The Shia dilemma: Exploitation by Iran and Genocide by Saudia – by Nadeem Rizvi M.D.

Quaid e AzamIt is sad and extremely disturbing to hear news of Shia genocide in Pakistan without skipping a day. Genocide by Takfiri elements being patronized by so called rouge elements of Pakistan army, right wing politicians, intelligence agencies and Saudia Arabia. It is not the first time that Shia are being targeted and killed in Islamic world. If you look at Islamic landscape, you will find complete annihilation of Shia from certain geographic areas where they once existed and even ruled. Shia extinction from Fatimid country encompassing present day Egypt, Palestine, Libya, Algeria & Tunisia was not done by any foreign power or crusader. Instead Fatimid rule was brutally brought to end by Sunni hero Saladin who is famed for his mercy to christian crusaders. Saladin massacred thousands of Shia for their infidelity pronounced by the most prestigious Shiekh and muftis of that time and literally terminated Shia from North Africa. If you search history you will find that these decrees of infidelity were laid only on the pretext of unity of Muslim Ummah. Ummah or community who always felt threatened by the Shia and considered them dissenters or heretics. These allegation are still being laid against oppositions in Muslim countries like Saudia Arabia but Shia are the easy and unchallenged target in conservative Islamic society.

Imam Hussain (a.s)’s refusal to give allegiance to most corrupt and oppressive ruler Yazid despite all possible odds was the unique and never seen phenomenon in human history. It was him (a.s), his firm stand and ultimate sacrifice in Karbala which gave birth to never ending rebellion and revolutions in Islamic history for the establishment of Ali ibn e Abi Talib style just rule for centuries and may be millennium to come. During the reign of Umayyads, Abbasids and Ottomans Shia forces of liberation suffered heavy losses at different times. Shia were put to death with all possible cruel means and were treated as infidels by several rulers from Morocco to India. Influenced with idealism of Ali’s logical implementation of Islamic principles, perfect Justice, supreme knowledge, undaunted bravery and being energized by event of Karbala Shia survived limitless persecution and genocide by different oppressive corrupt Muslim dynasties ,though never found resolve they were looking for.
Despite extreme persecution at different times their ability to establish Shia rule of Buyids in Iraq, Fatimids in North Africa, Kalabids in Sicily, Hammudid in Spain, Shia berbers in Algeria to Morocco, Safavid in Iran and so many other smaller ruling states in South Asia and Arabian peninsula were remarkable achievements. Though in complete rule and authority Shia stayed deprived of the just rule of Ali (a.s). In pursuit of Ali’s just rule Shia went through several phases of innovative changes in faith and religion. From Mehdiism of Mohammad e Hanafia (s/o Ali ibn e Abi Talib) to dispute over succession after every Shia Imam’s demise, ever lasting splits into Ismaili, Zaidi, Duruz, Alawite, Bahai and largely Isna Ashari to establishment of Usuli school among twelvers during Safavid are few example to quote.
Islamic revolution of Iran in 1979 brought new form of innovation “Vali e Faqih” never heard among Shia before. All the powers and authority invested in present Imam (a.s ) in occultation were technically crafted into this new designation of Vali e Faqih. Now the Vali e Faqih or “REHBAR” of Iran has absolute authority over the lives of Iranian population. No one can raise voice against him. If does, would be considered an ” enemy of God ” and can have life sentence according to Iranian criminal laws. Though this Rehbar is selected or elected by the process limited to Iranian populace but Iranian influenced Shia Mullah interpret his Rehbari for world wide application. Promotion and propagation to prop up Vali e Faqih as an absolute and ultimate Shia authority is causing new frictions and cracks among Shia creed after a long time of quiescent period.
Quiescent period during which Shia of Indo-Pakistan learned new ways of excelling despite being a minority under british rule. United British India saw a surge of Shia intellectuals like Justice Syed Ameer Ali. Syed Ameer Ali, an Indian lawyer-jurist, politician and ‘liberal’ thinker who was son of an Alim from Lucknow. He attended British sponsored schools in Calcutta and became one of the first Muslim graduates in India in 1867, on a government scholarship went to London for higher studies. Syed Ameer Ali was the first to clearly visualize that the Muslims should also organize themselves politically if they were to have an honored place in Indian public life. With this devotion he established Central National Mohammedan Association on 1877 and served it for over twenty-five years for the political advancement of the Muslims A successful barrister in Calcutta, he became a justice of that city’s High Court. In May 1908, he became the first president of the London Branch of the All-India Muslim League. In 1910, he established the first mosque in London. Later British India produced another excellent Shia, the founder of Pakistan Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. No one can deny his secular and pro western style politics. In Iran it was Ali Shariati who first time in the history introduced the differentiating terms of black and red Shia. Unfortunately Ali Shariati’s life was shortened but the wave he created proved to be the corner stone of later hijacked Iranian Revolution.
