Human rights and cultural ideals -by Naseer Ahmed

Current Pakistani social discourse mostly is about a cheap variety of sentimentality. This cheap sentimentality is used by decision makers to dodge the real questions and real problems.

If you ask people about the reasons behind violation of rights, people talk about the nefarious designs of international powers to sabotage Pakistan’s nuclear weapons and Islam. They hector, they bellow, they yell, they scream to avoid the real questions. These violent reactions are just a technique to violate the rights.

This cheap sentimentality focuses on speeches not solutions. It is raping most good things in different aspects of Pakistani culture. The passionate insistence on conformity with criminal stupidity is suffocating for free spirits.

The citizens, sadly, in most cases, do not do their job very well. They do not protest because they know that they too do not do their jobs properly. They also use this cheap sentimentality to distract people from the faults of their work.

The place gets very noisy in the end and solutions to all problems die a natural death in this world of howling, roaring, bleating, grunting and mooing sentimentality.

This cheap mentality is rooted in feudal, colonial and fascist ideals about running a society. A combination of landlord, viceroy and Fuhrer became a cultural ideal. As a reality the viceroy part lost its significance. Although all these real and ideal decision makers were after power and money but they did not let a proper business flourish because businessmen have some real ethics. They have to please their consumers to sell their products. Feudal also lost because he had to share some of his crops and moral ideals of his tenant. He could not eliminate the influence of all these traditions because the source of his power is custom and tradition. Viceroy part of this personality also lost because he could not do anything without law and it was his duty to protect the subjects. Viceroy, feudal, businessman had to play secondary fiddle to ideal Pakistani personality the Fuhrer because Fascist could throw morality into dustbin of history. With morality, all other rights found their place where sun does not shine. Feudal, businessman and viceroy were also oppressive but they had limits due to various moral and social reasons. Viceroy could not do away with law, feudal could not extinguish customs and businessman could not destroy deal whereas Fascists had no such qualms to eliminate everything people could be optimistic about.

Pakistani people kept fighting all these personalities within them and in the corridors of power. They had some success against all these power abusers in different stages of their short history.

They kept longing for democracy, they sacrificed their lives for a better life, they won democracy on occasions but with the rise of fascism and cheap sentimentality, Pakistani began to lose this fight. The Fascist dangerous control freak has become a cultural

aspiration in currently democratic Pakistan. According to a famous Pakistani poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz this is the darkest corners of heavens and as well as beginning of rise of a bright moon’’.

The fear and approval of this cheap sentimentality is too widespread that Universities sack the scientists who campaign for scientific method. The liberals start their conversations with the recitation of Holy verses to appease religious outrage.

Too many variants of Fascist personalities are at war with each other. It is like a supreme fascist is at war with himself and he is destroying everything around him. This strife, this conflict, this multi- faced demon is destroying the rights of citizens.

The citizens need to sort out this mess by trying to exercise this fascist demon from within by respecting other people’s rights. They need to break this violent spell of cheap sentimentality because it is decreasing their life chances. The girl who stood up for the right of education must be provided the education based on rational and scientific principles alongside every child of her generation. When your future generation fights for education, it means you have possibilities. Pakistanis should not waste this opportunity to build their society on democratic values.

They should protect their regained democracy in spite of all its faults because there is no other way out. They need to bring scientific method back to their discourse. The cheap sentimentality of ranting fascists only destroys. Pakistanis have seen too much of destruction in their short history. It is time to build.

The citizen would enjoy their rights only if they are willing to challenge this violent control freak everywhere.



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