The SP of Gujranwala police, Mr Athar Waheed, the other side.

Deconstructing a ‘media hero’

Shahbaz says bravo to suspended SP Gujranwala

By: Abdul Nishapuri

The SP of Gujranwala police, Mr Athar Waheed, is today being eulogized by the supporters of the right wing in Pakistan, the pro-Taliban and pro-Nawaz Sharif elements in Punjab, because of what is beingtermed as ” his refusal to arrest and humiliate the common Pakistani political worker, civil society members and the lawyers.”

The Geo TV connection: A hero made by the pro-Taliban media

On the surface it seems that this SP really believes in the rule of law.

There are however a few questions worth asking:

Did this guardian of the rule of law resign when Nanno Goraya was killed by his own colleagues in Police in Gujranwala in a fake Police encounter?

Did he resign when the Police touts in Gujranwala released a fake news story to the notorious pro-Taliban journalist Ansar Abbasi defaming a judge of the Lahore High Court?

Did he resign when Shahbaz Sharif ordered the Police to arrest and harass the supporters of PML-Q, derogatorily termed as the Wajahat Force?

It seems that Mr. Athar Waheed is a die-hard supporter of Nawaz Sharif who could not control his emotions at the dismissal of the PML-N’s government in Punjab, and who only willingly responded to his leader’s call for civil disobedience.


The Ansar Abbasi Connection

Punjab administration downplays police officer’s defiance
Friday, March 13, 2009
By Ansar Abbasi
ISLAMABAD: The Punjab government is downplaying the defiance shown by Gujranwala Superintendent of Police (SP) Athar Waheed, fearing that the media focus on the case will encourage other officers to follow suit.

A credible police source, who attended a meeting of district and regional police chiefs in Rawalpindi, revealed on Thursday that quite a few police officers had clearly told their provincial boss that they would not resort to raids to arrest political workers and lawyers without any cogent reason.

Punjab Inspector General Police (IGP) Khalid Farooq chaired the meeting. The Athar Waheed case, it is believed, would serve as a shot in the arm for the police and civilian officers reluctant to come hard on the participants of the long march and are not convinced by the governmentís policy.

While an international wire service (AFP) on Thursday quoted Athar Waheed as urging his colleagues in the police department not to defy orders in a government clampdown on a mass protest, Punjab Chief Secretary Najeebullah Malik says that there has been no disobedience shown by the Gujranwala SP. Talking to The News on Thursday from Lahore, Malik said the officer had not been suspended. Following Malikís initiative, Punjab Home Secretary Rao Iftikhar talked to this correspondent to share the details of the Athar Waheed case. The home secretary said that the police officer had proceeded on leave for 10 days.

It was just a case of difference of opinion and not of defiance, observed the secretary, who said that Athar Waheed had his viewpoint, which should be respected. He pointed out that a clash of opinion was accepted in the civilian bureaucracy and in a number of cases, juniors did not agree with seniors. He reiterated that there was no question of suspending the senior police officer.

Rao Iftikhar denied that the Punjab administration was facing a situation where a number of police and civilian officers were refusing to get involved in the arrest of political workers and others.

He clarified that there were no orders for the arrest of MPs or lawyers but for only those political workers who were creating a law and order situation. He insisted that the arrests were being made in line with the law and the Constitution.

While the top Punjab administration does not see any insubordination by Athar Waheed, the officer has said on the Geo News that the basic responsibility of police was to provide justice to the people and not serve as a tool for politicians to settle their scores.

The police official had said the dignity of police suffered and its reputation was damaged when politicians used it for self-interest. He said that every policeman took oath at the Police National Academy to obey lawful orders of their superiors.

There should be concrete evidence to justify confiscation of a person’s freedom, he stressed, alleging that today they (police) were being asked to scale the walls of houses of those politicians whom they served until recently. He accused some politicians — keeping in view their personal interests — of ordering them to do so.

It is believed that the officer, who has received appreciation from all and sundry for refusing to carry out “unlawful orders” of the Salmaan Taseer administration, may face the music from the rulers only if the ongoing political crisis is settled to their satisfaction. Otherwise, he would be rewarded and honoured.

Meanwhile, the civil bureaucracy is circulating among its members an extract from Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnahís address to public servants in Chittagong and the Governor House in Peshawar on March 25 and April 14, 1948.

In one such message, the Quaid is quoted as saying: ìYou (the civil servants) should not be influenced by any political pressure, by any political party or individual politician. If you want to raise the prestige and greatness of Pakistan, you must not fall a victim to any pressure but do your duty as servants to the people and the state, fearlessly and honestly.

