Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto: a man who cannot be described in words – by Tasbeeh Fayaz

Thousands of orators and writers all across the world have praised the charisma of Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Mr. Bhutto was undoubtedly a lion-hearted, indomitable and a tireless leader. He was the man of millennium perhaps a plucky political thinker. He was a matchless phenomenon who still rules over every heart. People are greatly inspired by his heroism, self sacrifice and invincible personality.

Mr. Bhutto was a dauntless person who gave innumerable sacrifices to restore the nation’s image abroad. He was a person who squeezed politics out of the drawing rooms and brought them out into open lands. His greatness is far beyond my words. He was a man of principles who firmly believed in human rights. He fulfilled his promises of food, clothe and sheltering and drew up a constitution which guaranteed equal rights for all the citizens. His vision always met others’ needs. He was a man of action. He always pushed himself to act and work for his people. He framed the foreign policy of Pakistan and introduced measures to improve the nation’s defense system.

Mr. Bhutto was later imprisoned by a military dictator general Zia ul haq and was hanged. This execution was basically a
judicial murder. Our leader however refused to plead for his life. He believed that it was better to die in the hands of a dictator than to die a natural death.

Mr. Bhutto was sentenced to death because of no reason. His great family got shattered. The whole world cried and
mourned. Every citizen then considered himself as an orphan. His body now rests in the lands of Larkana, but yes, his soul is still here in our hearts. Remembering him still bring tears to our eyes. Every individual still salutes his heroism.

Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto is still remembered for his courage to fulfill his vision, which came out from his
passion, not position. He loved his people more than his position. This immensely popular leader immersed himself within the local people. His glamorous eyes would often shed tears while listening to the poor and the destitute. During a speech in white house, John. F. Kennedy said to zulfikar Ali Bhutto, “you don’t know, you are standing in the greatest building of America.” Bhutto replied with a smiling face, “Unfortunately, you don’t know that the greatest building of America lies under my feet”. HATS OFF TO SUCH A LIVING LEGEND



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