United States: The Power of Hypocrisy – by Saad Ahmed Javed

Marshal Joseph Stalin is said to have claimed, “Stalin is Soviet Power”. If he hadn’t been the ruler of such a powerful state then no doubt his fate would be worse than that of Saddam or Qaddafi because, without any argue, history has proved that countries having plenty of recourses has no right to claim ‘power’ or to stand against the World Imperialism, headed by United States of America! Power only belongs to ‘The White Elephant’. No one else has right to claim power!

Even United States’ Mitt Romney had asserted that “God created United States to lead the world”. In Iraq’s scenario they lead from front while in Libya’s case they lead from behind. But they would never abandon ‘leading’ others irrespective of the fact, a nation is committed toward self-governing and is restive to foreign ‘invasionary’ leadership!

By “democracy”, US Imperialists simply mean ‘fooling your masses through puppets’, and by “Peace” they mean ‘absence of revolutionary movements directed against the World Imperialism’ and by ‘freedom’ they mean ‘freedom to exploit the recourses of poor nations in US’ interests’! (These words sound good to hear but does anyone else tried to find out their meaning as per US’ hypocritical dictionary?). Likewise, for American hypocrites, Qaddafi was overthrown by “rebels” but what if we say, Qaddafi himself was a rebel, fighting the dictatorship of global network of imperialists?

In this so-called “Global Village” of Hillary Clinton, who can now dare to challenge US’ dictations? Holding play cards and doing peaceful protests against United States’ unjust wars are strengthening US’ “democracy” all over the world that is the reason that United States is one of the chief sponsors of Gandhisim on the International stage. To them Putin’s Russia is better than Saddam’s Iraq or Qaddafi’s Libya. They can tolerate barking dogs but can’t tolerate daring ones. Daring ones can defend themselves only if they are “well armed” to defend themselves and their nations from foreign aggression. US’ effort to ‘denuclearize’ North Korea is one such example to counter such daring ones from strengthening themselves. However, history reveals, United States of America is the only state on the face of earth that ever used her nuclear bomb against any country! North Korea never did so nor would it!

Thomas Sankara had rightly said, “he who feeds you, controls you”. United States feeds the poor nations of the world, either directly or indirectly through her ‘maid’ United Nations, not to ‘help humanity’, but to control them and their resources. Saddam didn’t have “weapons of mass destruction” but his major “crime” was having a political philosophy of ‘self-governing’. People, who govern themselves and resist US’ involvement in their matters, are worst adversaries of US’ imperialists, and thus are foes of “Humanity”, “Peace”, “Democracy” and “Freedom”!

US President Bark Obama stated after the atrocious assassination of Libyan leader, “Gaddafi [’s] death is warning to iron-fist rulers” that is, to those leaders who resist US Imperialists’ adventures. While Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General, said, “the road ahead for Libya and its people will be difficult and full of challenges” that is now there would be no free electricity, no interest-free loans, no more freedom from external debt; now it’s time to suffer inflation, poverty, homelessness and unemployment. New “democratic” Libya of puppet leaders wouldn’t be different from other poor Afro-Asian states. This is what so-called Obama Doctrine states, “leading from behind”. The best thing of leading from behind is that here you can easily claim yourself “peaceful” while at the same time waging wars on others. Here colonization is done in a ‘democratic way’ through puppets.

Now better say “Obama is world power!” and by ‘Obama’ I doesn’t mean that black American Nobel Laureate President as in the battle between ideologies, men are mere representatives!

About Writer:
Saad Ahmed Javed is a Lahore-based freelance contributor and a social activist, who graduated with a science degree from the Punjab University, Lahore and is currently pursuing his Masters in Business Administration from UET Lahore. He is one of the founding Directors of Imtiaz Begum Foundation, a non-profitable welfare organization. He is deeply interested in carrying out humanitarian and welfare endeavors for the betterment of oppressed ones of the society. He can be reached at saadhumanist@gmail.com



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