Let’s build paradise for all – by H.A. Khan

Sometimes things happen in our lives that make us not only surprised but also speechless. I sometime think that why the world in which we are living today is becoming replete of sadness and atrocities? When the time will come, when people belonging to different religions, different cultures, different languages will be able to live with peace and harmony and indeed making this world a heaven for all humanity without any discrimination. It will be the heaven where all human beings will be allowed to enjoy its fruits and blessings without any discrimination.

The time has come to really think over this and we should with all our capacity be bold enough to put our share in making this world a beautiful paradise where our present and the future generations can live happily without any kind of fear and injustice.

Life is a one time blessing and it should be lived with all the pleasures and joys and should be lived with all the love between the humanity as I strongly believe that humanity is the world largest religion and we should act like human being rather to waste our lives just in defending our religions and offending other religions.

Now in the end i will share you that an innocent boy and a girl asked me the following.

1- Sir when our creator gives us birth in any religion then why people belonging to other religions say to us that you will not be blessed with the heaven in your after lives, where as we see that if God is happy in giving us birth in any religion then why people oppose the liking of the creator?

2- Why is it so that people live their all lives in preaching about the heaven to be blessed after death and they never preach or work for a single moment to make this world as a heaven for all?



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