Pakistan Must Root Out MI6 Elements from the ISI, or Perish

Sept. 21, 2008 (EIRNS)—Bodies are still being pulled out from under the rubble that the Islamabad Marriott Hotel has become, following the truck-bomb attack by a suicide bomber on the evening of Sept. 20, when the faithful were breaking fast on the 16th day of the holy Islamic month of Ramadan. Already 60 deaths have been announced, including the death of the Czech Ambassador to Pakistan.

The massive attack in Pakistan’s capital, labeled by the Lahore-based Daily Times as “Pakistan’s 9/11,” is laden with consequences and extreme danger. In order to understand why the Daily Times called it “Pakistan’s 9/11,” one must look at the huge security breach that allowed such a tragedy to occur. The Marriott Hotel is located approximately 200 yards away from the Parliament House, and about the same distance from the highest seat of Pakistan’s judiciary, the Supreme Court. Because of its location, it was considered a “fortress” by the foreigners who have been targetted by the terrorists in Pakistan. Moreover, U.S. Marines routinely make overnight stops at the Marriott Hotel on their way to Afghanistan. In other words, it had long been a plum target of the terrorists.

Because of repeated terrorist incidents in Islamabad, and the dangerous situation that prevails across the River Indus in the western part of Pakistan, the capital “enjoyed” the security provided by Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). The Sept. 20 incident makes clear that the Pakistani ISI, or at least a section of this outfit, is working hand-in-glove with British intelligence to weaken Islamabad, weaken the Pakistani Army, and break away the western part of Pakistan contiguous to Afghanistan. It is the same network that organized the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto last November.

For months, EIR has warned both Washington and Islamabad that unless the British-led policy in that area, implemented by a corrupt ISI, is brought to an end, the “victory in Afghanistan,” that U.S. Admiral Mullen envisions, will be a pyrrhic victory. The entire region will be in flames, and the United States will find it difficult to locate even a single friend in that area.

“Support Pakistan in cleaning these British elements out of the ISI,” Lyndon LaRouche said today. “Get these British elements out of there, before more people are killed!”


LaRouche Assails British Role in Bhutto Murder

This article appears in the January 4, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Within hours of the Dec. 27 assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, Lyndon LaRouche offered the following blunt assessment.

LaRouche characterized the assassination as a “chaos operation,” and emphasized that he sees the British intelligence hand all over it, citing, for example, recent revelations of MI6 operators negotiating with Taliban leaders in Afghanistan, behind the backs of the U.S. and the Karzai government. The British, LaRouche elaborated, are operating within many groups—in all factions, on all sides of the conflict. They work towards both parallel and contradictory objectives, to maintain maximum leverage.

LaRouche emphasized that the motives behind the Bhutto assassination are global, not regional. There are factions of the British oligarchy who are out to make the entire global situation into an unwholesome mess. This has more to do with the global financial crash than anything internal to the politics of Southwest or South Asia. There are factions in the City of London and allied financial oligarchy, who understand that the present financial system is doomed—is already collapsing at an accelerating rate. They see this as endgame, and are committed to determining who survives, and who goes down. They are using terrorism as a weapon of chaos, to secure their survival through the collapse, and to pave the way for dictatorship in many regions.

LaRouche explained that he is not referring to the House of Windsor. The issue is the London-centered Anglo-Dutch financial oligarchy, which is out to consolidate its imperial control over the world, under conditions of a total breakdown crisis. The issue is: Who will come out of the crash intact?

To unearth the specific British assets behind the Bhutto assassination, the appropriate question is: Which British assets in the South Asia region hate the prospect of any rational outcome to the situation? That is the starting point. As early evidence indicates, the Bhutto assassination was an “inside job,” run through British and allied operatives within the inner circle of Mrs. Bhutto, including within her security entourage.