Maulana Muhammad Ishaq’s lecture on fabrication of Islamic history by Nasibis

There are a few persons around who think that anyone who is praising Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Fatima, Imam Hasan, Imam Hussain etc is a Shia or a closet Shia. Quite a few of them become visibly uncomfortable when someone quotes a Hadith or incident in which members of the Prophet’s family or progeny are praised. Beware of such persons, they are Nasibis, the enemies of the Prophet Muhammad’s family (Ahlul Bayt and Aal).

According to Dr. Ali Shariati, besides the Quran and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Hazrat Ali is the third major factor of unity between Sunnis and Shias; Ali is equally revered and respected by Sunni and Shia Muslims.

It is, however, a fact that there is a tiny section of Nasibis who despise Hazrat Ali because they want to distort Islamic history and also because they want to create disunity between Sunnis and Shias.

While Kharijites are relatively well known due to their harsh decrees (fatwa) of infidelity (takfeer) against fellow Muslims (Shia, Sufi, Barelvi etc), the Nasibis are relatively camouflaged and less known.

A Nasibi is someone who hates the Ahlul Bayt (family members) and Aal (progeny) of the Prophet Muhammad, particularly those related to Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Fatima.

According to a tradition of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) reported in Sahih Muslim (The Book of Faith, Hadith No. 141)

Zirr reported that ‘Ali observed: By Him Who split up the seed and created something living, the Apostle (Mohammed) gave me a promise that no one but a believer would love me, and none but a hypocrite would nurse a grudge against me.’

In recent years, Sunni and Shia Muslims are surrounded by quite a few Nasibis who hold grudge against Ahlul Bayt and Aal of the Prophet but don’t make it public. A few of such Nasibis include Dr. Zakir Naik, Dr. Farhat Hashmi, Taqi Usmani, Javed Ahmed Ghamidi, Dr. Israr Ahmed etc.

Here is a detailed lecture by eminent Salafi (Ahl-e-Hadith) scholar Maulana Muhammad Ishaq in which he explains that the love of Hazrat Ali, Imam Hasan, Imam Hussain and other members of the Ahl-e-Bait is an integral party of faith. He also explains how enemies of Hazrat Ali and Ahl-e-Bait, during Umayyad Caliphate, hired official historians to record false traditions against Hazrat Ali and in praise of Muaviya.

Maulana Ishaq’s lectures (in Punjabi) are a must watch for those who want to understand the Nasibi propaganda against Ahl-e-Bait and also to understand how history is fabricated by dishonest authors.

Context: A professor (Professor Dr. Muhammad Aslam) of Islamic History from Lahore wrote a booklet “Kafeel-e-Muhammad” in which he tried to prove that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) did no€™t live with Hazrat Abu Talib after death of his grandfather but it was someone else and also Hazrat Ali (A.S.) did not conquer the Khyber he too was someone else!

Once again Nasibi cult (Takfiri Slafist-Deobandis) are trying to revise and distort history in order to create seeds of disunity and disinformation. Maualna Ishaq, an eminent Salafi (Ahl-e-Hadith) scholar has exposed such misrepresentations and lies. The distortion of the Hadith and history literature started in the reign of Umayyad Caliphs and was continued in subsequent centuries  by official historians and narrators who were hostile to the Alawite insurgents against the Umayyad and Abbasid caliphs. Such distortions are being fed to our youth through the media, text books and distorted historical accounts.



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