Pakistani media, Nawz Sharif and Mrs Wasim Akram’s funeral

Statement by Nawaz Sharif on NRO, followed by an analysis by Ayaz Khan.

NRO to be opposed at all forums, says Nawaz
By Our Staff Reporter (Dawn)
Saturday, 31 Oct, 2009

LAHORE: The PML-N will oppose the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) at all forums and will finalise a line of action at a meeting on Tuesday, Nawaz Sharif, the party’s chief, said here on Saturday.

Talking to newsmen at the residence of former test cricketer Waseem Akram after condoling the death of his wife, Nawaz Sharif said his party would oppose passage of the NRO in the House as the ‘legislation was tantamount to maligning the Parliament’.

The former prime minister accused the standing committee of the National Assembly of bulldozing democratic norms along with the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) at its Friday meeting.

The NRO was aimed at providing benefit to a class of people who, in the larger interest of the nation, must not take the benefit.

Asked about his meeting with President Asif Ali Zardari this week, he said it was in the ‘larger national interest’ rather than ‘seeking any plot or contract’.

In the meeting, ‘we talked about implementation of the Charter of Democracy’. The president, however, did not raise the issue of NRO nor took him into confidence.

Asked if the issue could lead to a confrontation between the PPP and PML-N, he parried the question and said: ‘Politics of plots and contracts must end.’

On his meeting with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at Raiwind on Thursday, he said he put across the concerns and reservations of his party over the Kerry-Lugar bill ‘without mincing words and wanted America to address them’.

Here is the op-ed by Ayaz Khan on this topic: