A critical view on the dogfight between lawyers and judges in Lahore – by Sikandar Mehdi

Unruly lawyers in Lahore are thrashing their best friends, i.e., journalists, and also police. Source: Express newspaper

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Day before yesterday, I was sitting with a friend and all of a sudden we saw on the TV lawyers breaking courtroom windows in Lahore. The fuss was about the transfer of a judge from Lahore. Lawyers were demanding transfer of judge but the Chief Justice of Lahore High Court was not taking any action so lawyers decided to show their muscle. They knew they have strength, they also knew anything they do will be shown on the media with great commentaries. They also very well knew that high court judges will bow to their pressure because judiciary owes lawyers too much in return for their restoration. So the lawyers took the matter in their own hands. Lawyers protested in the courts and then broke the windows and the doors of of the LHC CJ.

While this was going on CJ Khwaja Sharif was in his court room and court was in session. They tried to enter his court room; reader and other staff locked the door from inside. They also beat up the registrar of LHC.

I demand all the pseudo legal experts who have been repeating article this and article that of the constitution to at least tell us under which Cr.pc. code do the lawyers get tried.

After watching the hoopla I started laughing and I said to my friend: don’t worry, this criminal act of the lawyers will be resolved by the High Court judges as they will send their one judge to the representative of bar and the issue will be patched up. And believe me it happened just like that. CJ Khwaja Sharif whose court room was attacked himself met with the president of the Lahore Bar Association and ordered the release of all the lawyers held by police. What a shame?. This is what you fought for, this is what you call independent judiciary held hostage to a bunch of low life lawyers.

Police which proved to be much more smarter acted promptly same night; they registered FIR’s and very next day sent the challans (cases) to the anti terrorist court. But next day some more altercation between lawyers and police took place and more lawyers were arrested (who were ordered to be released by Khawja Sharif).

So, dear readers here it is this independent judiciary instead of sending criminals to jail is holding negotiations with them. This is not the first time it happened; there are many other similar cases, e.g. in Faisalabad, Sargodha and Gujranwala.

The only cases or the only people who get tried by the courts are the ones belonging to PPP. If you want your case to be dealt in urgent manner somehow, get name of Zardari involved in it and then you will see the the speed of the case. It will get to final verdict in no time. It was always famous if you want to move your case faster in court use Quaid e Azam (i.e., money) but now it seems to be changing, new cliche is use the name of Zardari.

Pakistan’s current judiciary is butt of jokes; its erratic and egotistic behavior is putting the fragile system at stake. If they can’t prosecute the unruly and violent lawyers, then they have no right to prosecute anybody.

Recently the CJP Iftikhar Chaudhry made a statement if government doesn’t implement any of our orders then we should shut down the door of courts. In fact if the judges should wear bangles (choorian) and dopatta instead of shutting down the courts, they might get more respect.

Judiciary should get their own house in order before pointing fingers at others. When was it that media, the real culprit has shown the lower judiciary, their working, their corruption and their problems. Still a judge is bought rather than a lawyer. So what if media is just trying to make Khwaja Sharif and Iftikhar Choudhry heroes, their past can’t be hidden from the history and their current biased decisions are also proof of that. They are dishonets to their bones.



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