected to do any good to Pakistan and Pakistani nation. Saudis are best advised to stay away from supporting a unity of pro-Taliban and anti-democracy parties in Pakistan. On a related note, the hypocritical role of the so called torch-bearers of national sovereignty and dignity (i.e., PML-N and Nawaz Sharif) is equally despicable in accepting this foreign interference.

Shahbaz Sharif meeting with Tariq Azeem and SM Zafar

‘Future alliance discussed’ PML-Q leaders call on Shahbaz

Dawn, October 18, 2010

LAHORE, Oct 17: Leaders of the two major Muslim League factions, N and Q, met here on Sunday to discuss possibilities of their future alliance, if not unification, to play a better role in the prevailing political scenario.

A PML-Q leader claims the ice in its relations with the PML-N is melting as the latter gave a positive response when Tariq Azeem and Senator S.M. Zafar met Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif here.

Opposition leader in National Assembly Nisar Ali Khan, Senator Ishaq Dar and Khwaja Asif were also present in the meeting at Sharifs’ Raiwind residence.

The hosts gave us a good response as no conditions were set when both sides agreed to further the dialogue process, Mr Azeem told Dawn after the meeting.

“There was no discussion on who can come into the unified party and who not as there was a realisation on both sides that the prevailing political situation can be improved by joining hands.” To a question, Azeem said their visit had been scheduled with the permission of PML-Q chief Chaudhry Shujaat Husain as they would brief the Chaudhry about the outcome of the meeting on Monday morning.

A press release issued by the PML-Q media centre at night however said Azeem and Zafar had met Shahbaz in their private capacity and not as representatives of the party.

Mr Azeem had earlier called on Nawaz Sharif a couple of months ago when efforts for merger or alliance were not so ‘serious’.

A PML-N official privy to the development said the visitors carried a message from PML-F leader Pir Saheb of Pagaro seeking response of Nawaz Sharif if the Sindhi leader wished to visit the NLeague chief during his Lahore visit likely in the last week of the current month.

They were told that the situation could be clarified after consulting Nawaz presently in London, he said.

PML-Q secretary-general Mushahid Husain Sayed had, a couple of weeks ago, claimed at a diplomatic function in Islamabad that talks for N and Q alliance had gone too far. But PML-N spokesperson Ahsan Iqbal had rejected the claim saying the Q, F and Awami League were in fact ‘alumni club’ of Musharraf having no worthwhile future agenda or programme.

Mr Iqbal had asserted that the leadership would take party workers on board in important decision making while he was not sure that the activists who had suffered for eight years during the Musharraf rule would approve of any such merger plans.

Another central leader wary of his status in the party in case the Q and other groups joined hands with the N, said he believed that those accompanying the party chief could change his (Nawaz) mind who had so far been unwilling to accept the Chaudhrys of Gujrat and others into the party folds.

He believed that the party re-organisation was also being delayed to keep key offices vacant for accommodating the political giants joining the party.

Mr Iqbal said it would be compulsory even for a district level president and secretary-general that he had served the party for the last eight years.

He, however, said the rule might not apply to the offices of vice-presidents or joint secretaries.

Tahir Sarwar Mir’s column on the unity of Muslim Leagues (Express, 18 October 2010)

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  1. As Newsweek report dated 24 Oct 2007:

    It was the Saudis who took in Nawaz Sharif and his family when the Pakistani prime minister was deposed by

    According to highly placed Pakistani sources, earlier this month Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah called on Musharraf to allow Sharif back into Pakistan. A source, requesting anonymity because of the sensitivity of the topic, said that the king had written to the Pakistani president urging him to permit Sharif’s repatriation because of a ruling by Pakistan’s Supreme Court and in deference to “the wishes of the Pakistani people.” NEWSWEEK’s source said that Musharraf’s response was to insist that Sharif stayed in Saudi Arabia but that his wife, Kulsoom, could return sooner.

    Asked to comment, Tariq Azim Khan, Pakistan’s state minister for information, told NEWSWEEK that Sharif would not be back despite foreign pressure–including from the European Union. “[Sharif] is not a political exile,” says Khan, “he signed an agreement and is in Saudi Arabia on that basis.” Khan said he had no knowledge of any letter from the Saudi king on Sharif’s behalf and a spokesman for the Saudi Embassy in Washington said he was unable to comment.

  2. Not long after he arrived from London to cheers from supporters accompanying him on the plane, Sharif was charged with corruption and money-laundering and bundled away by police from the airport VIP lounge. Four hours after landing, he was on a special flight to Saudi Arabia.
    Pakistan’s deputy information minister Tariq Azim told the British Broadcasting Corp. Sharif chose to go back into exile to avoid being detained and standing trial.
    “It was a choice given to him that either he goes to a detention center and be detained and tried, or he goes and completes his 10-year (exile) agreement that he has signed with the Saudi Government,” Azim told the BBC in an interview, according to an except provided ahead of its broadcast Monday night. “No hindrance or obstacle was placed upon his entry into Pakistan. He came here and he was given every assistance.”

  3. Same behaviour is of GEO TV Host Kamran Khan who nowadays “advising” Nawaz Sharif for the Long March against the elected government and what not and now watch as to how Kamran Khan “behaving” with a Military Dictator General Musharraf and also read Kamran Khan’s “Alleged Investigative Report” which he filed in The News International/Daily Jang 11 Years ago against an Elected Government. Such Interviews should be called “Press Conferences” Reference: General (R) Ziauddin Butt & Kamran Khan’s Intellectual Dishonesty.