Iranian revolution was not just plain Islamic in depth and detail. 1979 revolution was filled with Iranian anger against naked US intervention to over throw popular elected government of Mohammad Mossadeq in 1953. Iranians were united against US for her support to illegitimate and brutal rule of Raza Pehalvi and included all national, liberal and progressive forces of Iran though Islamists were the major block and Khomeini was the most charismatic figure. Khomeini quite smartly used public anger against USA for regime’s advantage and purged systematically all progressive forces after their opposition of making US Embassy staff hostages. Khomeini mixed religion with politics in a way that ignorant Shia masses believed US as biggest Satan, USSR middle and Israel as smaller Satan on religious terms. Instead of understanding the geo political strengths of USA & USSR, consideration for improvement and prosperity of Iranian populace and normalization of Iranian relations with international community, he decided to have a head on clash with world powers and dreamed himself to be the leader of united Islamic Ummah. Ummah being dominated by Sunnis. Sunnis who believe in Sahaba, Shaba against whom Khomeini had written enough literature in the past. The literature which was widely and easily available. To achieve his desire he took drastic political and religious steps. The major steps were the slogans of Muslim unity, denial of Israel’s existence, liberation of Palestine ( Quds) and naked daring political insults to west, USA & USSR.
Khomeni’s rhetorical politics left long lasting effects on Shia populace. Suddenly quiescent Shia communities world wide became enthusiastic and started to enjoy new religiously motivated political fervor. Religiosity among Shia took new turn. Khomeini became the unifier and sole Shia leader. Deliberate spread of stories regarding his mystical contacts with twelfth hidden Imam. Use of exclusive word Imam for Khomeini gave him extraordinary religious value to a level that some started to call him deputy of Imam Mehdi (a.s) in occultation. TNFJ ( movement to establishment of Shia fiqh or Tehreek e Nifaz e Fiqah e Jafaria ) in Pakistan to Hizbollah in Lebanon are example of Shia awakening in Muslim world. Saddam took advantage of apparently weak Iran and attacked. Because of that lengthy war Shia of Iran had to pay a heavy toll on their lives. Hizbullah’s decimation of liberal and secular Shia Amal militia and later introduction of westerner’s kidnappings encouraged by hostage doctrine of Khomeini brought Shia in complete collision with the west.
Muslim Ummah instead of accepting Khomeni’s concessions, became wary and hostile to Iran. Deobandi muftis exposed Khomeni’s hypocrisy of Muslim unity by mass printing of anti Sahaba material from his pre revolution books. Saudi forces attacked Iranian pilgrims in 1987 Hajj leading to 300 Iranian dead pilgrims, Saudi Sheiks renewed old style decrees of Shiite infidelity encouraging Shia genocide in Iraq after US invasion. Saudis started their crusade against Shia by crushing 20% already marginalized Shia minority in Kingdom of Saudia Arabia, provided unlimited petro dollars to wahabi mosques and madrases around the world specially Pakistan. Despite all Iranian attempts to calm Sunni fear Saudi and other middle eastern sheiks were united against Iran. Afghan war proved a deadly catalyst in this war of Islamic leadership. Pakistan being a weak and corrupt country became the hot bed for wahabi extremists who now consider shiites their first and foremost enemy. Extreme poverty and lawlessness helped terrorists to establish abundant nurseries of target killers and suicide bombers leading to exponential increase in highly organized attacks on Shia of Pakistan during the last two decades.
Shia around the world now in complete harmony with Iranian leadership brought new challenges to Shia survival. Instead of doing some sort of analysis of post revolution situation, Shia leadership around the world is not willing to come out of revolutionary cocoon. Iranian rhetorics neither helped Muslim Ummah nor brought any betterment for Shia. In pursuit of Islamic leadership role Iranian leaders made Shia doubtful partners in international politics. Despite gaining political strength from US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, Shia in those countries were unable to solidify their gains and stayed non trustworthy partners because of their continued ties with Iran.