“(Civil) Service is the backbone of the state. Governments are formed, governments are defeated, prime ministers come and go, ministers come and go, but you stay on, and, therefore, there is a very great responsibility placed on your shoulders. Make the people feel that you are their servants and friends, maintain the highest standard of honour, integrity, justice and fairplay. Work honestly and sincerely.” A civil servant, sharing the quotes of the Father of the Nation with this correspondent, said: ”Perhaps, the time has come to say no to the unlawful orders of the government and Athar Waheed has timely set the precedent.”


Nawaz Sharif calls for police in the Punjab to disobey orders

Nawaz warns of chaos
Saturday, February 28, 2009
LAHORE: PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif warned on Friday that political chaos could embolden militants threatening Pakistan. In an interview with the Associated Press here, Nawaz said the situation could deteriorate to the point that it could undermine Pakistan’s efforts against terrorism and major economic problems. “There are a lot of forces — the militants, the extremists — they are all there to take advantage,” Nawaz said. “I think we are heading for some sort of unfortunate situation,” he added. He called for police in the Punjab to disobey orders from the governor.

“Quaid-e-Azam” Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif explains his instructions for disobedience

He denied talking about civil disobedience, and said that he had asked police personnel not to resign but to refuse following illegal and unconstitutional orders. He added that the Quaid-i-Azam had also asked government officials not to obey illegal orders and “I am following his sayings”.


SP Athar Waheed complies with the instructions of his leader Nawaz Sharif

Policeman urges colleagues to defy orders

LAHORE ( 2009-03-12 18:31:38 ) :A senior policeman who refused to detain lawyers and political activists, on Thursday urged colleagues to defy orders in a government clampdown against a mass protest.

“I cannot arrest anybody. These orders for arresting people are illegal. Police are not a toy for politicians to use against each other,” Superintendent Athar Waheed told reporters in Gujranwala.

“I hope my colleagues will not obey any illegal order and strictly adhere to the law and the constitution,” said Waheed.

The officer, the second most senior policeman in Gujranwala, said he had requested leave.

His superior ruled out any question of illegal orders.

“Superintendent Athar Waheed has neither been suspended nor transferred. No question of giving illegal orders arises. If anybody takes the law into his hands the law will be implemented,” said city police chief Tariq Khokhar.

Waheed refused to arrest people on Wednesday when Sharif’s brother Shahbaz addressed a public meeting in Gujranwala.

Senior cop urges colleagues to defy orders
AFP – LAHORE A senior Pakistani policeman who refused to detain lawyers and political activists, on Thursday urged colleagues to defy orders in a government clampdown against a mass protest.

“I cannot arrest anybody. These orders for arresting people are illegal. Police are not a toy for politicians to use against each other,” Superintendent Athar Waheed told reporters in the Punjab city of Gujranwala. “I hope my colleagues will not obey any illegal order and strictly adhere to the law and the constitution,” said Waheed.

The officer, the second most senior policeman in the industrial city of Gujranwala in the country’s political heartland, said he had requested leave. His superior ruled out any question of illegal orders. “Superintendent Athar Waheed has neither been suspended nor transferred. No question of giving illegal orders arises. If anybody takes the law into his hands the law will be implemented,” said city police chief Tariq Khokhar.

Waheed refused to arrest people on Wednesday when Sharif ’s brother Shahbaz addressed a public meeting in Gujranwala. Pakistan police baton-charged activists and manhandled dozens into vans on Thursday, at the start of a mass four-day march designed to force President Asif Ali Zardari to reinstate sacked judges.


Suspended SP says I abided by oath

Updated at: 0323 PST, Thursday, March 12, 2009

GUJRANWALA: Superintendent Police (SP) Gujranwala Ather Waheed was suspended over his refusal to arrest political activists and lawyers in view of lawyers’ long march and sit-in.

Talking to Geo News Ather Waheed said, “A police officer possesses his conscience which every officer should follow in the line of duty.”

“Taking oath at National Police Academy (NPA) I pledged to follow every legal order commanded by higher authority and will arrest people unless I have evidences against them” Ather said adding, “Now, we are being suppressed to violate police rules by illegally carry out raids on the houses of political activists and lawyers which, my conscience says, is against the sanctity of the rights of people.”

“We did not take oath to fulfill powerful politicians’ vested interests as police department will turn loser at the end of the day by complying with illegal orders” he remarked underlining, “Police department is looser here as we have to blindly obey the orders of politicians while they are not accountable to any one.”

“We cannot seize the right of freedom of people”, Ather added.