  4. Abdul Nishapuri says: October 18, 2010 at 2:39 am Now added the section on ‘Saudi interference in uniting Muslim Leagues’ in the above post.
    Sharif Brothers, Brigadier Niaz, Musharraf and Saudi Arabia

    شریف خاندان مشرف کو کیا دے رہا ہے؟

    علی سلمان
    بی بی سی اردو ڈاٹ کام، لاہور

    وقتِ اشاعت: Sunday, 25 November, 2007, 06:33 GMT 11:33 PST

  5. NS on July 4 1999 acted as the most obedient servant of the big brother and conceded every thing to Clinton-Bajpai duo. This resulted in the massacre of Pakistani Jawans by the indians who had been losing the Kargil battle. This obedience won him Clinton’s love and since Saudi Arabia loves America so the proverb ” Love me Love My Dog ” bame true for Nawaz Sharif. Quite clearly it was the Us which prompted Saudis to come in aid of Sharif family.
    for reference about what happened on 4 July 1999 in Blair House see Dtrobe Talbot “Engaging India”
    Also Levy Scott in “Deception.. Us Pakistan Secret Nuclear Trade” has told about the story of July 4

  6. PML-Q distances from merger move
    ISLAMABAD: Although the Chaudhrys of Gujrat were initially agreeable, the Pakistan Muslim League- Quaid (PML-Q) kept itself at a distance from the Pir Sahib Pagara led meeting on the merger of the ‘Leagues.’
    They set conditions that they would be on board only if those who left them first, came back.
    Leaders of various smaller factions of Muslim Leagues met in Karachi on Friday and formed a committee headed by former prime minister Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali to formulate modalities for a united Muslim League.
    The move for the merger suffered a major setback by the PML-Q, which though internally fractured, still has noticeable presence in the parliament and Punjab Assembly.
    The most dominant among the leagues-Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) had already declined to become part of any such arrangement, but Pir Pagara is still hopeful that he will succeed in getting the right wing parties under one umbrella-a rare possibility in the given situation.
    “We believe that there are only three factions of Muslim Leagues… PML-N, PML-Q and PML-F…we have asked Pir Pagara to ask the leaders of PML-Q break away factions to first come back to the party fold, before moving ahead for any alliance or merger,” said Kamil Ali Aga information secretary of PML-Q. He added that Sheikh Rashid, Ijaz ul Haq, Jamali, Hamid Nasir Chatta and Saleem Saifullah all betrayed the PML-Q and made their own factions.
    Interestingly, the PML-Q itself was formed after the merger of splinter groups of different parties, mainly those who parted ways from Nawaz Sharif after the Gen (Retd) Pervez Musharraf led military coup in 1999.
    After the 2008 general elections, the PML-Q was further divided into various smaller factions-mostly one-man-show parties. Only the Pir Pagara led Muslim League Functional and more recently, the broken away “like minded” group of PML-Q have some presence in the national and provincial legislatures — but not significant enough to make any difference — sans taking Chaudhrys’ led PML-Q along.
    PML-Q was initially in the loop with the Pagara-led unification effort and Chaudhry Shujaat and Mushahid Hussain had held meetings with Pir Pagara in Karachi. They had also announced that they would support Pagara’s efforts for a united Muslim League and asked him to hold talks with the PML-N.
    Some insiders believe that Shujaat played a clever move by approaching Pagro to save his faction from further disintegration amid fears that many of his members might join Musharraf. By this, the politically astute Shujaat tried to give an impression that a bigger alliance of Muslim Leagues was on the cards.
    Once Musharraf had his launching of the AML, where he failed to put up any noticeable show, the Chaudhry’s have now decided to adopt a “wait and see” policy. More recently, the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party also approached the Q-league for a cooperation at the centre. Punjab-modalities of this collaboration are also yet to be formalised.
    Published in The Express Tribune, October 30th, 2010.

  7. PM Gilani happy with new league alliance

    ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani said on Friday that the new alliance of Muslim League, Muttahida Muslim League, might be in favor of Pakistan Peoples’ Party.

    PM Gilani was addressing the Energy Conference held in Islamabad. He said that the government has completed work on the Charter of Democracy up to 80 percent.

    He said that his government will consider opposition’s suggestions in favor of the country.

  8. We can make Govt in Center, Provinces: Shujaat tells Dar

    ISLAMABAD: President Pakistan Muslim League (Q) Chaudhary Shujaat Hussain has requested Pakistan Muslim League (N) leadership to show flexibility for unification of different factions of Muslim League.

    Reliable sources informed Online that President PML-Q Chaudhary Shujaat Hussain met with Senator Ishaq Dar in the chamber of Opposition leader in Senate Wasim Sajjad here on Wednesday and discussed issue related to unification of different factions of Muslim League.

    The President PML-Q said that Muslim League could establish Governments in Provinces as well as in federation if all factions became united. Mian Nawaz Sharif should show flexible, he said, adding that, third force is taking benefit of differences between PML-N and Q.

    He also went on to say that Quaid PML-N Mian Nawaz Sharif should think about the bright future of Muslim League by forgetting the Past. Expressing his views over contact between PML-Q and PPP, Chaudhary Shujaat made it clear that it was informal meeting and had no Political agenda.

    During the meeting, Senator Ishaq Dar expressed reservation over meeting between Federal Law Minister Babar Awan and Central PML-Q Chaudhry Pervez Elahi. At one side PML-Q is sending message of reconciliation while on the other side backdoor channel talks between PPP and Q-league unabated, he said.

    He told Ch. Shujaat Hussain that PML-Q cannot dissolve Punjab Government. He said if PML-Q is serious in unification of Muslim league factions then its request would be considered.