Hamid Mir, don’t misinterpret the Quran please

“Friends of Taliban” in Pakistani media (also known as Pakistani Taliban Union of Journalists – PTUJ) are now, not unlike their friends Taliban, misquoting and misinterpreting the Quran to justify and implement the Talibanic agenda.

In his op-ed in Urdu daily Jang on 7 December 2009, Hamid Mir, the founding father of the PTUJ offered the following twisted logic:

According to Mir, Pakistan Army and Taliban represent two groups of Muslims (musalmanon ke do giroh) who must not fight each other.

What a twisted logic!

Army as well as police are state institutions. It is their institutional, legal as well as Islamic responsibility to defend the state of Pakistan against those violent groups who challenge the writ of the state, who abuse Islam and morality by attacking and killing innocent men, women and children in our mosques, streets, markets, police stations and military installations.

Pakistan Army and Taliban must not be equated as ‘muslamanon ke do giroh’. As an institution of the state, Pakistan Army (as well as police and other institutions) have the constitutional as well as Islamic (Sharia) authority and responsibility to fight those who are challenging the writ of the state through violent means.

Taliban are ‘mufsid fil arz’, i.e. those who create mischief in earth. They are a fitnah in Islam which is a greater crime than murder. They must be eliminated without any mercy, with full force of the law and the state. The state of Pakistan must follow the example of Hazrat Ali’s jihad against khawarij in fighting and eliminating Taliban terrorists. Taliban are kharijiites and takfiris of today’s Islam. They represent neither Islam nor Muslims. Hamid Mir has to be one of them, indeed, in order to consider Taliban as ‘a group of Muslims’.

By equating law enforcers with those who violate laws, by equating defenders and protectors of people with those who kill innocent citizens, Hamid Mir is doing no service to Pakistan nor to the Quran.

Similarly, in his column in today’s Jang, notorious Taliban apologist Ansar Abbasi argues in favour of ‘bat cheet’ (dialogue) with the Taliban terrorists.

Shame on you Hamid Mir, and your cronies in Geo TV / Jang Group (e.g. Ansar Abbasi, Shahid Masood, Muhammad Saaleh Zafir, Shaheen Sehbai etc) who are the Mir Jafars and Mir Sadiq’s of Pakistani journalists today.

Soon, people of Pakistan will drag you and your cronies in Geo TV / Jang Group in a court of law, and all of you will feel the legal noose tightening around your fat necks.


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