Harming the war on terror via accusing Pakistan – by By Riaz Ali Toori

Recently London School of Economics (LSE) has published a fabricated report where in Pakistan’s government, democratically elected President and the intelligence agency ISI are alleged liable for abetting Taliban in Afghanistan and for playing double game.
The tale appeared the time when Afghanistan President has uttered his outlook of distrust over Western machinery involved in Afghanistan’s war from last one decade without any feat but failure. Afghanistan’s President has not merely exposed his uncertainities over west’s efforts in war on terror in addition to it, he is methodically craving for dialogue with Taliban.

Near Mr. Karzai there is plain variation between good and bad Taliban inside Afghanistan. Secondly, the report comes before us while Pakistan unnoticed all pressures and courageously signed Pakistan-Iran Peace Gas Pipeline Accord after fourteen years delay negotiation at the same time as Iran went under severe sanctions by UN’s Security Council.

Such skewed report will intensely ruin the valour and determination of country like Pakistan which is earnestly contributing in war against terrorism. To the extent Pakistan is being suffered owing to the presence of Taliban in Afghanistan and neighboring tribal area, no other country is suffered to date. There is no reason to be found that Pakistan is abetting the Taliban within Afghanistan or in any other region while India is caught up in backing up the insurgents inside Balochistan repeatedly.

The report is anchored in a research carried out by a British researcher Matt Waldman, who has been closely associated with the British political and defense establishment, a news agency claimed. He conducted his research in the early 2010 and accomplished interviews in Afghanistan apparently with the help and support of his NATO handlers.

Waldman’s prejudiced report is an attempt to denigrate the Pakistan’s high-flying character in war on terror, to fail a democratic government inside Pakistan and to libel the ISI which is understood to be the vertebrae of Pakistan’s military and in sequence to generate plots between two brothers Muslim countries i.e. Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Pakistan and Afghanistan not only share a long border of somewhat 18,000KM long as well as the people of both countries have cordial, blood, traditional and religious relations since centuries. Unrest inside one country directly decays environment of the other one. In the happiness and peace of both countries there is mutual benefit. The report is intended to switch the people attentions from facts that Afghanistan has lost its trust over west in defeating terrorism inside Afghanistan and to fade away the Afghan sentiments who are crying for the end of this hopeless protracted war.

A cursory glance at the today Tribal Areas straightens how much Pakistan is injured after 9/11 and what Pakistan acquired as a result of this war? Life was far better than today inside FATA and in any other part of Pakistan than earlier. Pakistan has a chain of sacrifices for the purging of terrorism.

Pakistan Army is in state of war against miscreants virtually in all parts of the tribal areas. Days back the Amnesty International report has acknowledged the FATA; a human rights free zone, where the life of man is in hell as a result of war on terror and presence of terrorists. Hither to Pakistan has received death fatalities of Armed forces personals, police,government officials and civilians in millions with enormous annihilation toits basic infrastructure.

Falling off of Pakistan’s economy is simply because of the ongoing war on terror that today Pakistan is face up to multi-socio economic problems where half of the population is confronted with chronic food insecurity. All the develop mental projects are collapsed inside FATA since the first day of war on terror. Roads connecting the tribal areas with rest of country and outside world are blocked. All sources of communication are broken down and people are begging for one time meal there.

Schools, colleges and hospitals are either destructed or burst in to flames by terrorists. People from FATA and Khyber-PakhtoonKhwa went underhurting situations in IDPs camps and they are leading Stone Age life beingin 21st century. Pakistani public received irreparable wounds but heartbreaking that the international community instead to back up Pakistan morally and economically be an ally and big victim of terrorism, is trying to defame and undermine Pakistan.

Government and public of Pakistan neither have any mercy for terrorists nor playing any double game. Pakistan Army is taking ferocious actions against terrorists in FATA and public is buoying up Pakistan Army enthusiastically. The report brazenly mentions a meeting between Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari and the Taliban prisoners. The claim is quite ridiculous, absurd and rubbish and must go into garbage’s bin. It becomes speechless when it comes to the President personal meeting with Taliban.

Every levelheaded knows that President of any country doesn’t lack realistic names that bring about such tasks instead president go to prisoners’ cage himself. Moreover, the President of Pakistan himself is great victim of terrorism as he lost his beloved leader and wife in an attack on her life on 27th December 2007.

The author has made acute accusations against the democratically elected President of a sovereign country and its self-disciplined institution. The report has entirely overlooked the miseries of Pakistani people, sufferings of Armed Forces and stead fastness of Pakistani Government in the abolition of terrorism. Such report can be cause of the poignant end of war on terror devoid of victory. What Pakistan public and Army is facing in Orakzai, Mahmond and other tribal areas of Pakistan while combating terrorism, an author in London School of Economics can put forward a fictitious report but can’t feel their sufferings.

The international community especially the UK and the US must condemn the report strongly and call upon a commission so as to investigate the objects of the author that can be foundation of failure of war onterror. The report is an attempt to broaden the gaps between Allies of waron terror hence to create skepticism between them and to profit them iscreants consequently.

By:  Riaz Ali Toori



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