Baloch Jundullah-LeJ terrorists kill Shia judge, guard, driver in Quetta

Mother of session judge Zulfiqar Naqvi mourns over his dead body.

Radicalized Deobandi-Wahhabi militants of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi Balochistan (also operating as Jundullah and Sipah-e-Sahaba) shot dead a Shiite judge, his bodyguard and driver in a yet another anti-Shia attack in Quetta city of southwest Pakistan today (30 August 2012).

Only four days ago on 26 August, 5 Shia Muslims were killed in the same city by the Jundullah-LeJ terrorists.

The Jundullah-LeJ terrorists represent radicalized Deobandi-Wahhabi fringe of Sunni Islam. They are responsible for attacks on both Shia and moderate Sunni Muslims.

The Jundullah-LeJ terrorists in Quetta are 100 per cent Baloch and are allegedly sponsored by Pakistan army. They find convenient shelters in Baloch population areas and there are instances in which secular Baloch parties have expressed support for Jundullah.

Zulfiqar Naqvi, a sessions judge, was attacked today as he came out of his home in Quetta. The slain judge was a Shia Muslim.

The judge was heading to work when the gunmen, waiting outside his home at Saryab Road, fired indiscriminately.

“Gunmen were waiting for him at a railway crossing, the moment the car slowed down, the assailants sprayed bullets and fled,” senior police officer Wazir Khan Nasir told AFP.

The bodies were shifted to Civil Hospital while police has started investigation.

Saryab Road is a Baloch dominated area with small number of Pashtun and others in and around Saryab.

Saryab Road has become a death-spot for Shia Muslims of all ethnic backgrounds.

The attackers, who were riding a motorcycle, fled after the shooting.

Banned extremist Deoband group the Lashkar-e-Jhanvi (also operating as Jundullah and Sipah-e-Sahaba) is usually blamed for such attacks.

Quetta and other parts of Balochistan and Pakistan have witnessed a series of anti-Shia attacks over the past few years. At least 19000 Shias have died in these incidents in what is described as a slow motion Shia genocide.

According to an estimate, 7,000 to 10,000 Shias have been killed across Pakistan since the PPP current government came into the power after the Pakistan General Election 2008.

There is an increasing resentment against PPP leadership (President Zardari, Interior Minister Rehman Malik etc) in Pakistan’s Shia Muslims. Only yesterday (29 August 2012), a crowd of Shia Muslims on Skardu airport chanted slogans against the PPP government and Rehman Malik. Skardu Airport reverberated with: “Down with Shaitan Malik”

The Balochistan Bar Association condemned the killing of Naqvi and announced lawyers would boycott court proceedings across the province.

The Tahafuz-e-Azadari Council, a leading Shia group, called for three days of mourning and appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo moto notice of the targeted killing.

For a detailed account of how this incident was misreported by foreign and Pakistani media, refer to this post: An example of how Pakistan’s English press blindly follows foreign news agencies

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  1. SWEDEN (NORWAY): Khan Kalat has arrived along with his munshi Mehrab Sarjov in Norway, where he will speak to at an event organized by Jondullah (Jundullah) associates and supporters. Khan Kalat angered secular Balochs all over the world when he appointed a die hard Jundullah supporter Mr. Hossienbor to testify at the hearing on Balochistan. Khan of Kalat also continues to misrepresent Shia genocide as a Hazara ethnic issue. One of his agents Mir Sohaib follows his agenda to defmale Baloch nationalists. Jundullah is listed as terrorist organization by the State Dept. Many people believe, Khan, who lacks political support among Baloch Diaspora and back home inside Balochistan, is desperately seeking help of Jundullah supporters to establish his Khanate or Kingdom in Balochistan. He wants to be called “his highness” or Amīr al-Mu’minīn, as he is very religious. His close family members, including his brothers, are members of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, a pro-Taliban and Pro- Al-qaida religious extremist party in Pakistan. His son Mohamad Ahmadzai was seen sitting on the lap of Pakistani military core commander waving Paki flag and celebrating Pakistan’s day with him. Many people believe Khan Kalat is playing double games. “One should throw some eggs and tomato’s on him for playing double games and riding two horses at the same time,” said a Baloch activists, from Eastern Balochistan, in Oslo.