Worthless Iranian love for Palestine and anti US chants are unbelievable and politically suicidal. No doubt US and west make their policies to serve their interests. Safeguarding those interests US went against Iranian people in 50’s but that American crime should not be taken that far to declare USA a satanic state. There are more than two million Shia along with more than 200 religious scholars who live and practice their religion without any fear in USA. At this point when US & west are bogged down by Al-Qaida, Salafis and Taliban, Shia could have been a natural ally of west in unstable Muslim world. For Shia occupation of sacred Al Hejaz and Jannat ul Baqi by Saudi tribe is more contentious. Traditionally and historically Palestine was never an important place for Shia. Shia Imam and clergy later never visited or considered Quds a matter of religious importance. In fact grand Mosque of Quds was build initially by 3rd Rashid Caliph Umar bin Khattab (r.a) and later massive renovation and expansion was done by Umayyad caliph Abdul Malik bin Marwan. According to some sources Ibn e Marwan’s only intention was to revive Qibla e Awwal in competition of Khana e Kaaba as Mecca was in Abdullah bin Zubaur’s control at that time. Iranian love for Palestine is only for their wish to be a strong persian power and this power can only come true by standing up to the most strongest country in the world on the pretext of Muslim unity. What Iran and Shia don’t realize that there is a fundamental and lasting clash of philosophy which is keeping Shia and Sunnis apart and regardless what ever they do Sunni would not accept them as part of their Islamic Ummah and standing up to USA is not going to be fruitful in longer run. In present situation oil rich Sunni Middle east will continue to pump petro dollars to keep anti Shia forces strong while Shia Iran will stay trapped in her own wasteful and worthless expenses in Lebanon, Gaza and Syria caring less about Shia of Pakistan.
Calling US an evil is not going to weaken USA. Germany, China, Japan, Canada and Russia were all at odds with US at some point in recent history but now they are US partners in economy, science and technology. To thrive in this growing world Iran has to forgive US for it’s actions in 50’s and should accept Israel as a legitimate country. Chanting death to USA & Israel cannot bring economically, militarily and educationally strong US & Israel down. Blaming Zionists for Shia genocide is an insane blind practice which can bring large crowds on streets of Pakistan or Iran but does no harm to US or Israel. Without realizing the responsibility and acquiring political acumen, it will be quite impossible to turn the tide of present Shia genocide.
In politics enemy of enemy is usually considered as friend. Middle eastern governments and US have ties based on this principle against their common enemy Iran while Iran and Shia are creating a new silly principle by calling their arch Wahabi rivals their friends and spoiling their limited resources in this madness. Shia survival in present scenario lies with developing ties with enemies of their enemies. Taliban and taliban’s friends cannot be Shia friends. Alliance made in the past with MMA did no serve Shia in Pakistan and again making deals with Jamat e Islami, JUI and raising voices for Islamic rule in Pakistan is not going to help Shia. In broader perspective supporting any religious movement even Shia Mullah political parties is a recipe of disaster. Shia need to make up their mind to shun religious politics and spend all their energies and resources for the establishment of a strong secular non religious government by helping modern, liberal and progressive forces of Pakistan. In last 33 years Shia have destroyed themselves a lot and they need urgent recovery. Shia need daring leaders like Syed Ali Mukhtar Rizvi, who as a student leader challenged Ayyub Khan, Shia need diplomatic style of Allama Abbas Haider Abidi, Shia need Pakistan to become secular so we can see more types General Moosa, Governor Hashim Raza, Syed Saghir Hussain Jafri, Fakhr Imam, Bijarani and so many other non Mullah but smart politician. Still tables can be turned around and still there are sincere people. Shia of Pakistan does not need Iranian patronage and Iran does not need Shia of Pakistan to promote their agenda. Shia of Pakistan need to communicate with all channels of influences to divert present situation.
Just rule of Maula Ali (a.s) is only possible with the reappearance of Imam e Zamana (a.s), the firmly established Shiite doctrine. Going back to that doctrine is the only right and safe way. Iranian revolution will be dead like Fatimid and other Shia rules. Present Iranian regime is surviving on oppression in the name of God and will sooner or later fall. End of present Iranian regime can be deleterious to Shia same way the Ismailis suffered after the demise of Fatimid rule. If Shia do not come out of illusion created in the term of Vali e Faqih, there is a likely chance the end of this oppressive regime would create dissipation and squandering of Shia world wide. To avoid such a situation in the future Shia around the globe should filter religion out of political office of Vali e Faqih. They have a choice either to embrace peace and harmony with west suggested by Justice Ameer Ali in 1880s like China and Japan to take high road of prosperity, science and technology or continue to blame west for mistakes done by Shia Iran.

