Salam: A documentary film by Dr Babar Awan to clarify misconceptions about Islam and Quran

In April 2008, Senator Dr Babar Awan announced his intention to make an international documentary on the Holy Quran in response to a controversial film released by a Dutch parliamentarian. Senator Dr Babar Awan said the documentary was being made in response to growing propaganda campaigns in the West against Islam, the Holy Quran and Islamic teachings. He said a script based on research on the Holy Quran prepared by a group of scholars was being vetted by professional writers.

He said the film would not be meant to hurt anyone’s feelings or target any religion but would present the true picture of Islam. “As a Muslim parliamentarian, I have accepted this big challenge to reply to the film of Geert Wilders.” He said world peace truly lay in inter-faith harmony and not in inimical attitude towards different beliefs.

Source: Dawn, 21 April 2008

After extensive research and interviews with some of the leading scholars and journalists in the world (e.g., Karen Armstrong, Tariq Ali, Robert Fisk, Yvonne Ridley), the film was released in 2009, and is now available in the public domain.

Great work, Dr Babar Awan. You have demonstrated that you have an ability to translate your words into action!

All Muslims and all peace loving human beings are proud of you.

We are providing below a copy of the Salam movie (in 6 parts) posted on Youtube:



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