    His grand father sold Balochs to Pakistan by signing the document of accession with Pakistan against the Baloch will and mandate. Many of his family members, who are staunch supporters of Taliban, are still minister in Balochistan Government and enjoying full Pakistan’s ISI and military support and protection. Khan Kalat, like his grandfather, is very religious. According to Waleed Gorbani, a well known Baloch activist in UK, Khan Kalat and his family members have called to eliminate Zikiris, a small religious minority group of Balochs in Makarn, unless they convert to Islam. Once Khan Kalat’s grandfahter was asked, Why did you join (an independent State of Kalat) with Pakistan? “I saw Prophet Muhamamd Sallallahu Alieh Wassalam in my dream, he ordered me to join Pakistan,” Khan of Kalat replied.

  2. Editorial: How Much Support For Jundullah Is Too Much?
    June 30, 2010.

    Malik Siraj Akbar

    The Baloch Hal

    Balochs living in Pakistan’s provinces of Balochistan and Sindh reacted very irritably towards the decision of the Iranian government to hang Abdul Malik Regi, the chief of banned organization Jundullah, by terming it as an act of repression by a regime that is bent upon crushing its Baloch population.

    All available forms of condemnation, such as issuance of newspaper statements, arrangement of press conferences, protest rallies and condolence references, were used to censure the hanging of a leader who fought for the rights of the Sunni Baloch minority population residing in Iranian Balochistan. The outpouring of condemnation was so overwhelming that even an impressed Jundullah spokesman went on to appreciate the Balochs living in Pakistan for their moral and political support offered to the Iranian Balochs at the critical juncture.

    In Eastern Balochistan, the Baloch National Front (BNF) was on the forefront of all protest rallies held in the province to condemn the execution of 28-year Regi who was wanted by Teheran in more than seventy cases. The Front observed three days of mourning and organized a number of programs to vent its frustration of Iran’s behavior towards its Baloch population. Nonetheless, many people, including some components of the BNF, now realize that they went overboard in agitating on the Regi issue which could, at the end of the day, prove counterproductive and detrimental for the secular Baloch nationalist movement.

    A timely expression of this concern has been made by the Baloch National Movement (BNM) which has categorically refused to join the BNF in its announced schedule of anti-Iran protests to express solidarity with Jundullah and the Balochs of Iran. Condoling the murder of Regi and his brother, Abdu Hameed, the BNM central spokesman, however, said here on Monday that his party did not see eye-to-eye with the Jundullah manifesto which underlines religious and sectarian ambitions.

    The BNM believes that the Baloch issue has nothing to do with religion nor can it go an extra mile to join hands with ethnic Balochs living in Iran who do not recognize Baloch nationalism and solely talk of religious rights. BNM is equally disillusioned with BNF leadership for not taking it into confidence while unfolding its schedule of protests in support of Jundullah and said that it could not support a Sunni movement which did not keep in consideration the Baloch identity.

    This is a very crucial development. The BNM stance will surely alert the Balochs struggling in Iran on religious lines that their counterparts in Pakistani Balochistan do not concur with their ideology. The Baloch resistance movement in Pakistan, which is largely leftist, is not compatible with what Jundullah stands for i.e. Sunni rights. BNM has clarified its stance on the right time as the BNF response to Regi’s killing had already begun to raise many eyebrows about the ideological foundations of the Baloch resistance movement.

    By supporting Jundullah, the BNF, which always requests the international community to take notice of the plight of the Balochs, is further confusing the world. Does it mean that the Baloch nationalism has succumbed to religion and begun to endorse suicide bombings on the name of religion as was done by Jundullah inside Iran? If the answer to such a question is in affirmation then BNF will surely find itself in an indefensible position before the larger world which is currently battling the scourge of religious fundamentalism.

