No more – by Chauhdry Ahmad Khan

Pakistan is reeling from the murder of 70 of its own citizens-massacred due to their faith by the self-appointed guardians of faith. Anyone with a shred of conscience left in Pakistan should declare themselves as Ahmadi – “I am an Ahmadi” should be the call of the day.

Just as they should have declared themselves as Christians, Sikhs and Shias when these minorities were also being massacred and persecuted by the same Frankensteins that are supported by the establishment and its three favorite proxies- the Judges, the journalists and the Jihadis.

Whenever it gets time from lynching the elected PPP government and scuttling its initiatives on the basis of doctored evidence, false testimony and politically motivated charges, it frees violent sectarian militants like the ones that caused the massacre of Ahmadis in Lahore today.  When viewing the extensive dossiers of these fascist murderers, the establishment’s B Team, or as it is known in Pakistan, the Judiciary, deems it unworthy to prosecute hate-mongers.  By doing so, it places itself in the dock for gruesome crimes such as the one perpetrated today.  To prevent such outrage, the Judiciary too needs to be held accountable for facilitating Islamist dictators, committing judicial murder and allowing dictators to mangle the constitution.

If anyone has any lingering doubts with regards to the authenticity of the taped conversation attributed to the country’s “ace” journalist, Hamid Mir, they should be laid to rest today.  In a just society, where the Judiciary is not fulfilling its vengeful lust for revenge,  bigots like Hamid Mir should have been hauled up and charged for treason against the State and for murder and for inciting hatred against the Ahmadis. Then again, what does one expect from such bedfellows such as the Judiciary and much of the journalist community; the same group that threw objectivity and fairness to the winds in combining to continuously undermine a weak democracy.  From the smug Nasim Zehras to the smirking Talat Hussains, and from the pseudo-suave Moeed Peerzada to the Muslim Brotherhood enclave better known as GEO, there is only apologia for these monster that are massacring use. From using doctored surveys to abdicating their channels to serve as pulpits for Jihadis, these journalists need to be held accountable.

The Jihadis- well what can one say about them that has not been said before.  In one sentence, these stone hearted ruthless mercenaries and purveyors of a distorted and fascist ideology need to be confronted.  For too long, our educated middle class considered them as heroes fighting “American imperialism”.  They need to wake up and realize that they were used in a counter democracy movement, whose dragon’s teeth have resulted in the massacre of today! They were marching with these Jihadis until very recently and in their reactionary attitude towards the PPP and the rest of the world, they have strengthened the Jihadis and those who support them and those who created them.  And none of these groups give a damn about democracy- their record speaks for itself.

Lastly, the PPP needs to urgently move a motion in Parliament to overturn the discriminatory laws against the Ahmadis and purge and restore the 1973 Constitution from the Islamist mangling of two military dictators and the surrender by our own Z. A. Bhutto to the fascist Jamaat-e- Islami.  This will go a long way in strengthening the positive aspects of ZAB’s legacy.   Far more importantly, though, it will be a giant step in protecting the lives of Pakistan’s Ahmadis.  Like the Christians and Shias, we have abandoned them to the Jamaat Islami wolves.

Today, we can no longer subsist on the past slogans of Jinnah and Bhutto. To end the persecution of minorities and for a healthier society, we need a secular Pakistan.  We cannot wait for more innocent blood to be spilt…….