Hamid Mir explains his position on taped conversation with a TTP terrorist; Punjabi Taliban’s press release declares Mir not guilty

This post is in continuation of our original post: Secret audio tape of Hamid Mir’s conversation with a Punjabi Talib associate of Hakimullah Mehsud

Here is a text of Hamid Mir’s e-mail retrieved from PressPakistan google group (circulated today 16 May 2010). Title of the message is: A new web war against Hamid Mir-warning for journalist community (e.g., Source)

Apparently Mr Mir has sent this email to a number of his personal friends and colleagues in order to clarify his position. But is it enough an explanation?

In the main, Mr Mir fails to:

1. provide his version of the story;
2. explain his views on Khalid Khwaja (why did he try to convince the other party that Khalid Khwaja was an Israeli, American and Qadiani agent?);
3. explain his views on Qadianis;
4. explain his links with the Punjabi Taliban and Al Qaeda operatives including Ghazi Abdul Rashid, Javed Ibrahim Paracha, Shah Abdul Aziz etc;
5. explain any linkage of the audio tape to the imminent political and legal events (what events exactly is he referring to, and what is the evidence);
6. confide the identity of the other person he was speaking to;
7. disown his voice and conversation in the audio tape.

At the best Hamid Mir has attempted to confuse his readers by unsuccessfully diverting attention to a plethora of unrelated issues and persons, e.g. Salman Taseer, Jamshed Dasti (fake degree scandal), Asif Zardari (NRO scandal), establishment, missing persons, conspiracy against journalists, judiciary etc.

In other words, Hamid Mir is slinging mud on those who published this tape leading one to believe that he is hiding something.

Can Hamid Mir explain his position in clear words?

Why would Salman Taseer forge this tape, and how?

How did this tape end up at the ISI fan page on facebook?

Why are pro-Zaid Hamid, pro-ISI and pro-Taliban groups thirsty for his blood ever since this tape has been released?

Why are Khalid Khwaja’s family members (son and wife) extremely displeased with Hamid Mir’s role in Khwaja’s death?

Here is an unedited version of Hamid Mir’s email:

Dear All,

Thank you very much for your support. Today publisher of Daily Times and Governor Punjab Salman Taseer created a new record in the history of yellow journalism by publishing a one sided tape drama scandle against me.I would like to remind my journalist colleagues that Salman Taseer published many dirty articles against me in the past when i was banned by Musharraf regime on tv.Today he published the transcript of a concocted tape with some comments on the front page of his newspaper.Yes he tried to kill many birds with one bullet.

This is a conspiracy against me.Khalid Khawaja was assassinated in the month of April and this tape surfaced in the middle of May just few days before some important political and leagal events.I am consulting with my lawyers and i will go into court against Salman Taseer for publishing a one sided concocted story against me.My hands are clear and i have no fear except Allah who have provided me a new opportunity to unmask some more realities in the court of law.

This fabricated tape is part of a bigger drama against journalist community.Some elements want to silence the voice of media on certain national issues by blackmailing journalists like me.These people are very unhappy on those journalists who are raising voice for missing people,who are opposing government stand NRO and who criticized the fake degree holder members of the parliament.Many journalists are disliked by the government and some parts of the establishment.These journalists may become a target one by one.Some government ministers warned me on May 13th that some elements are trying to use the family of Khalid Khawaja against me and journalists like Ansar Abbasi,Kamran Khan and Shahid Masood will also face some new cases.I am sure we will face these kind of fabricated cases with unity.Thanks again for showing solidarity with me.

Hamid Mir

Update: Second explanation by Hamid Mir, which also contains a press release by Punjabi Taliban (Asian Tigers who killed Khalid Khwaja) which in the main corroborate’s Hamid Mir’s explanation. Readers may note how the Punjabi Taliban go in detail in referring to sexy pictures of Salman Taseer’s family etc and also in proving that Mir is not guilty. They appear to be desperate to prove Hamid Mir’s innocence; their respective explanations are quite similar in content. Why?