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  1. Dr. Rizvi Sahib, I appreciate your knowledge of history and understanding. Yesterday, I expressed similar views, though, very briefly in this blog. Shias cannot thrive in “Islamic Republics” invented by worldly people, be Sunnis or Shias. But, I disagree with your harsh words for Khomeini Sahib. His contributions overweight his shortcomings. He made personal sacrifices in the liberation struggle and shook Shias out of slumber. He was a revolutionary not a rebuilder. With your extreme expression, only few Shias in the present World will take you seriously. Instead of blaming the past, I would suggest let us come up with practicable solutions.Shias in the World are facing serious challenges to their ver existence.

  2. Iranian “wisdom” is ridiculously obsessed with USA and Israel. Pakistani Shia leadership in general follows the suit. When Takfiri Deobandis kill Shias, they blame “foreign hand” and America (the very country that is at war with the Deobandi terrorists in Afghanistan and Waziristan)! Ahmadi Najad’s uttering against the Jews have demonized World Shias — an image so difficult to wash away. Should ask Iranian “Wisdom” how many Imams (PBUT) were martyred by Jews (who themselves have been victims of tyranny throughout the history.

  3. Dr Rizvi, you are a true person. I was also thinking about these things for a long time.Our population is under the control of Mullas, either they are Shia or Sunni. Mullahs are dump and tunnel vision, so they are making their followers the same. Saudi Arabia and Iran, both are responsible for the Shia Genoside in Pakistan. GOD help you for showing the people the right path.

  4. Al-Quds is very important to Muslims, understandably so as the Prophet (PBUH and his Holy Progeny) at a phase of early Islamic history prayed facing towards Jerusalem. Intriguingly, Muslim scholars don’t tell people, that was Solomon’s (PBUH) Temple (in fact its ruins) in Jerusalem towards which the Prophet (PBUH and his Holy Progeny) and his companions faced while praying.

  5. Well Mr Nadeem seems to be writing from his imaginations. He want to have cake & eat it too , which is the character of Munafiq.. I cant advice him to read Quran & then decide because as Quran says “we have made them blind” so he wont understand What ” Vilayati-Faqih” is..

  6. A Response on Facebook:

    /Imam Hussain (a.s)’s refusal to give allegiance to most corrupt and oppressive ruler Yazid despite all possible odds was the unique and never seen phenomenon in human history.//Imam Husain’s own words indicate that this refusal was the rule rather than a unique event: “The likes of me cannot bear allegiance to the likes of him.” Shia Genocide began before Karbala with the martyrdom of Mohsin (a.s) and shall seemingly continue till end of times. However, the important issue is that the actual target – Tashayyu – is and shall remain safe.//Though this Rehbar is selected or elected by the process limited to Iranian populace but Iranian influenced Shia Mullah interpret his Rehbari for world wide application. Promotion and propagation to prop up Vali e Faqih as an absolute and ultimate Shia authority is causing new frictions and cracks among Shia creed after a long time of quiescent period.//The Marjayya and Wilayat-e-Faqih have referent influence internationally which is not limited to Shia Muslims only. However, for Shia Muslims it is the orders of their Imams (a.s) that make these institutions important and relevant.Allah said in the Qura’an, “For every nation, a Guide” — every nation, that is, in space and in time. It is a Divine Promise reconfirmed by the Infallible Imams (a.s):”After the occultation of your Qa’im a group of the `ulama’ will call people to believe in his (al-Qa’im’s) Imamate and defend his religion by using proofs sent by Allah, so that they might save the weak-minded faithful from either the deceptions of Satan and his followers, or the deceptions of the anti-`Alids (al-­Nawasib). If none of these ` ulama’ remain, then everyone will stray from the religion of Allah. However, as the pilot holds the rudder of the ship, the `ulama’ will hold firmly onto the hearts of the weak-minded Shiites, preventing them from straying. Those ‘ulama’ are the most excellent in the view of Allah the Exalted.” (Imam Ali Naqi a.s)”It is obligatory for the populace to follow the jurist who refrains from committing wrong, mentions his faith, opposes carnal desire, and obeys Allah’s command.” (Imam Hasan Askari a.s)”As for the events which will occur, turn to the narrators of our traditions, because they (the narrators) are my proof to you, while I am the proof of Allah to them.” (Imam-e-Asr atfj)//Muslim Ummah instead of accepting Khomeni’s concessions, became wary and hostile to Iran.//Interestingly, the “ummah” seems to consist – according to the author only of Saudi usurpers and their Deobandi Takfiri cohorts, both of whom have been propped up by the Americans.//Calling US an evil is not going to weaken USA.//So the evil acts of the US rulers, including the letting loose of ‘mujahedin’ against Shia Muslims in Afghanistan and Pakistan shoulfd not be mentioned?The write-up is targeted at painting the Representatives of our Imams (a.s) as evil, while pleading us to stop stating the fact of evil acts of the US rulers and their sidekicks the Saudi usurpers and Deobandi Takfiris – whom the author calls ‘ummah’.