SP suspended for defying orders to arrest politicians

LAHORE: A superintendent of police (SP) on Wednesday refused to accept the orders to arrest political activists in Gujranwala, a private TV channel reported on Wednesday. According to sources, Gujranwala Civil Lines SP Athar Waheed was suspended for defying the orders of senior officials, sources added. Later, talking to the channel, the suspended SSP said the police should always discharge its duties in line with the law. “I took oath to accept the orders which are in accordance with the law,” he said, adding that illegal orders from “political masters” could not be accepted. Waheed told the channel that everybody had a right to enjoy their fundamental rights under the law. According to another private TV channel, Waheed was not suspended but had been made an officer on special duty. daily times monitor\03\12\story_12-3-2009_pg7_18


Shahbaz says bravo to suspended SP Gujranwala

Updated at: 0224 PST, Thursday, March 12, 2009
Shahbaz says bravo to suspended SP Gujranwala
LAHORE: Former Chief Minister Punjab Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif expressed gratitude to dismissed Superintendent Police (SP) Gujranwala Ather Waheed over his courageous decision in which he refused to arrest lawyers and political activists in wake of lawyers’ long march and added, “Now no force on the face of the earth can foil long march and sit-in.”

“Nation is proud of such gallant and heroic police offices”, Shahbaz underlined and remarked, “This is an open evidence for Interior Ministry to open its eyes.”

In his statement Shahbaz Sharif stated, “I salute to suspended SSP Gujranwala Ather Waheed who defied to bow down before unconstitutional and illegal orders.

The steadiness and the bravery being demonstrated by the people of Pakistan will allow our goals to accomplish, his statement further added.


Athar Waheed’s ideas about terrorism and Jihad

Comments by Athar Waheed,Msc Criminology LSE, London (United Kingdom), Feb 8, 2007 at 11:56

“Infact there is long history of justification of terrorism which we call the moralty of terrorism. Jihad, unfortunately misunderstood in both East and West and has taken a cover up by terrorist groups. Rosberie defended its terrorism for maintaing social order in the French society, Fanon from liberationist point of view by presenting the thesis of opperesed and oppressor, likewise Osama bin Laen defended his acts on the cover up of Jihad which is highly misleading and only malign the image of Muslims and Islam as a peaceful way of life.

Lets consider What is Terrorism? It is challenging question but there ae certain elements which can be identified as use of violence, political gains, involving defenceless or non-combatabts. There are the elements over which most of scholars and researchers are agreed upon. Now, I put the Concept of Jihad in this context which is entirely for the purpose of self-defence. It has just cause as well as just conduct which we call jus ad bellum and jus in bello. Terrorism is based on the principle of indiscrimination or randomness of violence but Jiad takes care of it and violence is sanctioned under certain conditions. Similary, terrorism doesnot care about the principle of proportion for application of violence but Jihad cares about it if required. Moreover Jihad is for self-defence and target only combatants under certain conditions which is a decisive element of distinction.”


Charges of nepotism

CSS examination topper approves suitability clause

By Abdul Manan

LAHORE: The psychological test of the Central Superior Services (CSS) examination will be rendered meaningless if the suitability clause of the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) is abolished, said a CSS candidate who has topped in the examination.

Rizwan Omer Gondal is a lecturer at the Government College University and has topped the 36th CSS examination. He is also a nephew of Sargodha Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Hamid Mukhtiar Gondal. He said that the FPSC chairman reserved the right to assign candidates to the departments according to their suitability under the FPSC laws.

Mahmoodur Rehman Khattak, who had qualified for the District Management Group (DMG), but after the test he was assigned to Customs, which is lower than the DMG. He said, however, that he was happy and agreed with the FPSC laws.

Eight successful candidates: Amara Athar is from the Punjab and has been assigned to the Police Service of Pakistan (PSP). She is a daughter of late DIG Rana Abid Saeed and wife of Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Athar Waheed, who passed the 31st CSS examination.

Mahwish Shah, who belongs to Balochistan, has been assigned to Customs. She is a daughter of a Customs collector.

Fuad Ghaffar Soomro is from Sindh and has been assigned to the DMG. His father is serving as secretary in Sindh in the DMG group.\04\27\story_27-4-2008_pg7_29


The Nanno Goraya, Ansar Abbasi and Justice Bilal Connection

It seems that Mr. Athar Waheed was the main source who provided a dirty story to Ansar Abbasi defaming a sitting LHC Judge, based on the ‘post-death’ statement of Nanno Goraya who was killed by the Gujranwala Police in a fake police encounter.

Read the following articles:

Ansar Abbasi: LHC judge accused of close links to underworld – Nanno Goraya’s statement? or Nawaz Sharif’s disqualification?

Ansar Abbasi, “The Corrupt Judge”, DIG Gujranwala, PFUJ and the followers of Goebbels – By Abbas Ather

Athar Waheed aka Ifran Khoosat Direct Hawaldar Karam Dad in Andhera Ujala

Suspended SP says I abided by oath




Secret-Informer said…
This tulla (poice walla) is notorious for bribery and nepotism. It is known in Gujranwallah that he charges 3 million to let go a murderer.

