Hamid Mir in support of Pakistan NOT being a failed state

In his op-ed, Hamid Mir has raised some points that we at LUBP have been repeatedly been saying that Pakistanis don’t know how to manage our image. Please read Hamid Mir’s column that has appeared in Jang today. He has written his column after attending a dinner hosted by the Prime Minister in honor of the visiting SAARC Interior Ministers. He has quoted a Bangladeshi delegate who said the following to him:

“…Tanqeed karna aur sunna ache cheez hay lekin tum Pakistani apnay mulk par itni zyada Tanqeed kartay ho kay kabhee kabhee tum logon kee baaten sun kar Pakistan par tars aata hay. Tum loag apna muqadama larna nahee jantay. Aaj tum poori dunya kee baqa kee jang lar rahay ho, apnay fauji jawan shaheed kara rahay ho. Afghanistan mayn tashaddud aur dhamakay barh gaye hayn, Pakistan mayn kam ho gaye hayn, lekin Foreign Policy Magazine tumhayn dus nakam riasaton may qarar dey raha hay aur tum nay koi moasar jawab nahee diya. Tumharay Foreign Office ko challenge karna chahiye kay agar Kygyzstan kee surat-e-haal behtar to magazine ka editor Kyrgystan ja kar dikhaye”.


These are extremely pertinent points raised by a foreign delegate who incidentally is from a country who can always crib about Pakistan. It is a sad fact that we do not know how to fight for ourselves. I live in a foreign country with many an Indian colleagues. I never hear them say bad things about India. They talk about Shining India and growth opportunities, but when you ask them when they are moving back home to enjoy the fruits of economic boom, they stay quiet.

When will we Pakistanis learn? We have to be united with each other on thing which is Pakistan comes first and our petty interests later!

Hamid Mir's column, June 28, 2010



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