  7. To All Shia

    The word “Mullah”, in its use, has a negative connotaton. It should not be used to refer to Ulema (Zakireen Ahlul Bait). They (Ulema) are an institution in themselves and have given countless sacrifices for the cause of Ahlul Bait (PBUT). In return, we need to maintain centuries old tradition of respecting them. Of course we have right to disagree with them. However, we should refrain from outright condemnation. If it is needed in a special case, it should be done upon the advice of an Alim and preferably through an Alim. While crticising them, the words should be chosen very carefully. We don’t want hypocrites (Nasibis) to make a fun of us.

    Also word “Munafiq” is very abusive, think twice before using it for any one.

    Please give my views a consideration.

  8. This article seems like written under fake name by Murtaza Haider who had similar theme in his article in Dawn. I have a feeling this guy is not Shia otherwise we all know Shia don’t say a word against Iran. LUBP is full of weird fake names though I have to give credit what ever is written is true. Eloquently put together obscure past historic facts with present situation and than excellent solution.This guy live in Toronto and being in west he is progressive enough to give such an advice to Shias but he will be called US agent in the end. No one would listen to him. Hope to see more of it.

  9. To make correct analysis events have to be viewed discreetly as well as by forming a complete picture. United States is a capitalist country, and capitalist seeks his/her interests. At a stage, the CIA, ISI, Saudi Intelligence and Benazir Gov’t helped create Taliban beasts to siphon Turkmanistan gas — a business seen to turn out profits in multi billion dollars. But instead of delivering beans, the beasts hosted Al-Qaeda, the notoriously anti-Shia terror organization. After 9/11 when USA began crack-down on Al-Qaeda, it started fleeing. That was opportune time to settle accounts with Wahabi-Salafi-Deobandi evils. The Iranian Gov’t failed to grab this opportunity, instead they provided shelter to fleeing Al-Qaeda. That was a consequence of obsessive antagonism with “Great Satan”.

    Finally let us not forget, that was the “Great Satan” that installed a Shia Gov’t in Iraq, the first time after Imam Ali (AS), spanning Iraq in its entirety.

    The point is; who is the enemy of Shia faith? Wahabi-Salafi-Deobandi Nasibi evils or USA? The answer to this question is of prime importance to adopt correct policies. Shia can’t fight at all fronts; they are in minority and weak. We need to isolate the enemy and focus on them.

  10. Brother Taj,

    Some of the points mentioned in your article regarding Iran and Ayatollah Khomeini I disagree with.
    Imam Hussain (a.s) taught us to stand against “ANY” Oppression. Imam did not say to take a stand only when Shias are being oppressed. Now the occupation of Palestine and the oppression of its people by Israel has to talked about regardless of history or the Shia interest in that region. As an Ayatollah, Khomeini Sahaab did the right thing. Shia’s have been oppressed from the day our Prophet (pbuh) died. They have been oppressed and will be oppressed because of our love of Imam Ali(as). So blaming this country and that country for Shia problems is out of context. Your opinion of Shia’s should have been on the side of the Allied nations was naive, that would have given credibility to the wahabees contention that we Shia’s are Kafir. As Shias we did the right thing not by not siding with any of the evil forces. The fact that 2 million Shia live and worship in USA, is because their constitution calls for the freedom of religion, which you may already know Islam guarantees. It’s the Islamic nations who deny the Shias our right to worship the way we like.
    The reason why the Wahabees hate us is for this very reason that we take a stand against any oppressive government. We are the only faction in Islam who dare to raise their voice against governments that oppress their people. Look at the case of Salman Rushdie, which Islamic government dared to condemn him except for a Shia government of Iran.
    I believe that we Shias need to keep our petty differences apart and agree to disagree on points we feel strongly about. We need to unite on the points we agree and move forward to fight the enemy.