From: hamid mir

May 16, 7:48 pm

I have already said that this tape was fabricated.Now Taliban have also denied the tap.What is the use of our agencies.These Taliban call people,they send emails and our secret agencies cannot do anything except to launch dirty propoganda against innocent people.Here is the statement with the email address of Taliban.

From: muhammad umer [mailto:…..@gmail.com]
Sent: Sun 5/16/2010 10:48 PM
Cc: talibanmediacenter

Subject: press release 16-05-2010 (on Behalf of ASIAN TIGERS)
This is a press release from Taliban Media Center commenting on the fake audio tape issued by some secret agency of pakistan. We are actively condumn the reliability of this tape since there was no conversatin like that in between us and Mr. Hamid Mir.

Althoug we have talked with many different persons of media. It
is very often and there is no doubt that they are not involved with us. This is seems to be a conspiracy to destroy the reputation of Mujahideen and the brave people of this
country who want to bring truth in front while revealing the dark faces of this nation.

Suppose, this audion tape can be accepted as a true one than it is
also demanded that the video tapes of Shery Rehman, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Salman Taseer should also be treated as the same degree. Since sexy pictures of Salman Taseer’s
daughter and sons are on media so can any one tell the nation how a loose characterd person can be a governor of a province. What action should government agencies took? Why they are delaying?

Unfortunately the secret agenceis of Pakistan are directly opposing the nations benefits and try to sabotash the well repudiated personalities and institutions for the greater interst of their own. We also like to remind the fake movie, released
to media for defacing the actual good will of Mujahideen in swat. That was prooved to be faked later but on its basis army did the brutal assault/operation of the whole area. Now people of this country must understand that Mujahideen are not their enemies. But the government, politicians and military
beaurucrates are the real enemies of this nation.

Also it is demanded by us that all the relevant records of phone calls in between us and the major media representatives should also be released for public pursuation. ASIAN TIGERS had prooves for their satisfaction that’s why they kidnapped Khalid Khwaja. We contacted the ASIAN TIGERS on this matter and they denied any kind of connections with either Mr.Hamid Mir or any other person related to media. They also condumns the fake audio tape. Also they demanded the actual agenceies who bring this tape. If these agenceies have any kind of proof then they need to bring it in front. Who forced ASIAN TIGERS to kidnap Khalid Khwaja and Colonel Imam with Asad Qureshi. What was the role or Gen. Hameed Gul and Gen. Aslam
Beg. Where you fit Ibrahim Parachi and Shah Abdul Aziz. Either Gen. Hameed Gul and Gen. Aslam Beg are the actual Punjabi Taliban or this tape is the fake one. Ibrahim Parachi is also the CIA agent and Shah Abdul Aziz is a doule agent of Xe and ISI.

If Mr. Hamid Mir attracted or give instructions to ASIAN TIGERS in order to kidnap Khalid Khwaja then they must have conversations more than once. These tapes should also be published for media. Are we right in demanding this action? If
Mr. Hamid Mir gave proof to ASIAN TIGERS then he also gave instructions to them for kidnapping Khalid Khwaja & company. We expect that very soon these tapes should also be available on internet and youtube. By the way what exactly the dates of
this tape is.

Secondly, who gave the authority to PTCL or any government agency to tape a phone prior to any court order. By doing this PTCL is also establishing it’s reputaion as an alley of terrorists (Govt. of Pakistan, ISI and Army). If this happened again
then PTCL should ready to get the most suitable answer in proper manner. Although we know how PTCL was sold to these culprits and Khwaja was also involed in that deal. Do you want to raise the curtain?

PTCl should clear it’s position in order to bring the facts if this
tape is true or fake. If they claim it is a true tape then they also give explanation why they tape these calls. If this is the fake one then they also took legal actions against that agency.

If PTCL will not take any action then no problem, we are here and you have a very little time for confession.

Take care.
Note: This statement is on behalf of ASIAN TIGERS

(Source: Press Pakistan group)

Update: An edited version of the above press release now published in The News, 17 May 2010



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