CJP to stop drone attacks? How…?

Imran Khan has filed a petition with the Supreme Court against the series of ongoing drone attacks. He believes there will be international repercussions of the decision of the Supreme Court against drone attacks. May we know how? Why doesn’t Imran Khan press the Supreme Court to stop suicide attacks on mosques, police stations, hotels etc? As far as the Supreme Court is concerned, it will get another chance to listen to headline making petitions. I can imagine CJP, Justice Ramday and Justice Javed Iqbal coming up with thunderous remarks while listening to the petition.

Imran moves SC against drone attacks 

The News, July 1, 2010

By Mumtaz Alvi

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf Chairman (PTI) Imran Khan has filed a petition in the Supreme Court against the ongoing series of drone attacks in the tribal areas, making the Federation of Pakistan and the four provinces respondents.

Talking to media persons here at the party’s Central Secretariat afterwards, Imran said the Ministries of Defence, Foreign Affairs and Interior had also been made respondents in the petition.

“It is the job of the Supreme Court to safeguard the fundamental rights of the citizens of Pakistan and I believe an apex court verdict against the drone attacks will further add to its popularity among the people,” he said replying to a question.

Imran explained majority of Americans were also opposed to the drone attacks and the US senators had raised their voice against the practice. “I believe the apex court’s decision will have international repercussions,” he maintained.

The PTI chief described the drone attacks on Fata as a clear violation of the UN charter, international law as well as the resolutions of the Geneva Convention. He added in 107 drone attacks, 1,153 people had died so far, whereas in revenge, innocent citizens and security forces personnel were targeted.

He made it clear they had knocked at the doors of the Supreme Court as a last resort after the government and opposition failed to help halt the strikes, which had claimed 1,153 lives, whereas only 10 of those killed were suspected militants.

The PTI chairman alleged that both the ruling coalition and opposition parties were trying to outdo one another to please the US. “The US knows it very well that the Government of Pakistan just for the sake of words condemns such strikes,” he said.

Reiterating his opposition to the attacks, Imran said on both sides, Pakistanis were being killed: be they common citizens, personnel of security forces or militants. Answering a question, Imran said the government was following a policy of hypocrisy by saying repeatedly that it was implementing the verdict of the apex court on the NRO, whereas on the ground, it was openly defying it.

To another question, the PTI chief said after getting scrapped the ban from parliament on becoming prime minister for third time, PML-N would now assume the role of a real opposition.

“Zardari should be ready now, as Mian Nawaz Sharif is going to play the part of a genuine opposition leader for his party helped passage of 18th Amendment that also infringed upon the concept of separation of powers of the executive and the judiciary,” he pointed out. He alleged by doing so, the PML-N leader had exploited the movement in support of the judiciary and the chief justice.



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