Deals on personal interests and desires – by Farhad Jarral

This is an exclusive news by LUBP as it’s not published in any newspaper nor in electronic media.

Justice Ramday’s son in law will be the new President of the Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB). Isn’t it interesting? Is this appointment on merit or is it a part of some deal between Justice Ramday and Mian Mansha?

We however know that Justice Ramday is a powerful man in his capacity as a confidante of CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry (which also earned him his current status, i.e., senior ad hoc judge of Supreme Court). Good work, Mr. Mansha.

Secondly Shahbaz Sharif has appointed the Coca Cola Country Head as Chairman of Punjab Board of Investment. He will continue his job in Coca Cola also. His business tactics are being used in Punjab Government.

Mr. Sharif, the Punjab Government is not Ittefaq Foundries which is your own business and you can appoint any person you want to work with, but this is about whole province which is in a lot of problems and crisis. Personal desires are ruining Punjab and day by day masses are being poorer than before. It’s a moment of shame for those who still support these thugs and their party.



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