We appreciate Israeli President’s Ramadan message

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Israeli President Shimon Peres has released a video message wishing the Muslim world “Ramadan Kareem”, meaning “have a blessed Ramadan (or Ramzan)”.

During the month of Ramadan, which begins this year (2012) on July 19/20, Muslims around the world refrain from eating, drinking etc from sunrise to sunset, in order to demonstrate their submission to God.

The greetings begin with President Peres’ saying “Salam Alekum,” or, in Hebrew, “Shalom Aleichem,” the greetings for peace.

“On behalf of all of the Israeli people, I want to extend to all Muslims around the world my very best wishes for a Ramadan Kareem,” Peres says.

We appreciate Israeli’s gesture of wishing Ramadan and reaching out to other people in friendship. We hope that the State of Israel will take concrete steps in order to abolish the apartheid against its own Arab citizens and other persecuted groups, and also seek to resolve its dispute with the Palestinians in accordance with international obligations and UN resolutions. The more Israel does in this regard, the better and more humane its policies get, the better this will become in its appearance and conduct.

At the same time, we think it is important that Muslim majority states, right from Iran to Saudi Arabia and from Pakistan to Malaysia abolish anti-Semitism and extend friendship towards the State of Israel and the Jewish people in general. As Israeli President rightly noted, Muslims, Christians and Jews (as well as other human beings) share most values and morals. Together we can build a better world and serve humanity.


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  1. I congratulate Israel’s president on this bold message and also the LUBP for this bold post and appreciation of Mr. Perez’s message.

  2. In the meanwhile, not only LeJ-ASWJ terrorists but also Iran-infected Shias remain hate-oriented.

    Irfan Qadri http://criticalppp.com/archives/133092

    The blocks on minority Web sites bode poorly for the basic right to free speech in Pakistan – by Huma Yusuf

    Irfan Qadri http://criticalppp.com/archives/133096

    Israeli President Shimon Peres wishes Muslim world a blessed Ramadan | LUBP

    Israeli President Shimon Peres has released a video message wishing the Muslim world “Ramadan Kareem”, meaning “have a blessed Ramadan (or Ramzan)”
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    Political Shia – Pakistan ‎Irfan Qadri only you can be a fool enough to consider shias as minority
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    Political Shia – Pakistan and only you can be fooled for accepting Israel’s wish for ramadan
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    Irfan Qadri ‎Political Shia – Pakistan What minority? Who said that?
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    Irfan Qadri In the meanwhile, keep enjoying your friendship with Hamas and Muslim Brotherhoold which have already stopped Ashura in Gaza and Egypt.

    Irfan Qadri ‎
    Is Political Shia Pakistan being moderated by a new person, who lacks basic manners? If he does not know how to read, must learn how to write. In the editor’s note in the above published link, it was clearly stated that Shias are not a minority. Political Shia – Pakistan must offer an apology if he has some morality left.

    Syed Haider H. Shah ‎” Last but not least minority is not an appropriate word to describe Pakistan’s Shia Muslims. ” – in the 2nd paragraph
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    Political Shia – Pakistan ‎Irfan Qadri hating israel doesn’t mean we support their stooges like Muslim brotherhod
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    Irfan Qadri ‎Political Shia – Pakistan You have deleted your comment and not offered an apology. You have deleted my comment too. Is that how a Shia of Imam Ali behaves. Stop behaving like a Shia of Muawiya. Restore my and your comments or I will publish the entire exchange!

    Syed Haider H. Shah Words of Senator Syed Faisal Raza Abidi coming true…
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    Irfan Qadri What did Faisal Abidi say?

    Syed Haider H. Shah indirectly, that shia killing will soon become the greatest issue of Pakistan

    Political Shia – Pakistan ‎Irfan Qadri comments have been deleted to avoid inconvenience to other readers, if you have issues with the page contact by messages

    and welcoming israel on our page is not allowed
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    Irfan Qadri No the exchange was public. You were publicly rude without reading the post on Shia website. You must offer a public apology.

    Political Shia – Pakistan ‎Irfan Qadri what about an apology for supporting a zionist cause?

    Syed Haider H. Shah I’m sorry but I cannot see where anybody is supporting Israel or a zionist cause.
    P.S I’m a proud Shia.

    Irfan Qadri Political Shia – Pakistan Truly you are a dishonest person with a a twisted mind. If I posted LUBP’s balanced post on Israel President’s message, this means I am supporting a Zionist cause? What else is bigotry and fatway baazi? Still you refuse to apologize on calling me a fool because in your words I believe Shias are a minority. This conversation is over. Given that you are likely to delete this exchange I am am glad it is saved as a comment on LUBP, and will request them to take a notice of this exchange by those they are trying to support

    Political Shia – Pakistan ‎Irfan Qadri
    Iran infected !!!

    Shows whose language you are speaking in you zionist


    Now published here:


  3. This is an impressive post by LUBP.
    The Media and the Muslim world does itself honour by accepting sincere well wishes for the Holy month of Ramadan from Israeli President Shimon Peres.
    My compliments to LUBP for an even response to this sincere gesture by Israeli President Shimon Peres. Did he have to say anything? No. But, he did.
    Of course, there are still differences and complex issues, but ANY progress of this sort needs to be encouraged. Let us not live in the world of demonization, where nothing can be recognized as progress, and moves but hateful tongues.
    LUBP is courageous, intelligent and stalwart in the cause of world peace and understands what many don’t- hating Jews does not solve complex issues of Israel and Palestine.
    And, accepting Israeli President Shimon Peres best wishes for the Muslim world for a blessed Ramadan, is appropriate. To attack LUBP for this is ignorant.
    (Retort by Irfan Qadri stated above “If I posted LUBP’s balanced post on Israel President’s message, this means I am supporting a Zionist cause?”)
    No, it does not.
    Progress of any type hinges on: Accept the positive, reject the negative.

  4. Disagree with last paragraph.
    Being anti-Israel is one thing. Being anti-semitic is another.

  5. Wow, great comments? but no actions! Can the president of Israel show some basic human values towards people of Palestine as well? You grabbed Muslims lands, killed thousands of them since 1948 and now you are congratulating us on Ramadan?

  6. It was a formality and that’s all it was. The conditions in much of West Bank and Gaza are worst than Warsaw Camps and Israel has built thousands of homes housing millions of inhabitants in occupied territories. There is little difference between Nazi Germany and Israel so before thinking whether Muslim countries should extend a hand of friendship to Israel, think if you would have extended a hand of friendship towards Nazi Germany.

    I request the administrator to take down this offensive post. It is like Saudi Arabia and Iran telling the world that they allow religious minorities i.e Shias and Sunnis in the respective countries to practice Islam fully when we all know its far from reality.

  7. Why the hell in this world we need his greetings????