Who needs an NRO ?

Posted by: Jarri Mirza
Blog post written by: Humza Ikram

Former Attorney general of Punjab”Khawaja Sharif” is trying to help his old master’s boy, who was then Chief Minister Punjab “Nawaz Sharif”.

Nawaz Sharif has really surprised his critics by playing his cards really smartly. First, he got a de-jure NRO from the establishment in a shape of Presidential Pardon and then negoiated an excellent business deal which resulted his safe exit to Saudi Arabia, where he owns one of the biggest Steel Mill of Asia and has expanded his other bussiness ventures. And now he got a de-facto NRO from the present judical setup, which is in fact an slap on recent Judicial Policy which aims to give verdicts within a time period six months.

published on 8th October, 2009 source: dailywaqt.com



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