The desperation of Dr Shahid Masood to reveal his own evil designs

Frustrated by the fact that as a failed journalist and as a man of dubious integrity, he is abhorred and mistrusted by masses, journalists, politicians and establishment alike, Dr Shahid Masood has written a column titled “The desperation of PPP to shoot the messenger” in The News on 27 November 2009. Here is an analysis of some of his confessions and frustrations in his own words:

Topi drama of fake ban on Meray Mutabiq
“What has he gained by asking the Dubai government to ban my show, the denials by the Presidency or the Islamabad government notwithstanding? That the ban was imposed by Dubai on the specific request of Pakistani president was confirmed by the major newspaper ‘Khaleej Times’ where it is universally known that all local news, especially about the government, are published after they are officially cleared. So while the show was banned in Dubai, it was still on air on Geo from a different location, and it will continue to be aired.”

I am a proud Sindhi but I hate Sindhis
“I am a proud Pakistani and also a proud Sindhi, but I don’t believe in the Sindh card. I am sure that such a card does not exist anymore…This is the final showdown the PPP is trying to start so that if President Zardari is disqualified, the Sindh Card, as it is generally known, could be played effectively.”

I am frustrated with the anti-establishment role of Nawaz Sharif
“The PML-N is waiting in the wings for the PPP to collapse under the weight of its own follies. This is not a sane approach because as a responsible party leader Mian Nawaz Sharif should start talking to all the political leaders and discuss these issues in an effort to bring some sanity to the PPP thinking. No one wants the system to go down, but if Mr Zardari is prepared to blackmail the country with the Sindh and Karachi Cards, he must be stopped now, by political means.”

I want to see an ethnic riot in Karachi
The role of the Awami National Party is also crucial in this situation as its role in any clash between the PPP and the MQM in Karachi will be pivotal as thousands of Pathans, with arms, could play havoc.

Benazir Bhutto was my best friend and I have some secrets against Zardari
Benazir Bhutto, had she been alive, would never have gone this route. The amount of respect and affection shown by her to me is my valuable asset as a journalist, and the lengthy meetings with the late lady in which she used to share with me her personal miseries are sacred trust of her that I would resist to divulge at least for the time being.

Supreme Court is my last hope to derail the democratic system
The fact is that Nov 28 is approaching fast, and it would bury the notorious NRO forever. Then the Supreme Court will hear the petitions of Roedad Khan and Dr Mubashir Hasan to determine whether the NRO was ever a good law.



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