ANP and women legislators

Awami national party is the only political party in Pakistan, which doesn’t has a separate women wing unlike other mainstream political parties of Pakistan. The another important fact  worth mentioning is that only two female members who were part of  historic constitutional reforms committee , which presented 18 bill in the both houses of parliament belonged to ANP ” Jamila Gilani” and “Bushara Gohar”.

According to PILDAT reports , majority of legislation and debate in the parliament from last 8 years has done by female legislators and it was sad to see political parties didn’t show faith in our female legislators in nominating them to represent their respective parties in constitutional reforms committee. I don’t think political parties deliberately didn’t shown faith in female legislators but it has definitely something to do with having a separate women wing .

2 responses to “ANP and women legislators”

  1. So, what is your take on this? The only women legislators on the constitutional reforms committee were from the ANP. Good. The party doesn’t have a women’s wing. Bad?

    In my opinion, I should think that the ANP has placed more trust in its women comrades than the parties that do have Women’s Wings.

  2. @ Umar

    By creating separate women wing mainstream political parties has reduced the productive . Other parties should also follow ANP by not making separate women wings.