Sayyed Raza Haider – another victim of terrorist SSP and LeJ

Sayyed Raza Haider, MQM parliamentarian and member of Shia Community was killed with his gunmen in a mosque when he was doing Wuzu (ablution) to participate in a funeral of his friend’s mother.

The attackers shouted “Allah O Akbar” when started firing from sub machine guns and pistol. Raza tried to go inside the mosque for rescue but was brutally killed as no place is sacred for the terrorists.

Sayyed Raza Haider was elected from Orangi Town, and was ex-sector Incharge Orangi Town, which was once a stronghold of the rival faction MQM(Haqeeqi). During the fierce fight between the two, a large numbers of political workers were killed in the rivalry.

After ’02 elections when MQM became a part of the ruling coalitions. In the name of demolishing ”No go areas”, Haqeeqi’s leadership was arrested against murder and other charges, and active workers were killed or forced to rejoin MQM. Haqeeqi Central Office ” Baitul Hamza” was levelled to the ground. MQM reemerged as the unquestioned force in Karachi.

MQM and Haqeeqi rivalry has another less discussed aspect, the sectarian aspect. MQM has a broad political base and it comprises people from all sects but Haqeeqi mostly was a Deobandi exclusive and hardcore sunni militant group Sipah E Sahaba sympathizer. Even Afaq is said to be the among those who torched “Ali Basti” in late 70’s. The writer heard  many SSP and LeJ  affiliates praising Afaq for his support to them.

Again coming to the Orangi Town, here a reasonable population from the Biharis belong to Shia sect, and were targeted by the SSP/Haqeeqi affiliates. When Orangi was recovered from Haqeeqi, many active  members of them were killed in encounters, target killings and many escaped. And now the area was in full control of the MQM. But unfortunately the worsening law and order situations and political killings in the area are continued. In the last few months many active members of MQM in Orangi Town are killed by unknown attackers supposedly the Haqeeqi guys.

Being an active political worker, MQM parliamentarian and member of Shia community, Sayyed  Raza Haider was threatened many times by these sectarian goones, but he was a fearless person, as he was one of the most vocal person against these terrorists monsters. In his election campaign in his constituency, he criticized the terrorists and their sympathizes religio-political parties for their dubious role. He won the election with a big margin, and was a proactive parliamentarian speaking on the public issues and participating in parliamentary proceedings.

The terrorists have achieved more with this murder as they got rid of a strong opposer as well as they have forced the whole city to an anarchy where more than 60 people are killed, assets and properties worth millions are burnt and it shall continues as the political forces have started gaining political interests from the unfortunate incident, and no one is acting sensibly in the whole killing saga…

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  1. All the terror organizations or similar groups have already been banned, but they are still operative under hiding. Unless or until a complete ban is placed with a close watch on their activities, such incidents would continue.

  2. This shows how terrorists are now targeting big cities so that they can initiate violence between different political and religious sects. We must oppose this effort and educate ourselves more on this.

  3. The root causes of terrorism are so many and mutually cohesive thus it’s hard to determine what formulates the terrorist mindset. Social deprivation, isolation could be one of many factors. However this alienation is due to lack of initiative on part of the west to engage the Muslims in a constructive debate and the failure to enlightened Muslims to counter the militant propaganda.

  4. Worst thing happened to pakistan ,political parties which participate in electoral politics started supporting certain sect and even making political parties to protect interest of particular sect. like sunni tehreekh .which according to election commission rules is not allowed.

  5. Karachi Police probing TTP’s role in Raza Haider’s killing

    By Ali K Chishti

    LAHORE: Daily Times has learnt that the Karachi Police and the Intelligence Bureau is investigating the role of a top leader of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Qari Muhammad Zafar alias Ustad-e-Fidayeen, in the assassination of MQM leader Raza Haider. It is being suspected that Zafar is the chief architect of the killing of Raza Haider, who was shot along with his guard inside a mosque in Karachi on August 2 , 2010. Zafar, who is on the US State Department’s “wanted- list”, has head money of $5 million and he is also believed to be behind the bombing at the US Consulate on March 2 , 2006. An investigator who has followed Qari Zafar told Daily Times, “So important is Qari Zafar to the TTP that they faked his death so he could work in peace – he runs Hakeemullah Mehsud’s Karachi Chapter and has hundreds of operatives working for him in the city”.

    On February 24 this year, a US drone targeted a vehicle and a compound run by the Haqqanis at Dargi Mandi near North Waziristan, and claimed that Qari Zafar had been killed in the attack. As it turned out, the TTP faked Zafar’s death and the TTP leader is also believed to be behind the Ashura procession attack and the Nishtar Park bombing in Karachi. Zafar is a senior leader of the Fidayeen-e-Islam, an alliance between the TTP and anti-Shia Lashkar-e- Jhangvi and Jaish-e-Muhammad. The group was based in South Waziristan and has moved to North Waziristan only recently. Sources say that the LeJ is being single-handedly led by Zafar, who has become a trusted member of al Qaeda thanks to Qari Hussain Mehsud – a close aide of Hakeemullah Mesud.