    On their part, the supporters of Jundullah do not easily digest the nationalists’ claim that Regi was a secular. For example, Hafiz Abu Ubaid, the acting vice president of Karachi-based Ittehad-e-Tuleba-wa-Sunna, has strongly condemned Abdul Wahab Baloch, chairman of Baloch Rights Council, for calling Regi a secular. The righwing has termed Wahab’s remarks and proposal that Jundullah should operate on nationalistic lines as highly offensive. They have sought an apology from Wahab Baloch for allegedly insulting Regi by calling him secular. This is another point of view which exists and has to be acknowledged, if not agreed with.

    Baloch nationalism and Islamic nationalism cannot comfortably go side by side. If the mere fact that Regi was a Baloch attracted BNF reaction then one wonders if similar reaction would be shown on the death of a Baloch who is a part of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI), Pakistan People’s Party and Muslim League? BNF should not judge people merely on their Baloch ethnicity. It should support the people who share the same ideology that the BNF stands for.

    Baloch nationalism cannot live in isolation. No national movement can start and end with a simple demand for national liberation. The Baloch movement needs to have clearly defined answers of several crucial questions to satisfy the rest of the world about the structure of a proposed independent Balochistan. Such a roadmap should implicitly define the relationship between the state and religion; role of tribalism and the status of women and religious as well as ethnic minorities in an independent Balochistan, the ultimate goal for which parties like BNF are struggling right now.

    BNM has adopted a timely stance and rightly warned BNF not to compromise on Baloch nationalist ideology by backing religious fundamentalism. By supporting religious fundamentalists, Baloch nationalists would be compromising on their ideological foundations and make it more difficult for the international community to support the Baloch movement.

  3. BNF announces three-day mourning over Regi’s execution
    June 22, 2010.

    The Baloch Hal

    QUETTA: The Baloch National Front (BNF) has announced to observe three-day of mourning across Balochistan and Karachi against the execution of Abdul Malik Regi, a Baloch resistance fighter and the chief of Jundullah organization, by the Iranian government.

    The BNF has strongly condemned the execution of Regi and charged that the Baloch Sunni leader was not hanged, as claimed by Iranian authorities, but killed after being subjected to inhuman torture and physical assault.

    “At least seven thousand (7000) Balochs have been killed in Iran by the regime in two years. Their only crime was that they were Balochs. These victims of state oppression included Baloch students, intellectuals, poets and innocent citizens,” said the BNF spokesman.

    He said the BNF would mark three-day of mourning starting from June 22 in Balochistan and Karachi while demonstrations would be held in front of press clubs all over the province on June 23 which would be followed by condolence references to pay homage to Abdul Malik Regi on June 24 for his heroic contributions for the rights of the Baloch people.

    “We appeal to the international community to take strict notice of violation of human rights by Pakistan and Iran. Both these countries should be declared terrorist states due to their wrong and repressive attitude towards the Baloch masses,” demanded the BNF spokesman.

  4. Balochs in Norway condole Abdulhameed Rigi’s extra-judicial killing
    Added by Admin on June 9, 2010.
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    Tags: Abdul Hameed Rigi, Abdul Malik Regi, baloch, Baloch Community of Norway, BALOCHISTAN, Balochs in Norway, Jundullah, The Baloch Hal
    The Baloch Hal News

    OSLO: The Baloch Community of Norway held a condolence reference in Norway on 6th June 2010 in respect of extra judicial killing and execution of Abdul Hameed Rigi. the Baloch community of Norway paid tributes to Abdulhameed Rigi and declared him as a martyr because has sacrificed himself for a noble cause also condemned the execution of Rigi. Wherein an unanimously resolution was adopted in this spirit.

    In the eye of international law the execution of Abdul Hameed Rigi is absolutely an act of international terrorism. Reasons are that, when a state is involved in the act of terrorism, directly or indirectly for fulfillment of certain objectives, may be a matter of policy.