14 MARCH 2009 19:09
Anonymous said…
He is a good police officer and the decline of crime in gujranwala in the recent months proves his and and his teams performance.

15 MARCH 2009 04:16
Secret-Informer said…
How can an police officer involved in extra-judicial killings in fake police encounters claim to resign to uphold law? Hypocrisy of the right wing as usual?

15 MARCH 2009 06:56
ali said…
Mr Ather Waheed i am very proud of you.You are a good police officer,also a good human being.What you have done is simply a matter of rule of law.It is clear that when we talk about the indipendence of institutions we shoud keep in mind that all institutions including police department should also have independence to work according to law without any political pressure.

15 MARCH 2009 07:34
Raazi said…
Athar Waheed, shame on you. Your zameer (conscience) was sleeping while General Musharraf was raping the constitution and the rule of law in this country. All of a sudden, your zameer has become active against a democratic government? How much money have you been bribed by Nawaz Sharif for this cheap media popularity? You are a killer of Nanno Goraya, you know that.

15 MARCH 2009 08:39
Hasan said…
We are proud of you Mr. Athar Waheed. I have check his history, for your kind information, he was on study leave for his MSc crimnology. So he was not in country when the above mentioned things took place. If he wud’ve resigned on any of the earlier law voilations, people like you wud’ve asked,”why he didn’t reign when musharraf took power” and things like that. Keep your mind positive otherwise people will think a thousand time before taking any right decision at any time.

15 MARCH 2009 22:29
Raazi said…
Hasan, can you disclose your source? Was Athar Waheed on leave when Musharraf was in power? What was his reaction to Nanno Goraya’s extra judicial killing? What is this tulla’s relationship with Ansar Abbasi?

16 MARCH 2009 07:24
saifi said…
Athar Wahid – Chan Mahi, Baray Chalak Bantay Ho : )

16 MARCH 2009 12:47
Hasan said…
Yes Raazi… my friend was his class fellow in UK and their session was from 2006-08. He told me about him that he was a very brilliant student and among the toppers in the class. He was always uppset about the country’s condition and often said that he’s thinking of leaving that police job and search a career in teaching.

16 MARCH 2009 16:42
Azad said…
MR.ATHER WAHEED v r proud of you u r a brave police officer,i would like to adress MR.RAAZI for his usage of rude language.It is very shameful act,and please can you prove your comments?ofcourse your reply is no…… please b careful in future.

17 MARCH 2009 18:53
Socrates said…
@ Azad + other Ather Waheed’s lovers

One thing i’m sure about is Ather Waheed would become IGP of Punjab and the famous constable (who presented his belt and cap to elder Shareef/Badmaash )will be directly promoted to the post of SHO of his area of posting once Shareef brothers (read Badmaash brothers)come again to power !!!

18 MARCH 2009 04:43
Waris said…
when was this police wala when Musharf run this country illegally.This police wala should resign and join Nawaz party he is Govt servenat and not potical leader shame on this police resing de kae nawaz shirf ki party ki worker ban jao shame on this police wala

4 APRIL 2009 12:20
Waris said…
This post has been removed by the author.
4 APRIL 2009 12:36
Anonymous said…
Now Nawaz & Shahbaz projected his self is champion of rule of law, why they attached on supreme court and ilegally removed syaed sajjad ali Shah with help of Saeed Ahmed siddiqi killer of judicary now wanted to be a champion bcoz iftkhar now is Nawaz league judg.

4 APRIL 2009 13:12
M.Taimur Ayub Khan Khattak said…
i think that Mr.Athar Waheed has done a great job by dis obeying the government.he is a very intellegent and brave man of 31th common.i also request Shahbaz Sharif to take keen interest in Attar case and completely resolve his case because he has just nothing by dis.obeying the Govt unuseful and stupid laws.
Engineer M.Taimur Ayub Khattak From Nowshera(N.W.F.P)

6 APRIL 2009 06:57
Anonymous said…
Athar should resign and join muslim league its better for him,many ppl join just police for collect bribe from poor people of pakistan, and now he should get ilegally promation bcoz many ppl do CSS for doing mega corruption they are master of corruption, CSS is not matter of braveness, Then why young ASP left the firing Sence in Lahore, shame on police and athar too

6 APRIL 2009 18:51
Anonymous said…
It s very bad to comment without any verification of facts. We should not discourage the people who show courage to give some new thoughts & actions in this out-dated & traditional society where we are always suppose and presuppose in holistic terms. What this police officer did, he did it out of his conscious in a society where no body has the courage to say no to unlawful & illegal orders.

1 AUGUST 2009 06:50