Baba Mazari’s message of unity to Shia Hazaras – by S. Batool

Quoting Baba Mazari’s address to foster unity and harmony:

“The war that has been pushed into you, these rifts are all caused by [Khariji] Wahabbis. My Mujahid brothers, my honorable people, never think that our enemies are Pashtoons, Tajik etc, NO! You have lived along from decades and are all brothers here. I myself struggled for the rights of my people under the banner of brotherhood of all of these brothers. We all are brothers here. Enemy’s goal is to separate apart us (Pashtoons, Hazaras and all other nationals living along) and you will have to fail this plot by being alert, by being aware of conspirators. We respect all the rights of all humankind. I respect Qandahar’s honorable brothers. Hazaras was presented by falsely portraying them. “

Blessed bodies like that of Baba Mazari (ra) perished away from this murderous world but their souls will always rekindle humanity in between would-be humans because after all body perishes but the soul remains as the flowers wither but the seeds remain and plays its role in the making of another flower among weeds.

Figures such as Baba Mazari served humanity widely whose services can never be forgotten. It was Afghanistan decades ago where humanity was saved from ethnic clashes within the State.  However, in those times of trial,  leader like Baba Mazari not only believed in brotherhood between the Hazaras and other ethnicities who were then residing in Afghanistan, but also struggled for clarifying the misunderstandings about Hazaras falsely presentation of being barbaric  within other ethnic groups. Baba Mazari’s emphasis on Intra-Afghan unity was widely appreciated while enemy wanted discord within them.

Afghanistan’s war was within ethnic groups while today Pakistan is facing religious extremists who are alert enough in knocking door to door religious sects and are trying hard in creating rifts between these sects majorly between Shia and Sunni.

Welcome the world of dying people: Its Shia Hazaras of Quetta whose population is somewhere around 550,000 in Pakistan.  Hazaras in Pakistan are attacked on the basis of their religious faith which is Shiasm, not ethnicity.  However, there are particular individuals among this community who have been trying hard to color this religious attack as ethnic and have been struggling hard in segregating Shia Hazaras from Shias of Pakistan  hence leaving them in isolation.

In a world where religious and sectarian strife have become so murderously common, and small cells of terrorists have penetrated the heartlands of the mightiest of states, Shia Hazara has been one of the leading communities whose blood have been spilled up for their religious faith (shiaism).

This address of Baba Mazari  was years before but seems as if Baba Mazari had advised this to us today. The same dilemma is torturing each of us too. Today we are being pushed in sectarian war, Shia Sunni , Hazara and Syed ; war is being intentionally pushed into us by certain masses. Hazaras, Pashtoons , Baloch and all other settlers have been living along at Quetta from decades. We never witnessed even skirmishes between us. Even Shia Sunnis lives peacefully in offices, in colleges, in universities, in banks and in all fields where they are interacted with each other.

Know it, this is a specific mindset and a specific group who are being forced to dance over their mastermind’s signals. Their only goal is to break up this peaceful city.

Be aware, Baba Mazari already told you that whosoever utters a single word of separation or does any act that causes separation between Hazara and Pashtoon brothers ( and all other ethnic groups) and Shia and Sunni, are all puppets.  Spreading animosity between different ethnic groups is serving the terrorists especially when religious extremists are ready to shoot you on the basis of your religious faith.

Similarly, Hazaras shall take all the ethnic groups along and being Shias shall shake hands with Sunni brothers in order to protect Islam and Pakistan.

Hazaras of Quetta are proud to be Hazara and Shia at the same time equally and none of them goes imbalanced between the two except those who want to hurt both Shia Islam and Hazargi.

Issues do not arise in contradiction with religious or secular Hazaras (who are a group only) mindsets but in contradiction with the level of intolerance shown for the two. ‘Hazara Only’ slogan sparkle the flashes of fire ready to burn you in isolation. Rationalize your decisions and understand that the only solution against attacks on Shia Hazaras is our alliance with all Shias and Sunnis of Pakistan.

Peace between Afghan nations speech of Ustad Baba Abdul Ali Mazari(r.a)



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