    The act of Iran state in execution of Abdul Hameed Rigi is a clear cut state terrorism, the aim and objective of Iran state is to discourage and exterminate the genuine national liberation movement of Western Balochistan and warn the rest of other Baloch political activists and cadres to learn lesson in execution of Hamed Rigi and thousands of other baloch genocide which has always been a weapon agonist oppressed nation. Abdulhameed Rigi was not a terrorist rather he was a prominent and nationalist leader of Baloch Libration Movement.

  5. LUBP is working perfectly on its Black and shameful agenda of Maligning Baloch… They are showing their true colors and have exposed themselves… First of all the use on name LUBP and criticalPPP are misguiding this website is only and solely about doing propaganda behind the smokescreen of Shia persecution and run by some anonymous Fascists…

  6. @Abbas Ahmad, LUBP is full of liberal fascists. They are full of mischief and are agents of Khomeini and Mirzais. LUBP always attacking Punjabis, Muhajirs, Army, Baloch. They are misguiding public and they are funded by corrupt Zardari. The critical PPP address is to fool the public that they are against corruption. In reality LUBP is run from inside Presidency House where Zardari is himself blogging for LUBP. No time for governance but plenty of time to attack independent media , judiciary.

  7. LUBP is an ISI sponsored front that bashes anti-establishment liberals like Hamid Mir, Najam Sethi, Ansar Abbasi and Ejaz Haider. Ejaz is the authority on Balochistan and he is routinely critisized on LUBP. Everyone in Pakistan knows that it is Zardari who is ISI’s man. I heard it on GEO which is the most reliable source of news in the world. Abbas Ahmad and Mahira Shirazi are spot on about LUBP which is really LUDP = Let Us Destroy Pakistan.

  8. Pakistan’s immenent intellectual and Jinnahologist, Yasser Latif Hamdani has been one of the few brave ones to stand up to the LUBP fascists! He is a gentleman whose lucid, objective, balanced and restrained criticism of LUBP has won him the applause of the masses who have suffered due to LUBP propaganda. In the past, he has used his brilliant cyber-kinetic skills to infiltrate past LUBP’s complex firewalls to post comments and even articles. Thanks to Yasser’s brilliance, those posts and comments still exist on LUBP and he has blazed the path for people like Abbas Ahmad, Mahira and myself to dare and post comments on LUBP.

    Here is what he wrote recently about LUBP:

    “Since Viewpointonline is as closeminded in its approach to dissent as Daily Ummat or LUBP, they are unlikely to publish my rebuttal.”

    He is so correct; LUBP never published his rebuttals and he had to hack his way into the LUBP servers hosted in Bilawal House

  9. What rubbish comments by Abbas, Mahira and Sharim.

    They publish so many critical articles that attack them and most of them are rubbish by the way. Do search for “Criticism-of-LUBP”. From these comments, I remember another thread of discussion where one author who poses continuously to LUBP uses similar tactics to attack other authors by saying that they are not themselves but LUBP.

  10. A Baloch Shia leader condemns murder of session judge Zulifqar Naqvi by LeJ-Jundullah terrorists.

    Baloch secular parties remain silent. Then they claim they are pluralist and tolerant!

