Announcement: Pakistan Ignoble Award for Journalism (PIAJ)

Let Us Build Pakistan proudly announces the establishment of Pakistan Ignoble Award for Journalism (PIAJ). It will be awarded annually to a Pakistani journalist who has flouted all the norms of journalistic decency, objectivity, and fair play. Every December starting December 2009 a journalist whose functioning qualifies to be a journalist without a conscience will be PIAJ-ed.

We would like our readers and visitors to offer their nominations for the Pakistan Ignoble Award for Journalism (PIAJ). In your comments below, please provide the following:

1. Name of the nominee
2. Your justification for his/her nomination in no more than 4 sentences (about 100 words).

13 responses to “Announcement: Pakistan Ignoble Award for Journalism (PIAJ)”

  1. Shahid Masood.

    It was a tough competition. We have got loads of them who could get this award like talat, kashif, yasmin manzoor, hamid mir, qader hasan, orya maqbool, qami, danish and nasim zehra but i think shaid massod deserves this award .

    Although, i am not very sure because other candidates have got equally ignoble credentials. For example Talat tries to maintain the facade of impartiallity while raping it. He cannot hide his pleasure of demonising politicians and glorifying media military alliance. He has also got a soft corner for Taliban. He intends to be a kingmaker in our unlucky land where such people are deemed to be important.

    Kashif Abbasi play -acts squeeler of George Orwells novel animal farm. He thinks noise is affirmation of truth. He is very cynical, tries to insult his guests and cannot overcome his unreasonable hatred for Zardari.

    Yamin manzoor for pretentions of godly widom and bad manners.she is more interested in conflict than objective analysis.

    Hamid Mir thinks that he is an arab warrior trying to ransack a city full of infidels. His yearning for past glory is destroying our present for almost two decades. And journalistic honesty is on permanent holiday in his domain. Because Nasim Hijazi novels and local mullah sermons have kidnapped objectivity like taliban kidnap engineers in order to slaughter them. Like all past lovers he has got good ecnomic sense. He keeps chnaging sides without abandoning his version of a long gone arab warrior.

    Qadir Hasan, Orya Maqbool, Qasmi and Ansar Abbasi have been persistent in the art of lying, spying and meaningless gibberish.they are stars of anti democracy, anti provinces and ant- bhutto movement.their revultion to democracy and elected politicians has no boundaries. Hatred of Bhuttos has killed their sense of journalistic norms and customs.

    Danish is also of his own kind. He runs a talk show and persistently declares that people of pakistan are insensitive and illiterate. All these share a common trait with dictators. They want to control every aspect of pakistani life. Election, public, choice are not important things to them.people of pakistan have rejected all version of dictatorship. But they would never respect the people ‘s will.this journalistic hooliganism is almost intolerable but they should not be silenced.freedom of speech is importany even if speech is just a meaningless noise.

    To cut a long story short i would nominate Shaid Masood as most ignoble journalist because he symbolises toxic waste of journalism industry. He was respected by Bhutto family and he is telling lies about their family life. Violating other people’s privacy is the most ignoble deed.trying to unseat an elected representative is worst sort of privacy invasion. We all make mistakes. Commit crimes, sins and follies but we cannot kill a moral person within. Shaid Masood has done so. Read his articles, you will see it for yourself.

  2. Dear Destiny
    Your comment is so priceless than I think very few would be able to match its power and punch.

  3. Rabia’s comments on Grand Trunk Road on Destiny’s comments:

    In case you missed the track back here is the link:

    In Rabia’s words:

    I present to you the best comment on the internet courtesy of this blog post on Let Us Build Pakistan inviting nominations for the Pakistan Ignoble Award for Journalism. There are just so many great things about this comment. The description of Talat Hussain is priceless: “Talat tries to maintain the facade of impartiality while raping it”. Kashif Abbasi “play acts Sqeeler of George Orwell’s animal farm” (haha!) Hamid Mir “thinks he’s an Arab warrior trying to ransack a city of infidels”. I also agree with his conclusion “THIS JOURNALISTIC HOOLIGANISM IS ALMOST INTOLERABLE BUT THEY SHOULD NOT BE SILENCED.FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS IMPORTANY EVEN IF SPEECH IS JUST A MEANINGLESS NOISE.” Indeed!

  4. Ansar Fascist Abbasi gets my vote.
    In a recent satarical artcile, Dawn journalist, Nadeem F. Paracha called him a “scruffy little baby rabbit.”