  11. I am a true SHIA. I have a question with the Irani Govt. Since the Iranian revolution has come they have never raised any issue for Shias, but they always raised the issues of ‘WAHABIES”. They are so much blind that they cannot see that thousands of Shias are being killed in the neighboring country (Pakistan).But if someone killed in Palestine they start demonstrations. Is the blood of Shias of Pakistan is cheaper than the bood of Palestenians ? Ahmed-e-Nijad in the UN general assembly did not say a single word on the Genocide of Shias. The only person who talked about the Killing of Shias was OBAMA. Please do not go with Propaganda , go with the facts and realities.

  12. To All Shias

    It is good to have debate among us, Shia Millat is in very difficult situation and fresh consciousness is required to comprehend it. Our expectations of Iran were high, which has failed to meet. It is busy in “conquering” Israel and throw USA out of Persian Gulf —- busy in a pitched battle of policies. On the other hand Wahabi evils have been extending their influence by making alliances with Mid-Eastern Salafis, Pakistani, Egypitian (Ikhwan) and Turkish (Ordogan et al.) Deobandis. Pakistan has been completely hijacked by Deobandis (less than 20% of population or perhaps much lower). Added to that is, violent siege of World Shias. Shias are being eradicated/exterminated, everywhere in the Muslim countries. We rightly expect Iran to become a source of strength for besieged Shias, not of weakness. Its tirade against Jews and America is detrimental to Shia cause, as those fronts are draining Shia energies. America and Jews are not enemies of Shia faith. When Shias in Pakistan are killed by Deobandis, the Shia leaderhip here blames USA. Funny! Isn’t it? Let us encounter Shia leadership with pointed and tough questions.

  13. To All Shias

    There is a beatful article on our 4th Imam (AS) written by a Ahlulbait lover. Everybody please read the article and pay tribute to Imam Ali ibnul Hussein (AS) by leaving comments. He lived during very difficult times, yet succeeded in saving Deen-e-Mohammad (PBHU and his Holy Progeny).

  14. You are saying 100% right. Pakistani Shias should get rid of Iranian Brand Leadership, because this leadership is dump and tunnel vision. They cannot see across Iran. We need Shia Secular Leadership like Quaid-e-Azam , Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

  15. Abdullah AlFaisal:
    You are so right in saying that it is not America or Jews who are enemies of the Shia faith, they are the Deobandies,the Wahabies and other Sunni sects that are trying to and have already wiped out Shia population in Pakistan. Nothing is being done. This is a Shia Holocaust. Remember how more than 6 million Jews were killed and then the world woke up? This is history repeating itself. This brainwashing started with Ziaul Haque of Pakistan who was helped by the Wahabies of Saudia and the Deomandies. Now it seems it’s too late – but wait your turn will come too Deomandies and Wahabies!!
    Your other Sunni sects will clean you out too. The Ahmedies left Pakistan because it was decided that Ahmedies were Non- Muslims, or they would have been killed too.These Ahmedies were the cream of Pakistan; they were the intellectuals. Now Shias are being harrassed and killed because where can they flee? Ofcourse the poor Christians/ Parsis/ Hindus/ Sikhs dare not say a word; they are very few left as most of them have moved to Canada, USA, and UK. Some have even moved back to India, including some Muslims; isn’t that ironic!? And this is known as an Islamic Republic where anyone can say you are not a Muslim because you are not a Wahabi or Deobandi or you don’t say the prayers the way we do, you don’t keep a beard, your beard is too short, so you are not a Muslim you should be killed!
    I am shocked at such stupidity! but look at the lives being lost.

