Xenophobia, internal-racism deadly combo — by Andaleeb Rizvi

OMG, I went to Pakistan and it is so dangerous. Agreed!

It is impossible to live there as a liberal/secular person. Excuse me? I have been living here as a liberal, atheist whatever for the past 5 years at least.

I thank my lucky stars I came back alive! Excuse me?

Pakis are so pathetic and illiterate, it is impossible to reason with them. Err? I understand you have a blue passport now, but were you not once a Pakistani? How did you manage to get out of that rut of pathetic-ness and illiteracy?

A few of the gems one gets to hear from closet atheists, so-called liberals and the ones who love sucking up to the Right Wing BS in the West. Yes, you got it right, these are the types who went through their teen-years reading xenophobic material off faithfreedom.org or packs of lies spewed by the likes of Hirsi Ali types.

Then you have those who are merely apologists. Not much different then some of the religious people. People who when they read the news about a 14 year old getting raped say, “Why was she even roaming outside at 3pm? She knew this will happen to her, and she chose to get herself raped.” Here’s an example from one of the supposedly ‘sane’ voices. Oh and please do not forget the class difference between the religious and not so religious. Or the ones who follow the right form of religion, compared to the poor who follow the ‘poor form of religion’. Class never ceases to be the basis of how one behaves in society.

Why should the Shia take out a procession when the situation in Pakistan is so bad? Next probably we will get to hear, why do the Christians and Hindus live in Pakistan? The problem of Shia Genocide is not because of the Takfiri ideology. No Shia is targeted right in front of his/her house. Wait a minute, why do they get out of their house when they know there are Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Sipah-e-Sahab target killers backed by ISI roaming about all over Pakistan? Be it Quetta, Karachi, Parachinar, Gilgit or even the GHQ city Rawalpindi.

It is wrong to be a Shia in Pakistan. Since it is not an Islamic Republic any more, but the Salafi-Deobandi Republic of Pakistan.

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