  5. combined wisdom is our strength.the timing of murtaza bhutto shaheed case is to give a chance and issue to destablize pppp in sindh.v r at war.v r not afraid of terrorist;and anti pppp elements v should give immediate relief to poor people of pakistan.nro matter is the commitment of trasperancy to americans for thier further aid need clean people to cover this crisis united v r an ocean individualy v r a drop keep zab and bibi shaheeds dreams alive

  6. I vote for all of the Talibanic journalists, but there has to be only one for 2009.See who comes out the worst man without a conscience.

  7. salman said… (from LUBP old site):

    The agents of anti-democracy establishment, e.g. Shaheen Sehbai and his co- Dr Shahid Masood, Ansar Abbasi and some others have openly or implicitly running a campaign against Zardari. They want to derail the democratic process. There all the efforts are to dislodge Zardari. A strict action must be taken against all such so-called journalists, black sheep in the journalist community, and also their ruthless owners, and award maximum exemplary punishment to them under the Article 6 of Pakistan’s constitution. Mr. Shaheen Sehbai is constantly barking against the Govt. There is no reality in Genoa operation and if there were any evidences why they are hesitate to make them public. I will feel sorrow for Mr. Sehbai that Zardari enjoys indemnity under article 248 and his very wish for dislodging Zardari will never materialize. Shaheen Sehbai is expert in speaking lie like a prostitute; he is on sale and now he fulfilling agenda of his non-sense bosses. Everyone knows that fact that there is no difference between Zardari and Gilani but still he is barking and spreading taint. He is a white liar and there is no reality in his stories.

    06 DECEMBER 2009 13:44

  8. Kaleem Butt (via email):

    They say comparisons are odious but similarities between Bill O’ Reilly of The O’Reilly Factor of Fox News and its desi imitation “Merey Mutabiq” by Dr.Shahid Masood (of PTV fame) are too obvious to be ignored.Both shows have their share of stock characters (jokers) who regularly appear in their respective shows and pretend to be analysts. Both are right wing propaganda spewing spin shows under the guise of non partisanship and independent opinions.Bill O’ Reilly had his comeuppance in the shape of The site is worth a look. It is time someone created http://www.Dr.Shahid to give him his due.

  9. A comment received by email:

    Ansar Abbasi is the liar in chief; he deserves the price. Nominated by Hameed Akthar in Express:

    Ali Wahab did not say that I will kill you rather he said God give you death. To pray or swear is not a crime in any law.
    Daily Express columnist Hamid Akhtar is a senior most journalist in Pakistan. He is in this field from last 62 years. Please read his column in today’s paper and it will open eyes of Jang mafia’s supporters.
    Here is the link

    Aftab Ahmad

    According to another blogger netengr:

    کبھی ڈوگر کی بچی کبھی فزیہ وہاب کا بچہ ،انصار عباسی نے بچوں کا کیوں پیچھا لیا ہوا ہے ،٢٥ صحافی طالبان نے مار دے اور لوگوں کو دھمکایا پر ان پر کوئی ردعمل نہیں ہوا .

    ویسے آج کل انصار عباسی ،فہمیدہ مرزا کے چھ مہینے کے بچے کی رپورٹنگ کر رہا ہے ،اس کے پیمپرز خرید تے ہوئے فہمیدہ مرزا نے دکان والے کو دو روپے کم دیے ،پھر جب انصار عباسی نے بچے کو پیر کرنا چاہا تو اس نے انصار عباسی پر حملہ کر دیا جو ایک اقدام قتل ہے ،اس کے علاوہ اس چھ مہینے کے بچے نے کیمیائی ہتھیار یعنی پیشاب کا بھی استمال کیا انصار عباسی کے خلاف

  10. Geo ‘Jawabdeh’ host Iftikhar Ahmed resigns in protest Monday, November 17, 2008\11\17\story_17-11-2008_pg7_34

    LAHORE: Iftikhar Ahmed, the host of Geo TV show ‘Jawabdeh’, resigned on Sunday after the channel administration refused to air an interview with former Pakistan Television managing director Shahid Masood. The interview was recorded last week and was being advertised in the group’s The News and Jang newspapers. On Sunday, the Geo TV administration seized the original recording and declined to run it. Iftikhar Ahmed told Aaj Kal he was being pressured to censor parts of the interview but he did not compromise on principles and resigned. aaj kal report

  11. I support Ansar Abbasi because he is a perfect man, a man who is perfectly without a conscience.

  12. I have a tie b/w shahid mardoor oh..sorry…masood and Zaafran…again my aplologies…Kam-Ran-Khan….Both these ghost hunting journalists have completed their degrees from Naseem hijazi’s school of thought and now propagating what they undertook in their PHD -Fitnaas. And Kam-Rand-Khan really makes me laugh on his pathetic research and mouth-bobbling-sliva-throwing way of reporting. I hope the camera men and crew which has the privilege to stand in front of Kam-rand-khan take bathes after every show 😀