  16. Excellent article, great analysis but when religion is involved, when Shia being duped for so many years, when they are made to believe Iranian lies as truth than who is going to listen to this poor guy. Suraiya Saleem mentioned about Holocaust. I agree with her seems like people are waiting for hlocaust scale genocide to call it a genocide. But amazingly Shia themselves not willing to act the Zionists saved their brothers in Europe. Iran don’t even care about Shia in Pakistan but Shia love to die for Iran. You can call it Ishq. Iran is a Laila and Pakistani Shia MAJNOO. KHUDAYA KHUDIA TA INQILAB E MEHDI ZINDA RAHEI KHAMENAI MAGAR MARTEI RAHEI HUSSAIN. Subhan Allah. Jeo Pakistani Shio, tumhara marna hee jeena hei. Khoob jeo.

  17. Hello Nadeem: It would amount to intellectual dishonesty not to commend you for your research and time spent in collecting archival references. Considering the theme of this article, you will agree that someone who is already in the Iranian camp is not available to you for convincing. By the same token, for those who agree with you, this article is merely a re-assurance of their standing ground. Therefore, your target audience is the middle which is somewhat receptive to an “evaluation based” way forward as compared to an ideological based following.

    Now, while your message offers a brilliant historical perspective, it carries an undercurrent of sarcastic “anti-Iran” tone rather than just an unprejudiced commentary aimed at persuading neutral Shia population. In my humble opinion that may not sit well with that population. Just to give a simple example, you should at least place a “Mr.” in front of Ayat-Ullah-Khomeini’s name even if you don’t agree with the official salutations. It is just a matter of acceptable common courtesy.

  18. I would ask one simple question to the Mr. Nadeem that would he still be disagreeing with Imam Ali or other 11 Shia Imams would they be in the same situation as Ayat-Ullah-Rohullah-Khomeini? Whatever be the response of Mr. Nadeem he will always be on the wrong side.

  19. It is quite strange that this artice is not on feature list or head line. Most comprehensive writer piece with historic persepective. LUBP should enocurage writers like him. Dr Rizvi & Murtaza Haider are the only peple who have touched this topic and they must be feeling heat from Shia community. Keep educating ignorant cmmunity.

  20. What do u expect Iran to do for shias of pakistan,
    attack pakistan? If Iran provides material support,
    then same writer will critisize her for interference
    in intenal affairs of pakistan. There is no doubt that
    these tragic killings must be stopped, but dont
    provide any other country any justification for interference. Plz avoid sharing posts which create
    doubts instead of solving the problem

  21. I am a sunni hanafi muslim. I never have any issue with government of Iran. I am fully protected over there then Pakistan. Three of my other Sunni Hanafi Employees living in Tehran with their families. I go there once in 3 months for 3-4 weeks, pick up the carpets to be exported overseas. So far, I had not have any issue in Iran.

  22. It is strictly matter of our Shia Muslim brothers. Either they can spread the hatred against Iran, or try to solve Pakistani problems among themselves. However, I would say this that I am very much pleased with the Government of Iran who always treat me and my business as a muslim brother’s business.

  23. Shias say they are original Muslims and descendants of Rasool Karim’s family.
    But as we see that all Shias in this world can not be from the family of prophet. In fact, total 25000 such descendants of Rasool Karim may be alive at this moment if we calculate by formula X=(n+1) power 2.
    Most of those 25000 (Syeds) descendants might be living in Arabic world like Medina, Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Northern Yemen etc. Some traces Syeds could be found in Iran and North Africa.
    But 99% of present-days’ shias are not Syeds. The shias became as three main sources:
    1. Iran did not want to be submissive to Arabs under the flag of Islam. They adopted Shia Islam which was further purified by Imam Raza (R.A.) and his companions.

    2. Iraq was the original place of Banu Hashims with Koofi origin. So they went after Rasool Karim’s family style of Islam coming through Hazrat Ali (R.A.)

    3. Third biggest source of Shia Population is from the losers of wars in Islamic history. They still want to cry and weep as much as possible.

    This third kind constitute most of the Shia population in India/Pakistan now a days.
    They do not like to pray salat and roza as their brothers in Iraq and Iran. All they want is easy life now with weeping for memorables losses in history. Weeping is their 2nd nature now. They cannot go with Iran or Iraq unanimously. However easy life like Malangs is good for them and getting killed then weep on the relatives who got killed is the best hobby they have now in majority of Pakisani/Indian shias.
    So be it.

  24. Reply@Sabir Hameed. I read the entire post from you, and I still don’t understand what are you trying to say. Always remember we are not better muslims either if we chose to point finger on other. Only Allah knows who is a good person. So please try to be humble with Muslim sects.

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