The usual suspects are subverting democracy – by Aley Ahmad

The following comment was recently posted on an article on the LUBP. Given some interesting observations that this commenter makes about the LUBP’s policy and content, we are posting it as an independent article.


What I have come to understand after following the LUBP blog is they actively criticize PPP(P) as well as the rest of the players. What to do if you want them to do what others are doing, ‘give dog a bad name and hang em’. Will doing this make them attract more readers? Sad, isn’t it?

I am unable to understand why most of the people are falling prey to the right-wing controlled media, and are victims of the mindsets created by years of state-fed dogma and so are being judgmental on “people like Messrs President Zardari, Babar Awan, Rehman Malik, Zulfiqar Mirza, etc”

May I dare to remind that they never came to power riding on tanks or on the shoulders of 111 Brigade, they came in the power through a popular vote and everyone critical of their action or policies will have their fair chance in the coming elections to vote them out. It’s mind boggling when people claiming to be objective and rational turn a jaundiced eye.

Leaving aside the political players, the judiciary in Pakistan is an interesting and intriguing phenomenon which duly merits a study! These sacred cows in the whole 62 years took one right step (though there were certain extraneous variables attached as well) and were more than fairly rewarded for the ‘one right step’ they took in their whole careers (i.e. reinstatement).

What the political government gets in return? An obstinate pack of wolves out to tear them apart? Can you just do a little research and find out how many pending cases are lying with honourable Supreme Court awaiting their worthy attention, have you ever tried to explore the careers of those elevated to Lahore high court due to the worthy support of honourable Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and Munsif-e-Ala (running marriage halls or acting as juniors at the chambers of some senior judges and blue eyed lawyers).

Due to this gift it’s now impossible for any one to discuss a question of law in front of the honourable justices adorning the bench at LHC, as they lack any understanding of Law. When the Law Minister provides fund to the bars it becomes a sin, but when the sitting CJ goes to the bars and doles out funds or the CM does the same nobody is bothered? The people blowing the trumpet of independence of judiciary have ever cared to unpack the whole idea of independence and evaluate fairly when in the course of last 62 years the Judges of High and Supreme Court weren’t independent in their decision making?

And what in fact plagues the system the political polemics at the higher courts or the independence and fast paced dispensation of justice at the lower tier courts (trial as well as appellate). What has this sanctified and over orchestrated movement has done at the district courts? Are people really getting justice? Are the judges really free to decide the cases? Will you dare to answer what were the impacts of suo moto actions taken by the SC on issues such as sugar prices?

Please be objective in real sense of objectivity, If Messrs President Zardari, Rehman Malik, Babar Awan et al are no saints they will be accountable to the people in due course but what my dear sir will you do of this self-righteous bunch being guarded by the right-wing media and certain elements of state who are trying to create a parallel system of governance where everything in the country has to move as per their whims?



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