    جسٹس ذوالفقار نقوی کا قتل انصاف کا قتل ہے، علامہ مقصود ڈومکی

    اسلام ٹائمز: ایم ڈبلیو ایم بلوچستان کے سیکرٹری جنرل نے سیشن جج ذوالفقار نقوی کی المناک شہادت پر شدید الفاظ میں مذمت کرنے ہوئے کہا کہ دہشت گردی اور شیعہ نسل کشی ان پے در پے واقعات کے پس پردہ منحوس تثلیث امریکہ، اسرائیل اور بھارت کی خفیہ ایجنسیاں ملوث ہیں۔
    اسلام ٹائمز۔ علامہ مقصود علی ڈومکی سیکرٹری جنرل مجلس وحدت مسلمین بلوچستان نے منیر مینگل روڈ واقعہ کی شدید الفاظ میں مذمت کرتے ہوئے جسٹس ذوالفقار نقوی کے قتل کو انصاف کا قتل قرار دیا۔ انہوں نے کہا کہ جسٹس ذوالفقار، ان کے ڈرائیور اور محافظوں کا قتل حکومت بلوچستان کی ناکامی کا منہ بولتا ثبوت ہے۔ ایم ڈبلیو ایم بلوچستان کے سیکرٹری جنرل نے کہا کہ اس واقعہ کی جتنی بھی مذمت کی جائے کم ہے اور ہم لواحقین کے ساتھ اس غم میں برابر کے شریک ہیں۔

    انہوں نے کہا ہم حکومت بلوچستان سے مطالبہ کرتے ہیں کہ اس واقعہ کا فی الفور نوٹس لے اور ذمہ داران کو قرار واقعی سزا دی جائے۔ علامہ مقصود علی ڈومکی کا کہنا تھا کہ دہشت گردی اور نسل کشی کے ان پے در پے واقعات کے پیچے بیرونی ہاتھ باالخصوص امریکہ، اسرائیل اور بھارت ملوث ہیں، جس کا اعتراف جناب لشکر رئیسانی خود بھی کرچکے ہیں۔ ضرورت اس امر کی ہے کہ اس بیرونی مداخلت کا تدارک کیا جائے اور بلوچستان کو عالمی سیاست کی بھینٹ نہ چڑھنے دیا جائے۔

  11. Jundullah is not a ISI asset – but is run, trained and armed by CIA-Mossad-RAW. It has its headquarter in Israel. Its main agenda is to create ‘Eretz Balochistan’ coprising of Pakistani and Iranin Balochistan under US-Israel protection – like the Iraqi Kurdistan.

    In June 2012, the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), a subsidiary of the Pentagon held a symposium on Balochistan. One of the keynote speaker was Tarek Fateh, whom I personally know in Toronto. Tarek along with Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper, is listed on Israel Hasbara (propaganda) Committee.

    In 2006 – Israelis were able to sell their old imperialist dream of Eretz Israel to a Blochi tribal chief, Mir Suleman Dawood Khan, who declared himself “King of Balochistan” and set up a government-in-exile in occupied Jerusalem. The aims of this group include the unification of all Baloch lands currently occupied by “Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan” – and also to find common bonds between Baloch and Israel – being “Semite people”.

  12. A post from a Shia Hazara facebook page:

    Mr. Shahzada Zulfiqar, Senior journalist, stated in talk-show that Baloch are involved in the killings , yet they are specific extremist group who do not represent all Baloch.

    We urge our Baloch brethren to take notice of those involved in extremism and renounce/disown them.

    بلوچ ملوث ہیں لیکن تمام بلوچ ایک جیسے نہیں، بلکہ بلوچوں کا ایک سیشن ہے جو اس قسم کی حرکت کرتا ہے، جو سمجھتا ہے کہ ہم مسلمان ہیں باقی سب مسلمان نہیں۔!

    شہزادہ ذولفقار

  13. blochistan men pak army ya isi deshat gardi ki karwaiyan nai kar rahi wahan par wo log jo tumhari bhen k purane shokeen india wale kar rahe hen kam az kam jis thali men kha rahe ho us thali me peshb to na karo kameengi ki inteha 99% bloch muhibewatan hen sir 1% log jin men wahan ke bikaw srdar or tum jese bharwen jo peson keliye apni maan or bhen tak de dete hen sirf wo log aazadi mangte hen sharam karo tum logon ko marna bhi hy Khda ka khof kar pesa sab kuch naireht pakistan men ho or khud ko muslman kehte ho lekin zuban indian istemal karte ho or poojte shetan ko ho.or jo tum bla hy men tumhen is ka sahih nam btata hun bahart lobi agenda
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