    “The worst part is that Zafar is a Karachiite of Pakhtun origins, so he knows the ball game,” one investigator told Daily Times. Following the MQM’s tough stance and opposition to a deal with Sufi Abdullah and TTP Swat chief Fazlullah in parliament, it was Qari Zafar who was tasked with teaching the MQM “a lesson”.

    The sources said, Zafar sent out various messages and communications that were intercepted by intelligence agencies, who subsequently informed the MQM leadership to keep a “low profile”. One of the plans of Qari Abdullah was to explode a C4- filled truck at MQM headquarters, which gave out clues to the investigators that Qari Zafar was also involved in the Marriott Hotel bombing in Islamabad on September 20 , 2008. Apparently, Zafar had to cancel the plan to attack MQM headquarters due to unprecedented security. It was then the TTP, along with Qari Zafar, that opted to go for “softer targets” of the MQM, which included the party’s lower and mid-cadre unit and sector members.

    At the same time, due to sectarian inclination of the LeJ, Shia members of the MQM were made primary targets and the hit list had on it top MQM leaders, including MQM’s top leader Haider Abbas Rizvi. Intelligence officials said “leaders like Dr Farooq Sattar, Faisal Sabzwari are also on the list”.

    Investigators are also looking into the assassination of Raza Haider, which one of the investigators said resembled the target killing of Maj Gen (r) Faisal Alavi, a former SSG commander who was killed in Rawalpindi in November 2008. Intelligence agencies confirmed that it was none other than Qari Zafar himself who dispatched a suicide bomber to kill Shia leader Allama Hasan Turabi at his residence, besides also ordering the recent killings of Shias in the city.

    It was also revealed that Zafar had been caught by law enforcement agencies once, but he had managed to escape.

  6. As Rehman Malik said Talibans are involved in the murder of MQM MPA it means PPP Sindh government was lying about the presence and Talbanization of Karachi.
    Rehman Malik acceptance that Talibanization is going on in Karachi surely means MQM was right from the first day.

  7. the interesting thing in that article about Qari Zafar is where he was allegedly killed – ” compound run by the Haqqanis at Dargi Mandi near North Waziristan” i.e. home of Kayani’s assets and the good taliban! But isn’t he part of bad taliban?! 🙂

  8. Sameer says: = August 5, 2010 at 6:25 pm As Rehman Malik said Talibans are involved in the murder of MQM MPA it means PPP Sindh government was lying about the presence and Talbanization of Karachi. Rehman Malik acceptance that Talibanization is going on in Karachi surely means MQM was right from the first day.
    Don’t forget that Rehman Malik was also very beloved to your beloved Naseerullah Babar from 1994 to 1996 rather Malik was directly under him.

    What we forget conveniently?

    When the present government came to power many of our Leaders from Sindh demanded that Naseerullah should be made Governor Sindh to streamline MQM, now read what Babar had to say: [keep this in mind that Babar conducted Operation against MQM from 1994 to 1996] – read: He hoped that the PPP-MQM differences would soon be over. He termed Nasirullah Babar a conspirator and denied that MQM parted ways in the first tenure of the PPP at his behest. He said the solution to judges issue was in sight. Former interior minister Naseerullah Babar paid glowing tributes to Shoaib Suddle for restoring peace in Karachi when in 1994 the Army was withdrawn from the metropolitan city. He said the ISI was involved in the murder of Murtaza Bhutto. He said he had formed a commission to probe against the ISI but pressure was mounted on him and afterwards the inquiry was given up. He criticized the MQM decision to join forces with the opposition. He said the MQM should join the government for the sake of peace in Karachi.
    ‘Bill to cut president down to size this week’ Monday, April 14, 2008 News Desk

  9. Sameer says: = August 5, 2010 at 6:25 pm As Rehman Malik said Talibans are involved in the murder of MQM MPA it means PPP Sindh government was lying about the presence and Talbanization of Karachi. Rehman Malik acceptance that Talibanization is going on in Karachi surely means MQM was right from the first day.
    MQM was an ally of General Musharraf and right under the nose of Musharraf, Sipah-e-Sahaba and other Deobandi Militants contested election from Jail: Read with references and dates: I still couldn’t understand the “Enlightened Moderation” of Musharraf who was supporting the Deoabandi Anarchy before 911 and even after that:)

    And this takes me back to Pervez Musharraf’s first visit to the US after his coup. At a meeting with a group of journalists among whom I was present, my dear and much lamented friend Tahir Mirza, then the Dawn correspondent, asked Musharraf why he was not acting against Lashkar-e Tayba and Jaish-e Muhammad. Musharraf went red in the face and shot back, “They are not doing anything in Pakistan. They are doing jihad outside.” “LIES”of General [R] Pervez Musharraf, Sharifs & Talibans.